Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary – One Day Trip to Salzburg, Austria

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The Salzburg 1 day itinerary is the perfect guide to experiencing the city of Salzburg in Austria. It will get you acquainted with all the best spots for exploring Salzburg’s rich history and culture in one day. It’s the perfect mix of history and culture, an ancient fortress, and several sites from the film ‘The Sound of Music”. It is the birthplace of Mozart, who was born there in 1756 and died at age 35 in Vienna.

Salzach river in Salzburg Austria.
Salzach river in Salzburg Austria.

Salzburg is also known as the city of water because it is surrounded by rivers and lakes. It is the ideal place for those who enjoy boating, swimming, and other water sports. There are many great restaurants in the city, as well as some great nightlife. The city is famous for its wine and beer. You can also visit the world-famous Salzburg Festival.

If you like to be able to enjoy the sunset, it can be done right in the heart of Salzburg, with the city of Salzburg and its medieval charm close by, without worrying about the crowds and the traffic.

Best Time to Visit Salzburg

Salzburg can be visited year-round. But June to August is the most popular time for visitors. And December when the markets are in full swing is also great to visit.

If you are planning to visit, consider visiting in May, September, and October. If you have the opportunity to visit, don’t miss out on these beautiful months.

Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary
Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary

Overview of Salzburg – Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary

The word Salzburg means “salt fortress”. Salzburg was one of the most important salt-mining cities in Europe. In ancient times, salt was considered to be white gold. Salzburg became a prosperous trading center due to its salt deposits. The salt mines provided the city with a reliable source of income. Salzburg is famous for its beautiful baroque architecture that can be seen throughout the old town.

Salzburg was spared from much of the destruction of World War II and today still has its original Baroque architecture. In 1997, Salzburg (old town) has declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it the largest city in the region and an important tourist draw. Salzburg’s old town is filled with picturesque medieval buildings, and it has become a popular destination for families, thanks to its proximity to the mountains and excellent playgrounds.

Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary – Highlights, Tours, and More

It’s no secret that you can do a lot in a single day in Salzburg, but it’s still possible to experience even more on an extended stay.

This Salzburg travel itinerary is for those who have only a short amount of time to get to know Salzburg, Austria, in the best way possible. The travel guide shows you the sights and highlights of the Old and New Town in Salzburg.

Mozart Statue Salzburg 2
Mozart Statue Salzburg

When it comes to making the most of your trip, the first thing you should do is take the time to find out what there is to see and do in the place you are visiting. After all, there are plenty of things to see and do that are less touristy and more local.

It’s important that you have travel insurance to make your holiday hassle-free. This means you should make sure you’re covered before you leave. In case you’re planning on visiting Salzburg in the fall or winter months, you should be aware that inclement weather is common during these seasons and you may want to make plans for rain days. 

You don’t want to get stuck with a medical bill because you never know what will happen.

Salzburg Old Town

There’s no better way to begin exploring Salzburg than by foot, especially as a first-time visitor! The Old Town is brimming with quaint, cobblestoned streets, beautiful architecture, and historic monuments. Don’t miss the old town and its stunning medieval houses.

Walkthrough the Old Town on foot or by bike before getting into the city center and the main tourist attractions. Take in the architecture and scenery on the way. The Old Town is a great starting point for exploring the city.

These squares each have their own distinct look and center around important landmarks like the Marien Statue and the Mozart Denkmal. Then, it’s time to visit the beautiful Baroque Cathedral that has been reconstructed over and over since 774.

Salzburg Cathedral Marien Statue
Salzburg Cathedral Marien Statue

DomQuartier (or DomKwartier)

To really get a feel for Salzburg’s history, it’s best to check out the collection of museums known as the DomQuartier. They’re all located in baroque buildings that once belonged to the prince-archbishops of Salzburg. You’ll have the opportunity to explore parts of historic landmarks like the Cathedral and St Peter’s Abbey that you wouldn’t normally see.

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The DomQuartier is a popular tourist destination for visitors who want to see the lavish staterooms of the Alte Residenz and admire the artwork of Rembrandt and other famous artists.

You can view the treasured art of the Cathedral museum and even access a special terrace that offers a great view of the city while enjoying the peace and quiet of the Cathedral. Last but not least, The St. Peters Museum is a must-see site if you’re interested in medieval religious art. The museum itself is a work in progress and a must-see for any history buff.

Funicular Fortress

Mozart’s Residence

After you see the city, head to the Mozartplatz and visit the Mozart Museum. You will learn about Mozart’s life and work there. You can also listen to a recording of his music. You can take a self-guided tour of the museum, or you can opt to have an audio guide.

Mozart’s popularity is so great in the town of Salzburg that there are two museums dedicated to him. Just near the Mirabell Gardens, you’ll find the Mozart home where the composer’s family lived from 1773 to 1787, before relocating to Vienna.

Birthplace of Mozart Salzburg Austria
Birthplace of Mozart Salzburg Austria

In his late teens, he moved to Vienna, where he joined the orchestra of the Burgtheater, working his way up the ranks as a composer and violinist. It is a very interesting and fun place to visit. You can also see many items that belonged to Mozart, such as his violin and his piano. 

Mirabell Palace

Salzburg is a relatively small city with most of its sights in close proximity, so it’s a good idea to go to the Mirabell Gardens early in the morning when they are less crowded. Also, you can avoid the main streets, which are full of tourists and locals, and instead head for the picture-perfect alleys.

Mirabell Palace Salzburg Austria
Mirabell Palace Salzburg Austria

The Mirabell Gardens is undoubtedly the most popular garden in the city, thanks to its ornate fountains and design. Perhaps the most common reason people visit the Mirabell Gardens is that it was used as a filming location for the classic movie “The Sound of Music”.

Salzburg is the home of the Trapp Family, which was the setting for the movie, The Sound of Music. In addition, Salzburg was also the location for many of the scenes in the movie itself.

Mirabel Gardens
Mirabel Gardens

Many people visiting Salzburg for the first time prefer to stay within the city limits. Still, there is much to see around town, including some of the film sites mentioned above. Take a Sound of Music tour to make the most of your trip.

Lunch at Afro Café.

In the old town, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from if you’re getting hungry. And if you do want to eat outside of the city center, there are many great places outside the center of the city, like the countryside, for that special meal or drink.

If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat or a drink after a day of museum-hopping, head to Afro Café. It’s located right next to the Modern Art Museum, making it an easy walk.

This brightly decorated restaurant is a perfect spot to enjoy lunch or dinner. With a variety of options ranging from burgers to wraps and African cuisine, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Afternoon – Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg

A visit to Hohensalzburg Fortress is truly an experience that no one should miss, no matter where they are coming from. Salzburg’s most dominant landmark, the fortress, can be admired from many different angles in the city, but the best way to take in the views is from the top of the mountain. The quickest and most comfortable way to reach the top is by using the funicular.

Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary Hohensalzburg Fortress View from Mirabel Gardens
Hohensalzburg Fortress View from Mirabel Gardens

Hohensalzburg Fortress was restored from the late 19th century onwards and has become one of the most important and famous castles in Germany. If you visit this castle, you will see the magnificent views of the city. This castle is also known for its beautiful gardens, and the view from the castle is breathtaking.

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Kapuzinerberg, Salzburg

Sometimes, the only thing you need to do is take in a stunning view. It’s true that there are some pretty great views all around Salzburg. In fact, you can’t go wrong when you visit Salzburg for its views. You can find these amazing vantage points right near the city’s center.

The beauty of the hillside is that it is covered in thick forest, making it a great place to get away from it all and reconnect with nature. There are also quite a few trails that lead you around the property, giving you lots of different perspectives on the area as well as access to a good view.

Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg Cathedral

Augustiner Brewery Salzburg.

Salzburg has plenty to offer. With its beautiful buildings and impressive culture, it’s hard to beat for the history lover. But if you need something a bit more relaxing, there are lots of different things to do around town.

After visiting churches, castles, and Baroque homes, the best way to end the day is to spend the evening at one of the many Salzburger beer gardens. The one at Kloster Mülln in particular is a cozy brewery with a spacious garden.

The Augustiner Brewery is a very special place, with the most unique beer garden in all of Europe. Located in the heart of Salzburg, it offers a view of the city unlike anything else and provides a perfect opportunity for a summer afternoon drink.

Their Märzen on tap is particularly popular, but you can’t go wrong with any of the eight varieties of German pilsner available on the menu. 

The Salzburg Whiskey Museum is a unique experience – not just because of the tour, but because of the people. The guide here was a whiskey connoisseur, as were most of the staff members (and there are plenty of other whiskeys for sale, of course). It is easy to learn more about the local history, the distilleries, and all about the whiskey. There are many other tours of this nature.

If you’re craving something different after your beer, the Irish Murphy’s Law Irish Pub in Austria has a huge range of drinks. The atmosphere is great for having a few drinks with friends and there’s live music on most nights.

 The Activities/Tours You Can Add in Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary

Get Your Guide is a great way to plan your trip to Germany and find your itinerary for exploring everything that’s in and out of the country. Tours and tickets are great for a variety of activities and places to visit. You’ll find lots of activities to keep you entertained and with great prices and even better deals.

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Salzburg Card – Enjoy Salzburg With Ease.

The Salzburg Card is a tourist card that offers free admission to many of the city’s attractions and free rides on public transportation. The card can be purchased for one, two, or three days, and is a great way to save money while sightseeing in Salzburg.

If you are planning to buy Salzburg Card, it’s best to do so online as soon as possible. The cards often sell out, especially during peak tourist season, like July and August.

The Sound of Music Tour – Salzburg Itinerary

The “Sound of Music” tour in Salzburg is a must-see for fans of the movie. The tour takes visitors to all of the filming locations in the city and provides a wealth of information about the making of the movie. The tour starts with a visit to the house where the von Trapp family lived. The von Trapp family is the main focus of the movie.

Berchtesgaden Salt Mine And Boat Ride Tour

When visiting Salzburg, be sure not to miss the unique experience of the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine and Boat Ride tour. The boat journey takes visitors through a series of dark, twisting tunnels in the mine, providing an otherworldly experience.

When you reach the end of the ride, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view. This is also the best place to buy salt souvenirs and mineral water from Austria.

Salzach Cruise & Dinner at Hohesalzburg Fortress

Embark on a relaxing Salzach River cruise followed by a delicious dinner at Hohesalzburg Fortress. Marvel at the stunning scenery while enjoying a three-course meal with drinks included. This unique experience is perfect for couples, families, and groups of friends.

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Enjoy Concert at Mirabell Palace

Experience a memorable evening in the stunning Baroque Marble Hall in Salzburg’s Mirabell Palace. Let the melodies of renowned ensembles and soloists transport you to another world for an unforgettable evening. 

Eagle’s Nest Mountain Tour – Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary

The Eagle’s Nest is a popular sightseeing attraction in Salzburg, Austria. The tour takes visitors up to the Eagle’s Nest, a mountaintop retreat built by Adolf Hitler in 1938. The views from the summit are spectacular, and the tour is a must-see for visitors to Salzburg.

Eagles Nest - Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary 
Eagles Nest

Best for Couples, Mozart Concert with Dinner

Take a journey back in time to experience a Mozart concert with dinner in his hometown of Salzburg. Delight in mouth-watering specialties made according to the original recipes of the musical genius’s time. Listen to the wonderful music and admire the colorful costumes in a magnificent setting. 

salzburg mozart concert - Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary 
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Salzach Boat Ride

Take in the awe-inspiring scenery of Salzburg and enjoy a relaxing boat ride down the Salzach. Visit the mesmerizing Hellbrunn Palace and be awestruck by the famous water features in the incredible palace gardens.

Where to stay in Salzburg

If you are planning a trip to Salzburg then I think you must have some idea about where to stay in this beautiful city.

Boutique Hotel Am Dom

  • Address: Goldgasse 17, 5020 Salzburg, Austria     
  • Phone: +43 662 842765
Boutiquehotel am Dom - Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary 
Image Courtesy:

If you want to stay in the heart of the city then this is your best option. The hotel has elegant architecture which makes it more attractive and beautiful. You will get accommodation with high-quality services which will make you enjoy your stay. If you want to stay at a place where you can get a taste of the history of the city then this is the perfect place for you.

Hotel Der Salzburger Hof

  • Address: Kaiserschützenstraße 1, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
  •  Phone: +43 662 46970

The Hotel Der Salzburger Hof is located in the center of Salzburg, only a few minutes away from the main train station, with direct access to the main shopping streets and the historic Mirabell palace. The hotel offers a range of facilities and services.

All rooms are elegantly decorated and equipped with the most modern amenities to ensure guests a comfortable stay. Every room is provided with a TV and a private bathroom. The hotel’s restaurant serves traditional Austrian and international dishes. Guests can also enjoy their breakfast at the hotel’s coffee shop.

More Options To Choose From

Hotels Salzburg: Hotels in the center

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt★★★★★-19%2 958 2 393 View hotel
Hotel Stein - Adults Only★★★★-9%2 094 1 911 View hotel
Altstadt Hotel Stadtkrug★★★★-25%292 219 View hotel
Cityhotel Trumer Stube★★★-22%319 249 View hotel
Altstadthotel Kasererbräu★★★★-41%2 849 1 694 View hotel
Hotel Krone 1512★★★-9%171 157 View hotel
Star Inn Hotel Salzburg Zentrum★★★-10%166 150 View hotel
Am Neutor Hotel Salzburg Zentrum★★★★-15%1 365 1 154 View hotel
Hotel am Mirabellplatz★★★★-24%219 166 View hotel
Hotel Wolf Dietrich★★★★-20%270 216 View hotel
NH Collection Salzburg City★★★★-13%1 714 1 484 View hotel
Boutique Hotel Auersperg★★★★-10%273 246 View hotel
Hotel Villa Carlton - Adults Only★★★★-25%235 177 View hotel
IMLAUER HOTEL PITTER Salzburg★★★★-16%1 997 1 671 View hotel
Hotel Markus Sittikus Salzburg★★★★-17%182 152 View hotel
Hotel IMLAUER & Bräu★★★★-25%193 145 View hotel
Das Jedermann Boutiquehotel mit Stadtgarten★★★-6%145 136 View hotel
Dorint City-Hotel Salzburg★★★★-20%1 025 824 View hotel
Holiday Inn - Salzburg City, an IHG Hotel★★★★-7%1 231 1 150 View hotel
Hotel Astoria★★★-43%1 547 884 View hotel

 Conclusion – Salzburg 1 Day Itinerary 

The key to planning a successful trip to Salzburg is to have a clear idea of what you want to see and do. It’s also important to choose a time of year that will allow you to experience the best weather. For example, if you visit in the summer, you will have the opportunity to see the city’s most famous attraction, the Salzach River, and you’ll also be able to enjoy the many outdoor activities that the city has to offer.

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