The Blue Dragon River, Portugal – Barragem De Odeleite

The Blue Dragon River wasn’t impressive at all up until Steve Richards, A professional photographer, took this picture during his trip from Cardiff, Wales, to Faro, Portugal. Its original name is Odeleite River, however, it is famous as The Blue Dragon River because of its dark blue shade, and unbelievably twisty riverbed bordered by the different coastlines develops an initial illustration looking like the timeless photo of a dragon. In the initial language, it is called Ribeira de Odeleite.

Barragem De Odeleite Portugal Longitud:

Latitude: 37 ° 19’34.38 “
Longitude: -7 ° 29’12.47″

blue dragon river, Portugal
Image Source: Flickr

Where is The Blue Dragon River Located in the World?

Barragem De Odeleite is located near the town of Castro Marim, Algarve, in Portugal. It comes from the hills of the Serra de Caldeiraoand streams through the municipalities of Sao Bras de Alportel, Tavira, Alcoutim, Castro Marim Faro area. Also read, Sea Of Stars Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Blue Dragon River a Real Photo or a Fake?

Steve Richards, the world-class photographer, and photoshop expert asserts that he took this excellent photo on his way from Cardiff, Wales, to Faro, Portugal. Lots of people believe it is a trick. He declares it’s actual, just overly saturated:

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The Blue Dragon River

For the record, it is a photograph, of an actual place, that I took on our trip from Cardiff to Faro. The blue color is from the water mirroring the sky, as well as the white streaks, are certainly the clouds. The striking colors are many thanks to running the original image through Topaz Change 4.

If you want to see the river in all its glory as well as value the unique photo of the dragon, you require to climb up to the top of the hill. The opening view which motivated the photographer will certainly impress you!

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