Top 3 Fishing Destinations in Canada

Fishing is one of the fun activities for families and individual travelers. Restore the adventure spirit and an incredible experience. Many travelers organize excursions based on the fishing spots offered by the destination.

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Here are the Top 3 Fishing Destinations In Canada.

Mattice Lake Outfitters- Armstrong, Ohio

The thought of Mattice Lake Outfitters gives up the vision of a spectacular walleye, northern pike and trout fishing. Mattice Lake Outfitters is the ultimate name in every adventure holiday providers and offer visitors a choice of 9 deluxe outpost camps and 2 small lodges on 11 different lakes. The Mattice Lake Outfitters handle fishing and hunting licenses too.

Cast a line to catch some fun: fishy stories and facilities

If you are out for a serious fun and lifetime experience Mattice Lake Outfitters is the right choice. The vacation is worth to be planned for a family and also for those seeking some time of their own. It includes the ecstasy of a wildlife-viewing trip along with hours of relaxed pleasure in a remote setting for an unhurried commune with nature.

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  • The remote lakes are very remote and are accessible by floatplane only. For those looking for a calm and a serene climate of the cool lake waters lapping at the shorelines, a canoe trip with the Elliot family, managing the Mattice Lake Outfitters, is a great deal. This allows one to get a breath of fresh air on the cool, unpolluted water of the Arctic Watershed and the newly formed Wabakimi Wilderness Park. Suppose your mood changes, one could always opt for the fly-in or paddle-in to the park option and enjoy a stopover at one of the many outpost camps.
  • Mattice Lake Outfitters even offers you the provision to choose the design for a canoe trip. They facilitate to custom design a canoe trip to suit individual needs, whether it is flat water or white water paddling. So, for the ultimate in fun destinations, the Elliot family is sure to provide adventurers with an exciting, unforgettable and successful fly-in fishing, hunting, canoeing or camp-out trip in the remote wilderness of Northwestern Ontario. This sport is the greatest fun holiday adapted to spin a fishy story for the avid angler.
  • You can find many species of fish in the lake waters, most famously the walleye and northern pike; but other species are also available such as sturgeon, whitefish, brook trout, and lake trout.
  • There is a limit to the fish one can take home though; it is restricted to a limit of 4 walleye and 4 northern pikes from all locations except for Guerin Lake and Bellsmith Lake, which are catch and consume lakes only. Nevertheless, the experience is worth having.
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Tackle tales and some fishing advice

  • A popular tackle for walleye fishing is Mr. Twister type lead head jigs- a rubber grub body. The most effective colors are chartreuse, yellow, orange, black and white, so advice the Mattice Lake Outfitters.
  • Many anglers prefer using nightcrawlers or minnows in combination with the jigs.
  • For the northern pike, the most popular tackle is the Daredevil in red/white stripe and yellow/red diamonds. Equally effective are the Johnson Silver Minnows and larger crankbaits like the Rapalas.

Lawrence Bay Lodge – Tolna, Saskatchewan

The Lawrence bay lodge at Tolna, Saskatchewan also serves fun Fishing spots. It is also one of the best fishing destinations to revive that spirit of adventure. The person to contact is Randy D. Engen while we give you the details on what is being offered at one of the best fishing destinations in Canada.

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Lawrence bay lodge: Go fish!

Located on Reindeer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan, the Lawrence bay lodge offers some of the best freshwater northern pike, walleye, arctic grayling, and lake trout fishing opportunities available to anglers in Canada.

  • The Lawrence Bay Lodge is setting new standards of excellence for the best Canada northern pike fishing and northern pike fishing guides and Saskatchewan Walleye fishing and northern pike fishing on Reindeer Lake has never been better!
  • For the additional comfort while northern pike fishing in Canada, the management has recently added 18′ deep transom boats and 40 horsepower Mercury motors.
  • Lawrence Bay Lodge, located on Reindeer Lake, has thousands of islands and is the home of the huge Northern Pike. Visitors at Reindeer Lake can catch Walleye here or hop in a floatplane and fly out to one of the many day lakes. The average depth of Reindeer Lake is 100 feet and is loaded with Trophy Lake Trout, with the Arctic Grayling making the best trophy catches since they are known for putting up a good fight for their size.
  • The Lawrence bay lodge has Indian fishing guides, floatplanes, fishing boats with top-class equipment and modern, well-furnished cabins. The lodge has dining facilities for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the mid-day meal being a shore lunch. It serves as an experience in itself! This is because the lunch gives the guest a chance to catch up on their morning fishing experiences.
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Types of fishing fun available at Lawrence Bay Lodge

The fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge has been immensely popular since the ’90s and is getting better with the years. A modified catch and release program is continuously practiced by the lodge. This means that they return all of the large trophy size fish to ensure that they are there again for the next vacation.

  • Northern Pike is best fished for in the Reindeer Lake as this area has thousands of islands, which make a good structure along the many bays serving as homes to the huge Northern Pike. In 2000, the lodge claims that seventy-five percent of customers caught fish from 18-35 lbs, size ranging from 40-53 inches!
  • Reindeer Lake provides excellent Walleye fishing. One can have this experience also at the day lakes that are accessible by the two floatplanes. The lodge ascertains that it is quite common to catch 150 walleyes per boat at these lakes. The walleye averaging in size from 2-6 lb., and some weighing over 8 lbs are a common sight.

Tomahawk Resort – Sioux Narrows, Ontario

If you are for a rustic angling experience and great hospitality- Tomahawk resort is for you! Tomahawk is a full-service resort located in a wilderness vacation paradise on the beautiful Lake of the Woods at Sioux Narrows, Ontario.

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Facilities and fishing fun at Tomahawk

  • If you’ve got a fishing fever, the Tomahawk resort is the ideal fishing destinations for you. Limitless opportunities for anglers for five species of fish on the same body of water, what else can you ask for? The varieties include Walleye, Northern, Small and Largemouth Bass, Musky, Crappie, and Lake Trout.
  • The fun is not just limited to angling, the guest on vacation in this top fishing destination can also opt for hiking, swimming or relaxing in the tranquil setting of North America’s most beautiful landscape. Tomahawk Resort is managed by the Kast family for over 50 years with the same high standards in dedication to service and quality that ensures guest are comfortable and the vacation, memorable.
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Activities and attractions at Tomahawk resort

Tomahawk resort boasts five-star quality accommodations in Lakefront Cottages. It also gives its guests a choice of staying aboard fully equipped Deluxe Houseboats.

  • The houseboats offer all the modern facilities that you can think of. Each has a large living/dining area, fully equipped kitchen, three-piece bath, and a huge top deck. To add to the conveniences, there is at the disposal of the guests, a 5000W generator, TV/LCD, CD, microwave, gas grill, VHF radio, and linens and towels to provide the creature comforts one could crave when away from home.
  • The package that comes with fishing at Tomahawk resort comprises of a stay at either the cottage/houseboat, use of the 17′ Lund Boats with 50 h.p. It also includes the option of taking an 18′ w/ 90 h.p. or a 19′ w/ 115 h.p, stern trolling motor and bow-mounted electric boat. Motors, all fuel, bait and fishing licenses are also taken care of by the management at the resort. So, one can truly lie back and dream up the fishing story (or stories, if one gets lucky) to relate when back home.

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Angling excitement at Tomahawk resort

  • The season for Walleye opens from the third Saturday in May. The tackles used to catch fish are a combination of jigs with minnows/leeches or worms on a Lindy Rig. Bass/smallmouth bass fishing is excellent on Lake of the Woods bordering Tomahawk and is open all year. It is fun to catch the many Northern Pike inhabiting the waters at Tomahawk and popular lures include spoons and spinnerbaits, used freely as the season is open all year.
  • A fun catch to boast about back home is the Crappie found in several Bays on Lake of the Woods using a teardrop jig with a small minnow or twister tail while we save the best for last- Trout fishing! Lake Trout fishing is at its best the first few weeks after ice as the clear deep waters indicate where the trophy trout are lurking.

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Fishing Destinations In Canada. - Top 3 Fishing Destinations in Canada

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