Top 10 Travel Photography Destinations

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Traveling is a fantastic lifestyle, especially when combined with great photography. Photography is an art that, if mastered, can make your life exciting and that of others. Sometimes, you might want to take pictures like those you usually see on Instagram, but you are not even sure where those locations are. This article entails some of the best travel destinations where you can take beautiful photos for both you and your family.

Here Are Recommended 10 Best Travel Photography Destinations

1: Dubai

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Photography Destinations
Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A huge percentage of people around the world have thought of visiting Dubai at a certain point in their lives. For many years now, Dubai has become a great visual symbol of both development and urbanism. Dubai is also a dessert, which is another major factor that intrigues many people to visit and witness this themselves.

This heavenly city has some of the most beautiful buildings in the entire planet. You will get confused, trying to figure out which points of this city you want to reach first to take some breathtaking pictures.

2: Southern Brazil

Photography Destinations, Sugarloaf South - Southern Brazil
Sugarloaf Mountain

If you mention Brazil to most people, the first thing that comes to their minds in the world cup especially if you mention Rio de Janeiro. If you visited Brazil during this time then it might have been the worst time to take pictures due to the crowds everywhere. However, you can now take the best pictures of your life if you go back since there are no crowds.

Here are some of the most popular places that you can visit in Rio alone, and some activities you would not want to miss out on:

● The Copacabana beaches

● The tram ride to the Sugarloaf Mountain

● The famous carnival festival

If you want a perfect shot that will leave everyone wishing to visit the same place, then be sure to be at Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue or Sugarloaf Mountain at sunset. However, you can also get a great shot at sunset if you are lucky enough. Make sure you have a quality nissan frontier roof rack to carry your camping stuff here, to help you ensure you get the perfect caption.

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3: Norway

Norway has one of the tiniest populations on the globe. However, do not be deceived by that because Norway is also among the most scenic countries as it is filled with mountains, glaciers, and some very deep fjords than you have ever seen.

Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo 1
Vigeland Sculpture Park Oslo


Oslo’s city has a lot that you can photograph, especially if you love history because it is rich in maritime culture – some of which dates back to before the 9th century. You will also find some exciting things to take pictures of, such as impressive old wooden houses.

Lofoten Islands Svolvaer Norway
Lofoten Islands Svolvaer Norway

If you want to take even more amazing pictures while in Norway, make sure to visit the Lofoten Islands. They are found in the North Arctic Circle, where you can also find the trendy northern lights (aurora borealis), especially during the winter.

4: Hawaii

Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide, especially for people looking for a great place to go on vacation. You must have also seen some very beautiful pictures taken in Hawaii by married couples on their honeymoon.

Kauai Canyon Hawaii
Kauai Canyon Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands, including Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii, are known for their out-of-than-world cliffs, multi-colored beaches, tropical foliage, and waterfalls. The beaches, cliffs, and waterfalls are personal favorites of many visitors from different corners of the world.

Hanging out on any or all of these will give you the chance to take pictures of yourself or even get someone to take a perfect shot when you are having fun here.

The heritage sites and museums in Hawaii are also great places that you can visit and take nice pictures to document that trip.

5: Vermont

 Vermont is renowned for its captivating beauty, which explains why you will find many photographers planning trips to visit it. It is one of the places that has so much history that you will want to capture in your photos.


If you visit Vermont, then expect to take pictures of beautiful mountains almost near every bend on a country road. You will also see covered bridges that are very stunning to look at, and they appear even more unreal in well-taken pictures.

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Visiting towns like Middlebury and Stowe will also enable you to take some unique pictures because they are both old towns. Being here also allows you to take some crazy stunts of other distant towns, not forgetting the green mountains.

6: Croatia

It is undebatable that Croatia is one place that almost every person touring Europe makes sure they visit at least once. Have you ever seen a beach that changes its shape? If you have never witnessed such, then you should consider visiting Croatia. The Zlatni rat beach changes its shape depending on the wind. This can be a great opportunity because it can allow you to take different looking pictures of the same island, which is so cool.

Visovac Island Krka National Park Croatia
Visovac Island Krka National Park Croatia

Driving along the cliffs on the Dalmatian coast will also give you some historic ride because this is where some of the worst wars have ever happened. The latest war was dated about twenty years ago.

You must also visit Croatia if you are obsessed with the Islands because you might not even exhaust the ones in this place. You will find over 900 islands along the Adriatic Sea. You will also be amazed to see renaissance-era buildings and 26th-century walls that have been retained to date in a city such as Dubrovnik.

7: Borneo

Borneo is usually a great destination for people who are dedicated to touring every corner of the world. This destination is the third largest island on the planet, meaning that it has many things that you can take pictures of.

borneo-Proboscis Monkey
Borneo Rain Forest

Borneo also has a very diverse rainforest with some of the most endangered species, such as clouded leopards and orangutans. Visiting Borneo as soon as you can, might give you a rare chance to take your photo of these rare species since who knows if there will still be existing a decade or even a few years from today.

If you are determined to visit this place, make sure to time when The Sultan of Brunei opens his 1788 room kingdom. He opens his doors to the world for only three days a year. It can be a grand opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful palace owned by one of the richest men in the universe.

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8: Iceland

Iceland has always been a great travel destination because of its popular hot springs, hiking activities, northern lights. The geological landscape is also something every photographer should take advantage of as you can get some beautiful pictures from it.

Gullfoss Falls, Iceland
Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

There is also a vibrant nightlife in Iceland, which is something else you can take unique pictures of. Iceland offers a rare combination of glaciers and volcanoes, which offers you a great opportunity to take varying amazing pictures as you move towards the coast.

 9: Southeast China

China is a huge and diverse country, which makes it vital to know the best places that will offer great photography moments. The Golden Triangle, which consists of Shanghai and Beijing, is one major destination you should target because it is usually the go-to spot for photography.

Guilin Mountains Night View - Photography Destinations For Travelers
Guilin Mountains Night View

The Great Wall of China is another major destination you must consider visiting. You have most likely seen it in pictures, movies, and even music videos because it is a huge tourist attraction. You should also be guaranteed to take awesome pictures if you go to the city of Guilin because of its landscapes, and it’s also ranked as one of the most beautiful places worldwide.

10: Rome

Rome is a many people’s all-time favorite travel photography destination that you should also add to your list. This eternal city is filled with breathtaking historical architecture, but it also has a great cultural heritage, making it a perfect spot for both travelers and photographers.

Colosseum Rome Bridge - Photography Destinations For Travelers
Colosseum Bridge, Rome

Summing Up

Traveling is undoubtedly among the most fun activities in the world as it allows you to meet new people and experience a lot. If you are a photographer, then traveling can even be more fun since you get to take great pictures to record the moments. It is also every photographer’s dream to take inspiring pictures from popular locations. Lucky for you, this article has listed excellent destinations that you can visit today and what you will experience. Therefore, make sure to check them out.

Let us know your favorite and recommended photography destinations for travelers in the comments. 

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