Sun, Sand, and Freedom: 7 Best Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s breathtaking coastlines, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure-seekers. While many visitors are attracted to its pristine beaces for sunbathing and water sports, there is a particular group of tourists that are interested in a much more unconventional experience– nude beaches. In this detailed article, we will display the best seven nude beaches in Costa Rica, discovering the lesser-known spots where you can get in touch with nature openly.

7 Best Nude Beaches in Costa Rica
Best Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

Brief overview of nude beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a spectacular heaven situated in Central America, is renowned for its diverse landscapes, abundant biodiversity, and excellent beaches. One of these beaches, there are a few that have acquired appeal as nude beaches, using an unique experience for those searching for an extra naturalistic method to sunbathing and swimming. These nude beaches in Costa Rica are commonly remote, offering an atmosphere of privacy and serenity.

They are often situated in much less trafficked locations or hidden coves, far from the bustling visitor areas. A few of one of the most noteworthy nude beaches include Playa Grande in Guanacaste and Playa Chiquita near Puerto Viejo. While public nudity isn’t widely approved in Costa Rica due to cultural norms and lawful constraints, these beaches have ended up being unofficially acknowledged spaces where naturism is tolerated. Visitors to these beaches are urged to respect local customs and the personal space of others. Whether you’re a seasoned naturist or simply interested regarding the experience, Costa Rica’s nude beaches provide a possibility to connect with nature in its purest type.

Explanation of the appeal and interest in visiting nude beaches

Nude beaches, also referred to as naturist or clothing-optional beaches, have a distinct appeal and fascination for many individuals globally. The freedom and liberation they provide, by allowing people to connect with nature unencumbered by clothing, is a significant aspect of their attraction. This feeling of liberation can result in a heightened awareness of one’s body and the surrounding environment, leading to a profound sense of serenity and tranquility.

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In addition to offering the opportunity for naturism, these beaches are often set against breathtaking backdrops of lush tropical forests and crystal-clear waters, further enhancing the overall experience. It is crucial to remember that while clothing may be optional, respecting others and adhering to local customs and regulations is vital.

Acceptance and Attitudes Towards Nudism

Costa Rica has a reputation for its open and welcoming culture, and this extends to its attitude towards nudism. However, it’s essential to be respectful of local customs and sensibilities, even in this laid-back and liberal country.

Are There Nude Beaches in Costa Rica?

Yes, you heard correctly! Costa Rica has a surprise in store for those who enjoy shedding their clothes and embracing their natural state. Tucked away from the main tourist hotspots, the country boasts several secluded beaches where sunbathers can soak up the sun in their birthday suits.

These unofficial nude beaches offer a tranquil and private setting, allowing visitors to feel comfortable and carefree. For those who crave the freedom of nudity and the chance to connect with nature in its purest form, Costa Rica’s nude beaches are a must-visit destination. Let go of your inhibitions and allow the warm sunshine to caress your skin as you bask in the stunning views of the turquoise waters. Tan lines are optional, but a love for natural beauty is a must!

Here Are the 7 Best Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

Nude Beach #1: Playa Chiquita

Clothing Optional Beach Playa Chiquita - Best Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

At the top of our itinerary is the fascinating Playa Chiquita. Positioned along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, near to the lively area of Puerto Viejo, Playa Chiquita offers a personal retreat nestled in a secured bay. Featuring gold beaches and green waters flanked by thick tropical forest, this seaside spot is an ideal secluded for nature lovers.

Playa Chiquita is a place for those looking for a tranquil and secluded vacation. Its seclusion produces an intimate ambiance, perfect for those who wish to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day live and reconnect with nature. The coastline’s lack of amenities just boosts its natural appeal, making it a true gem for those who intend to run away the groups and chaos of more popular destinations. And, for those that intend to explore past the coastline, the close-by town of Puerto Viejo provides a range of lodgings, eating choices, and stores. Whether you’re seeking a yoga retreat or surf lessons, Playa Chiquita has something for everybody.

Nude Beach #2: Playa Grande 

Playa Grande - Best Nude Beaches in Costa Rica

Tamarindo, also described as Playa Grande, can be found along the Pacific coastline in Guanacaste Province, and is an authentic marvel of nature. Its proximity to roadways and wealth of nearby vehicle parking make it a practical and inviting location for those brand-new to naturism.

Playa Grande, which indicates “Big Beach” in Spanish, definitely earns its name with its excellent stretch of golden sand. Nestled among mangroves and including wild animals, it’s a haven for those who love the environment.

Nude Beach #3: Playa Preciosa

We will now travel to the Pacific coastline of Costa Rica to discover Playa Preciosa. Situated south of the well-known Manuel Antonio National Park, Playa Preciosa, properly called ‘Beautiful Beach,’ thrills with its vast sandy coastline and impressive sunsets.

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At Playa Preciosa, the all-natural elegance of Costa Rica is showcased in all its magnificence. The sea, forest, and skies blend with each other flawlessly, producing an awesome view that’s tough to neglect. This beach is much less crowded than neighboring beaches, making it the ideal spot for those looking for peace and quiet. The comforting noise of waves, the mild wind rustling via the palm trees, and the occasional chirp of exotic birds collaborated to produce a harmonious harmony that’s absolutely captivating.

Nude Beach #4: Playa Negra

Playa Negra

Continuing our trip down the Pacific Coast, we come Playa Negra. near Cahuita community, this special beach stands apart with its distinctive black sand, created by volcanic eruptions long ago.

The black sand of Playa Negra gives a dramatic comparison against the azure sea, developing an unique and captivating landscape. Besides being a visual spectacle, the beach is also a hotspot for surfers. The constant swells make it an outstanding selection for both newbies and knowledgeable surfers. However, even if you’re not into surfing, the sight of waves dancing happily with the black sand is a phenomenon to witness.

Nude Beach #5: Playa Blanca

playa blanca white beach

Hidden in the Punta Leona Wildlife Refuge on the Central Pacific Coast, Playa Blanca is a surprise treasure of a coastline. Its name, which indicates “White Beach,” is a nod to its dazzling white sand, which shines versus the lively environment-friendly waters.

The excellent waters of Playa Blanca are teeming with a kaleidoscope of marine life, providing a snorkeler’s heaven. Under the surface, coral reefs are populated by a rainbow of fish, while lively dolphins frolic in the waves. On the other hand, the rich greenery bordering the beach shelters a range of wildlife, making Playa Blanca a nature fan’s place.

Nude Beach #6: Playa Biesanz

Playa Biesanz

Playa Biesanz, a hidden gem located just outside the bustling town of Manuel Antonio. Tucked away at the end of a forest trail, this secluded beach offers an intimate setting amidst a stunning natural landscape.

Playa Biesanz is a sanctuary of serenity. Its quiet and relaxed atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding with a good book. The calm waters are great for swimming, and the surrounding trees provide ample shade, adding to the overall peaceful aura of this haven.

Nude Beach #7: Playa Tambor

Playa Tambor
Playa Tambor

The last but certainly not least on our list is Tambor Nude Beach. Located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast, this tranquil beach is a part of the larger Playa Tambor. Known for its calm waters and long sandy shorelines, it provides a perfect setting for those looking to enjoy naturism.

Tambor Nude Beach is well-known for its laid-back vibe and friendly community. Visitors often describe it as one of the most relaxing places in Costa Rica. The beach is less commercialized than some other locations, allowing you to truly escape and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Nearby, you can find accommodations and dining options in the town of Tambor, making it a convenient location for a peaceful getaway.

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Nudist-Friendly Accommodations

Visitors to Tambor Beach can choose from a range of accommodations, clothing optional resorts are becoming increasingly popular, where clothing is entirely optional. This ensures a stress-free and liberating stay.

Beachfront Best Clothing Optiona Resorts In Costa Rica

Best Resort in Costa Rica for Couples

1Tico Tico Villas - Adult OnlyLa Macha Beach is 1.8 km
2Vista del Alma Boutique - Adult OnlyLocated in Santa Teresa Beach
3NOVA Secluded - Adult Only HotelLa Macha Beach reachable within 1.3 km
4Issimo Suites - Adults OnlySea View Hotel
5Hotel Indalo - Adults Only3-Minute Walk From Salsa Brava Beach
6Blue Mist Hotel- Adults OnlySet in Santa Teresa Beach, 100 metres from Playa Hermosa
7Umami Hotel - Adults OnlyLess than 1 km from Negra Beach

Practical Tips for Visiting Nude Beaches

What to Pack

Packing for a nude beach requires careful consideration. From sunscreen and water bottles to sarongs and beach towels, we’ll guide you on what to bring for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Sun Safety and Hydration

Spending time in the nude under the sun requires extra attention to sun safety. Learn how to protect your skin and stay hydrated during your naturist adventure.

Etiquette and Respect

Respecting the rules and norms of each nude beach is essential for a harmonious experience. Understand the etiquette of nudism to ensure a positive visit.

A Glimpse into Costa Rica’s Environmental Efforts

Eco-Friendly Practices

Costa Rica is known for its commitment to environmental conservation. Explore the eco-friendly practices in place to protect the country’s natural beauty.

Protecting Natural Beauty

By understanding and supporting Costa Rica’s environmental efforts, naturists can contribute to the preservation of the breathtaking landscapes that make this destination so special.

Respecting Local Culture

Cultural Sensitivity

While Costa Rica is open to nudism, it’s crucial to respect local customs and culture. Understanding the cultural sensitivities will help you have a positive and enriching experience.

Is Nudism Right for You?


Nudism is a deeply personal choice. Take some time for self-reflection and consider whether it’s the right path for you.

Embracing the Experience

If you decide to embrace naturism, be prepared for a journey of self-discovery and liberation. The experience can be life-changing.

Beyond Nude Beaches: Exploring Costa Rica

Iconic Attractions

Costa Rica offers much more than just nude beaches. Explore iconic attractions like Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio National Park, and the cloud forests.

Adventure and Wildlife Encounters

For those seeking adventure, Costa Rica provides thrilling opportunities for zip-lining, white-water rafting, and wildlife encounters, including sloths, toucans, and more.

Encouragement to explore and enjoy the hidden treasures of these beaches

So, whether you’re anadventurous soul seeking new experiences, a nature lover looking to connect with the world around you, or someone who simply wants to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand without the constraints of clothing, these beaches await you. Each one is a treasure waiting to be discovered, offering not just the freedom to be nude, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s stunning natural beauty.

Costa Rica’s nude beaches are more than just stretches of sand. They are sanctuaries where you can let go, express yourself freely, and reconnect with nature and your own body. The freedom and acceptance that permeate these beaches make them unique spaces where everyone is welcome. So, pack your adventurous spirit and an open mind, and get ready to explore these beautiful hidden gems. You’re sure to come back with memories that will last


We’ve journeyed through some of the most beautiful nude beaches in Costa Rica, each offering unique experiences and breathtaking landscapes. From the golden sands of Playa Chiquita and the serene beauty of Playa Preciosa to the striking black sand of Playa Negra, the crystal-clear waters of Playa Blanca, and the hidden tranquility of Playa Biesanz, there’s a beach for every preference and mood.

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