Utah Outdoor Adventures: Things to Do on Your Utah Holiday

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The state of Utah is one that is rich with natural beauty and has the best adventurous places in the world. From the Canyonlands National Park and Escalante Canyons to the beauty of the Provo Canyon, you can easily enjoy an outdoor adventure. The state is ready to offer you extensive enjoyment with adventures over every mountain and in every stream.

The region is colorful with clear streams and red-walled canyons. You will find ancient Indian ruins, geologic anomalies and more. The area is open for your exploration!

With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to decide on the best Utah adventure. If you are new to the area, you may be unsure as to what the popular activities are. Hiking tours or backpacking is a great way to have Big Wild Adventures trips in Utah. Below are a few examples of outdoor adventurous activities you can find in the great state.

Utah Outdoor Adventures – Things to Do on Your Utah Holiday

1: White Water Rafting

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The Colorado River rushes through the state of Utah and gives you a great option for white water rafting. Choose a calm riverboat ride while you paddle along the scenic route enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Or, if you are up for a little adventure, take the rapid area with white water rapids which will bounce you around on a bumpy ride! This option is perfect for all ages and a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

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2: Mountain Biking

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The Utah region is mountainous and perfect for bikers with trails and unique scenic tours. Take a half day or full day journey throughout the area on a bike. This is truly a challenge and one that is best for the physically fit. Most companies will offer rides for the beginner, intermediate and the advanced. Challenge yourself to an obstacle course of nature or enjoy a scenic ride through Utah country backcountry.

3: Canyoneering/Repelling

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If you are feeling really adventurous and want to experience the lesser seen area of Utah, take a canyoneering or repelling course. This can last a few hours, a day or even a few days! Accept the challenge of repelling down the Utah canyon valleys to see areas only touched by mother nature. These tours are truly breathtaking and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

4: Rock Climbing 

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Another exciting adventure awaiting you in Utah is rock climbing. The Provo Canyon is the hot spot for rock climbing enthusiasts and can offer you a few hours or even a few days of traversing the many walk walls. Learn how to climb a rock face or use your skills to climb hard to reach places of the canyon. The courses can be booked for the beginner or advanced climber. Beginner climbers can learn the basics of rock climbing which will include techniques, safety, and knots.

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5: Waterfall Rappelling

Waterfall Rappelling e1556071818728 - Utah Outdoor Adventures: Things to Do on Your Utah Holiday

Another form of repelling that is enjoyable in Utah is waterfall repelling. This basically means you hike to a nearby waterfall and then repel down into the water. In Provo Canyon, there is a beautiful waterfall known as Bridal Falls and you can easily hike around 30 minutes to reach the top of the waterfall and then repel down around 200 feet to the bottom.

These are just a few of the many outdoor activities you will find in the state of Utah. Choose one or all of them to enjoy during your next adventure holiday trip to the state! While visiting, be sure to consider what activities you like to be able to see the beauty of the state while participating in an activity you enjoy. For the ultimate in adventure, try an activity you have never done before so you can have a truly unique experience!

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Utah Outdoor Adventures - Utah Outdoor Adventures: Things to Do on Your Utah Holiday


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