Tutankhamun Death Mask Pharaonic - Egypt Travel Guide-Part-2
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Egypt Travel Guide-Part-2

There are actually two temples at Abu Simbel; The Great Temple of Ramesses II and the smaller but still impressive Temple of Nefertari, his wife. Both have huge statues guarding their entrance and artwork throughout their chambers. […]

Egypt Travel Guide-Great Sphinx of Giza
Middle East / Africa

Egypt Travel Guide-Part-1

I promise that you will find Egypt to a wonderful; after all, with great challenge comes great reward. Egypt is very cheap – I averaged £28 a day. I had plenty of luxury that could be avoided if you want to visit even cheaper. […]

Lebanon Travel Guide-Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Lebanon
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Lebanon Travel Guide – A Week Long Road Trip

When I told people I was Visiting Lebanon most worried; too many people they still think of it as a warzone. How wrong they were!? Next time someone tells them they are going to Beirut their reaction will be the complete opposite because my stories of Lebanon have surprised all of them for the better. […]