7 Best Things to Do in Goa for an Amazing Holiday

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Best Things to Do in Goa, India

Goa is synonymous with all things amazing. The most popular holiday destination in India is blessed with pleasures. Be it the beautiful beaches or the lush Western Ghats, scenic waterfalls or the historic forts, lush spice plantations, or bustling wildlife sanctuaries, there is nature’s beauty in every form. Goa is stunning and even more, is the thrilling adventure activities. Goa tour packages are full of amazing sights, things to do, and memorable experiences. And, the best thing about it, Goa welcomes families, couples on honeymoon, solo backpackers, and pretty much everyone who seeks some blissful moments.

Spoilt with so many choices, it is very hard Take a look at the things to do in Goa that you can enjoy on your holiday.

7 Best Things to Do in Goa for an Amazing Holiday

1 – Trek to the Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls is one of the best places to visit in Goa. The picturesque four-tiered waterfall on the Mandovi River is nestled amid the lush beauty of the Western Ghats and looks like a “Sea of Milk”.

While it is possible to visit the waterfalls by jeep; the trek to Dudhsagar is beyond amazing. Hike through dense forests of rare flora and fauna before arriving at the natural splendor. The trek is ideal for beginners as well as expert trekkers and perfect in the monsoon.

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Why try?

It is a break from the beaches and presents the unexplored beauty of Goa.

2- Indulge in Water Sports

Aguada Fort Area, Goa, India
Aguada Fort Area, Goa, India

Water sports in Goa are simply amazing. The beautiful beaches and warm inviting waters of the Arabian Sea open up a world of exciting things to do. Explore the marine world and its secrets with scuba diving and snorkeling. Enjoy the waves and the spray of the sea with parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat rides, speed-boating and so much more.

Why try?

Goa is the best place for water sports in India. The tropical paradise has been doing this for many years and experts offer the activities.

3- Explore the Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar

A stall at the Saturday night bazaar

One of the bustling tourist hubs in Goa, the Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar is a must-visit. Explore the night market that only opens every Saturday evening at 6 pm. The bazaar is not just for shopping, it is also partly a spacious open party hub with live music concerts and bars. The stalls in the market are full of cheap souvenirs, designer clothing, handicrafts, and more.

Why try?

It is a taste of Goa’s nightlife with lots of options from shopping, partying, dining, and getting some drinks. It is a fun getaway for people of all ages as there is always something for each one.

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4 – Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Goa

Scuba diving in Goa is truly the most amazing thing to do. Dive in the sea trained by experts with all PADI certified gear. Enjoy the colorful fishes, corals, and the other charms of the vibrant world under the sea. The most popular diving sites are Grande Island, Pigeon Island, Agatti Island, and shallow sites between Venugurla and Malvan, 2 hours away from the capital city of Panaji. Scuba diving is one of the major highlights of Goa tours.

Why try?

It is an experience to cherish as the crystal-clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea allow the thrilling opportunity.

5- Explore the Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort Lighthouse
Aguada Fort Lighthouse

Aguada Fort is one of the historical treasures of Goa. Once an impregnable fort occupied by the Portuguese, now it lies in crumbles while a part of the effort is restored and maintained as a Taj Holiday resort. For 400 years, the fortress stands guard enjoying the panoramic ocean vista including the confluence of the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea. If you want to experience the fort on a more personal level, book a stay in the Taj property.

Why try?

For the historical appeal, beautiful views, and the luxuries of a Taj resort.

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6- Hot Air Balloon Ride in Chandor

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon rides in Goa are simply a magical experience. Rise high up in the air and watch the beauty of the sea, lush hills, rivers, and sprawling green villages. A hot air balloon ride at sunrise is a pleasure. Watch the sunrise over the wonderful Goa and feel falling in love.

Why try?

For the magical experiences, it is a must-try. It is one of the cherished memories of a romantic honeymoon in Goa or a family trip.

7- Go Cycling at Miramar

Cycling at Miramar

Cycling in Goa is a very liberating experience and cycling at Miramar is a must-try. The popular cycling trail passes through the bustling streets of Panjim and the stunning historical heritage of the city. Explore Miramar Circle, Taleigao Church, St. Cruz Church, Fontainhas Bylanes, Old GMC, Kala Academy, Adil Shah Palace, Panjim Church, and Ferry Point, the most popular tourist places of Goa.

Why try?

Cycling is a fun way to go sightseeing in Goa.

There are many local spots that you can choose from, so make sure that you choose one that you can get the most excitement ever. You will not regret visiting such a beautiful place and embarking on the greatest excursion.

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