Backpacking Trip – Best Travel Tips for a Young Backpacker

Exploring different cities in and out is a liberating feeling, especially for one who has been dreaming of traveling from a very early age. Traveling alone comes with some pros and cons, but on every trip, you ought to learn new things which make you a stronger person and a mindful traveler. If this is your 1st backpacking trip and you are traveling alone, make sure you know the place very well. Besides this, below we have curated a few traveling tips that will come in handy to you while traveling a new place. Also Read, What Is Backpacking Travel?

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Getting Ready for Backpacking Trip?

Make a Budget and Stick to it

Draft a budget, months before actually traveling the place that you want to. You must have saved your every penny for your first trip, now is a time to utilize it but wisely. Create an itinerary of the places you want to visit and things you want to do.

Subsequently jot down the price of every single thing such as traveling expenses, food expenses, hotel expenses, etc. Identify your priorities; this will further help you to know how to spend your money without pinching the budget.

For this, brief research will come handy. How well you plan, you will not be able to calculate the exact amount you will be needing. Therefore, make sure you have some extra money.

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Look for Special Offers

Once you have drafted your budget, you will know how much to spend and where to spend. To keep your upcoming trip budget-friendly look for latest offers and exclusive deals especially on hotels and travel portals. Websites like Fabhotels helps you to book your hotel in advance that too at the price point you want. Moreover, the website has frequent offers; you can go through the latest FabHotels promo codes and choose the applicable one to save on hotel expenses.

Similarly, many websites will help you to book your flight, train and bus tickets and if you want, these websites can also help you to figure out the best sites to visit and things to do, which will save your money.

Pack Only Essentials

You do not need an entire world to carry along with you. Streamline the essentials that you will need while traveling and exploring new places. Being a backpacker, it’s essential to know your staples. It’s ok if you wear the same denim twice or thrice.

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Make sure you pack light and do not forget to pack necessary documents such as your train, bur or flight tickets and your national id and bank cards. The more you travel, the more you will realize that you need less stuff to carry.

Invest in multi-purpose clothes and a robust backpack that can last you in all types of climates and circumstances. Being a girl traveler make sure to equip yourself with sanitary napkins and the necessary medicines you would need on your way. Many parts of India still have a conservative mindset, so ensure your pack appropriate dress.

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Know the Place very Well

You must thoroughly know the place you are planning to visit. Look for the different sites which are worth visiting. Do thorough research of that particular place and plan your journey accordingly. Another factor that you must take care of is how much safer the place is. Though, no place is safe; you ought to have a thick skin and a stern determination to explore the place; however, thorough research always comes handy.

Also, ensure you travel in the right season. For example, during July and August, most of the cities like Mumbai battles with rain, so it’s not a good time to visit. Or if you still want to visit the city at the same time, you should know what all you should have, to withstand the harsh climate. Similarly, you should be aware of different festivals, activities that take place, so that you can prepare accordingly. The more you know about the place the more you will enjoy your trip!

Carry a Portable Self Defense Tool

Regardless, of your gender, whether you are a girl or a boy, you must own a portable self-defense tool like pepper spray or a pocket knife or tools like nail cutter which can be used for trimming nails and fighting back during the emergency attack.

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pepper spray

As much as extensive your research is, you cannot predict a critical situation; however, you can avert it with a self-defense tool. Moreover, it will not restrict to explore the sight.

Watch out your Food Habits

It’s common to explore different cuisines, street food, and drinks when you are on a trip. But ensure you do not go overboard. And, since you are traveling alone, you might end up drinking too much, which would be not good for your health and your pocket as well. Do not fall prey to such conditions.

Another factor that you should consider is the type of food you are eating. Though street food is less expensive at the same time, it is not suitable for your health. If possible carry some eatables with you like dry fruits and dark chocolates so that you can munch on whenever you feel this will prevent you from eating junk food and falling sick.



Nothing can prepare unless you face it; however, there are a few tips and tricks which can be handy while traveling, especially if you are going alone that too for the first time.

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