Best Places to Visit in Green Spain

Secret Spain – Best places to Visit in Green Spain.
While visiting the south, I could experience the best days of my expedition to Spain. For me then was to explore the beauties of the Green Spain which locates in the North. People call it a Secret Spain, having lots of surprises and attractions for the vacationers coming from the other regions.
By: Maria Bella

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When I was about half a way to Bay of Biscay from Madrid, the environs were changed and the cool air started entering the window of the car I booked for the long journey. The green landscape started captivating and the series of tales on Spain’s beauty about which I read in high school started running in my brain. Green Spain is full of history, culture, traditions and the most absorbing, refreshing nature.

Here are 5 Best Places to Visit in Green Spain.

San Sebastián
It was almost four hours of travel from Madrid to San Sebastian. I have already listened about this city that its cuisine is the most famous thing there to attract tourists. It has a good number of restaurants and night bars in town to entertain its guests. I got settled in the area near to the coast and planned to go to the places one by one.

If you are interested to visit the place, you will be enjoying its cuisine, bar culture meld with the unique history, art, and culture. This was the best holiday escape I have been introduced by Virikson Spain holidays with a lot of unforgettable memories I’m still carrying with me.

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Being in San Sebastian, Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta are the must go beaches famous among vacationers. Taking from my experiences, you will be enjoying to experience roaming in the antiquely made cobblestone streets. It will take you back the date and tell you the architectural, political and artistic perspectives. What you will enjoy the most will be the food traditions in the place.

What made my trip the best experience is wandering in the old city’s streets, exploring the city with old fashioned houses conceptualizing the 19th-century architecture, clothes outlets, coffee shops, and restaurants. Busking on the heavenly beaches of San Sebastian added more fun into my experience. See if it is not so cold, try swimming and surf in the town’s beaches. Must pay a visit to the old famous aquarium in the city.

What I missed and I’m sure you will do, is to hike to the top of the San Sebastian’s heights and witness the captivating views of the city.

Santiago de Compostela
This destination is famous for two reasons. One is that it is a religiously sacred place known as the world’s most prominent pilgrimage routes. But not only for this reason, but Santigo de Compostela is also famous for exploring the religious culture, and the charm of an old city delights. Spain is having this unique characteristic of its old fashioned preserved buildings and the antique streets you will never find anywhere in the world. This town also has antique streets and squares to roam and sit to feel the city.

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I visited this part of the earth two months ago and believe me, my inner self still lies there and fetch me back. It was a wonderful experiencing of my life.

This city is so unique and different from the other cities in the North. Bilbao is the largest city of the Basque country having a large number of attractions include its greenery, museums and the Charming nightlife. Wait, am I forgetting something? Yes, its food. I enjoyed the cuisines of Bilbao a lot and that doubled the fun of my Bilbao journey. Although it was a budget trip, I could manage to explore at least most of the things belong to the green Bilbao. The other thing you will be experiencing in Bilbao is its nightlife. The leading Bars in Bilbao are some expensive but there is a lot of options you will have, don’t worry.

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Your exploration doesn’t end here. You will have to look for world-class art and old culture. Bilbao’s most famous attractions are Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum and avant-garde architecture. The Euskal, (Basque Museum) will take you back into the Basque old culture. Hundreds of the tourists come each year and explore the beautiful Biblao, the northern gem of the Basque.

La Rioja
Another autonomous community of Northern Spain La Rioja worths to pay a visit. La Rioja is famous for its wine industry, it has a big local wine industry. No trip to northern Spain would be complete without a tour to La Rioja.

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It is home to the world’s most eye-catching Monasteries, Antique ancient rural areas and more than 500 Wine production units surrounded by the beautiful sceneries. When in La Rioja, you can go for Skiing in Valdezcaray, the Unesco acknowledged monasteries of San Millan. You can spend your best and memorable moments in town if have the knowledge of the city before the visit. Google the place and plan the visit on the destination.

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Picos de Europa
Pico de Europa embraces travelers and mountaineers with stunning adventure options and the breathtaking sceneries you ever could see before. Picos offers you the great opportunity to seek the practical history physically present on the museums, monuments, old towns and the remote villages of the region.

The must visit places are Covadonga, beautiful lakes, More than 10 km River route. Being in Picos de Europa, you will not miss the traditional foods of the place which has a great taste.

Let us know your recommended places to visit in Green Spain in the comment box.  

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