Best Things To Do in Dublin – 3 Days in Dublin Ireland

Trinity College Dublin e1551115346349 - Best Things To Do in Dublin - 3 Days in Dublin Ireland
Trinity College Dublin

Things To Do in Dublin

We recently visited Dublin for three days thinking this would give us ample time to explore the capital. Wow were we wrong! There are so many things to do in Dublin that the trip left us wanting more. In fact, Ireland is now a contender for our first tour as digital nomads.

Why Dublin?
The reason we chose to go to Dublin in the first place was really just convenience. From Manchester airport, the flight is very short at around 30 minutes. This means no jet-lag eating into precious away time. Our aim, whilst we are still working in more traditional 9-5 roles, is to see as much of the world as possible – starting with all the major European cities. Last year we went to Paris (loved it by the way!) and next year we are looking at London.

The ‘Convenient’ Journey:
I would love to tell you that the journey went smoothly and we got to Dublin as planned, but that would not be true. Despite our best efforts, we missed our flight due to a lorry accident on the M62. As a result, a 2-hour journey ended up taking 5 hours. It was a new one for both us but I’m glad it happened now, whilst we are still making plans and before we take the digital nomad plunge.

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Temple Bar Pub Dublin e1551115872445 - Best Things To Do in Dublin - 3 Days in Dublin Ireland
Temple Bar Pub Dublin

When we did eventually take off, the flight was so short that we didn’t reach the same altitudes as on long haul flights. For most of the flight, we could see the landscape change beneath us from the West coast of England to the East coast of Ireland, and the sea in between. There is nothing like seeing the ground disappear from underneath you to remind you of your place in the world!

First Impressions:
We eventually arrived just before 11 pm at the futuristic Dublin airport. Our taxi driver was very friendly and took us straight to the lively area of Temple Bar.

We didn’t have much chance to take in the sights on the drive from the airport to our guest house – it was a dark, fast and sleepy journey. Once we reached Temple Bar it was another story altogether. The area was teeming with people just like it was the middle of the day. There was a band playing U2 in the street (this is not a joke!) and a general hubbub of merriment coming from the pubs and restaurants. The atmosphere was electric and instantly I felt revitalized and excited – despite the long day we’d had.

We stayed in a guest house called the Merchant House in Temple Bar. When we booked our stay, we actually thought it was a hotel. When we realized our error, at first we were a little disappointed. When we got there, explored our room and met our host we knew we had made the right choice. It was more like renting an apartment rather than sharing a room in someone’s house. We felt like we had a more genuine experience than had we stayed in a hotel or B&B. The Merchant House was homely, welcoming and above all we felt very safe there. Staying right in the middle of the city also meant that we could make the most of each day by getting straight out in the morning and spending all day sightseeing. I loved Paris but we did spend a lot of time on the Metro because our hotel was much further out of the city center.

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If you are stuck for things to do in Dublin, here is what we got up to whilst we were there:

Day 1:
Dublin castle – grounds
Chester Beatty Library
Coach house – design exhibition
Trinity College grounds
Grafton Street
General Post Office and O’Connell Street
St Stephens Green

Day 2:
Chester Beatty library again
Dublin Traditional Irish House Party (music and dance show)

Day 3:
Dublin Castle tour
The Long Room and the Book of Kells at Trinity College
Little Museum of Dublin and a Christy exhibition
St Stephens Green

Were we sad to be leaving Dublin?
Everyone we met was very friendly and welcoming. Dublin is a beautiful city with a rich culture, heritage, and history. We would love to go back and explore more of Dublin and the surrounding areas. There were so many things to do in Dublin that we easily filled three days and would have loved to have stayed longer. 

Dublin Castle e1551116233905 - Best Things To Do in Dublin - 3 Days in Dublin Ireland
Dublin Castle

Suggest our readers your favorite and awesome places to visit in Dublin in 3 days? Your valuable comments are highly appreciated. 

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