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The term “street photography” means different things to different people. For many, it means capturing candid moments of people on the street, often without the subject knowing they are being photographed. To others, street photography is an art form that captures the environment around us in ways that would not be noticed otherwise. It is a way of looking beyond what we typically see and revealing something new and unique. To me, street photography is an experience and a process that can be learned and refined with time and practice. I do not consider myself a street photographer but rather a person who finds interest in this particular form of photography.

When it comes to street photography, the most important thing is to enjoy your time with your camera and the journey. Remember, your goal is to capture emotion, humanity, and depict a person’s character. If you spend the time, it is rewarding.

Street Photography Tips for Taking An Amazing Photo

1: Everyday Camera

What’s an everyday camera? Everyday cameras are the kind of cameras that take really good pictures, but you can also use them without any advanced knowledge. They’re great for beginner photographers because they have a small learning curve. You can take pictures with your everyday camera even if you don’t know anything about cameras.

Everyday Camera

2: Camera Settings

Camera Settings are what help you to take the perfect shot. There are many settings that will vary by camera, but there are some universal settings that are always best to have set. These are ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. One of the most common issues is for people to not be able to take clear pictures because they can’t get the settings right. But with these three basic settings, you can make sure your photos come out crisp and clear.

1. Practice makes perfect

2. Always expose for the highlights, not for the shadows.

3. Make sure your camera is locked in focus on your subject.

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3: Choosing The Best Lens

Understanding your lens choices can be a little tricky. You want to buy a lens that will work best for the type of photography you do. For instance, if you only shoot in close range, then a wide-angle lens would be perfect. However, if you like to shoot from afar, then a telephoto lens would be better.

Many street photographers choose a small camera that’s less confrontational than a large DSLR, the advantages being smaller, lighter, and less intrusive.

telephoto lens

4: Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

The one essential item that every photographer should have is a spare battery. Having a fully charged spare can be a lifesaver when your camera’s battery dies at the most inopportune time. Most of the time, a spare battery is a more cost-effective solution than a new camera or a new battery. A photographer should also have a spare memory card for their camera.

5: Get Close To Your Subjects

Street Photography Get Close To Your Subjects

It’s not just about the gear that you have, but how you use it. For example, if you are shooting with a camera that has a long lens, you should not stay too far away from your subjects to avoid distortion.

The best street photography tip is to get close to your subjects. This will have the best effect on the viewer, as it captures a lot of detail, and can evoke a strong emotion from the viewer because it shows a true, raw moment. If you want to take a picture of a person, try to get close to them without being too invasive. It is important to remain humble and remember that you are not there to make them feel uncomfortable.

6: Learn the Right Way to Approach Strangers

Street portraits are more addicting than you might think! I remember being so nervous when I made my first portrait of a stranger. But once I had the image I was on a natural high! I think I asked another half dozen strangers that afternoon if I could make their photo!

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Right Way to Approach Strangers - Street Photography Tips
Right Way to Approach Strangers

Tell them that you love their smile or the way their hair is being backlit in the afternoon sun. Talk to them and let them know that you are a street photographer documenting life in your town. Once you have established a rapport, then ask them, “Would you mind if I make your measurable selfie?”

The rule is that once someone has given you permission, they are usually open to having several shots taken. If the light isn’t right, ask if they would mind moving a bit.

7: Background Details

Background details are essential to have, especially when you are in the business of street photography. There are some photographers who look for them during their shoots. And there are others who do it after the fact. Street photography with a purpose Now that you know what to look for, how do you get that shot?

Background Details

8: Use Contrasty Light

A common question that arises with street photography is what type of light should be used. Often, the person who takes the photo will use dark and contrasty light. This is because this type of light is seen as more natural and shows how gritty life on the streets can be.

This technique can be used in both interior and exterior photography but is much more effective in the latter. It gives a dramatic effect when shooting landscapes or sunsets.

9: Shadows And Shapes

“Shadow and shape,” a popular term for an artistic photography style, is a way of capturing people in a moment of action or movement. Light is often seen as an enemy in photography, often advised to be avoided during the brightest of days. But for street photography, light is often used to create strong shadows and interesting shapes and can create creative compositions.

Learn the Right Way to Approach Strangers

Even though it might be possible to retain some detail in the shadows, sometimes it is best to let them go black to explore patterns and shapes.

10: Be Respectful

In the world of street photography, there are many things to be mindful of. One being respecting those you photograph and staying out of their personal space. If you’re photographing a subject and they start to walk away, let them go and find someone else to photograph. It’s rude to keep following them and it can make people feel uncomfortable.

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11: Photographing Children

Photographing children is best done with a lightweight, quiet camera and lens. It can be difficult to get children to pose, so use an SLR or mirrorless camera to capture candid moments. A tripod and telephoto lens will help maintain focus and minimize camera shake. Close-up shots should include the child’s face and eyes to capture their expressions and the details of their features.

Photographing Children
Photographing Children

I suggest turning children’s faces away from the camera if you’re ever in a situation where the parent or guardian is not around. It’s not my preference, but it’s what I do in these cases. If I want to take a picture and I can’t get approval from the parents or guardian, I turn the child’s face away from the camera and hold it so that I’m looking at them and they can’t see the camera.

12: Photograph Street Animals

Some people may be out photographing animals on the street. Some animals can be captured on the street without interfering with their lives. They would not feel threatened and they pose for pictures. The poses of dogs can be more impressive than those of humans. A dog is a perfect example of an animal that is happy and willing to pose for a picture.

Dog Photography Street Photography Tips


Becoming a better photographer doesn’t happen overnight. When a photographer first starts out, a beginner, a lack of experience might be a hindrance. However, with a great deal of patience and time, a beginner can develop their skill and be an expert. Utilizing the right gear and preferred photo editing software, you can fast-track the process, but you’ll still need to put in the work.

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