A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions

 The Ultimate Guide to New York Attractions.

In this article, I will explain the activities not to be missed during your first visit to New York. Many of these activities are very touristy and should not be overlooked.

  • New York Attractions Can Be Fun For Everyone.

Empire State Building & Top Of The Rock

Both of these locations offer incredible views of New York City. It is 102 stories high and the Empire State Building is where 5th Avenue and 34th Street West meet. I advise you to go there before sunset and to wait until nightfall to see the buildings light up gradually.

Note: Both offer stunning views of Manhattan, Top of the Rock, where you can admire the Empire State Building, while the Empire State Building offers a higher view than Top Of The Rock.

New York Empire State Building - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
New York Empire State Building
Top Of The Rock View New York - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
Top Of The Rock View New York

Flatiron Building

That’s innovative. It was one of the first buildings with a steel skeleton and thus the first skyscraper in New York. Moreover unique is the shape of the Flatiron. Flatiron was built in 1902 in Beaux-Arts style and originally called Fuller Building. Due to its uniqueness, the whole area is called the Flatiron District. This is another classic tourist location in New York and has been used in many television programs and movies.
Next, to the Flatiron Building at Madison Square Park, enjoy a relaxing break and taste the famous Shake Shack Burger.

Flatiron Nyc Manhattan New York - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
Flatiron Nyc Manhattan New York

Times Square

This is one of the most visited places in the world! Also called The Crossroads of the World. The famous New York intersection is located right in the center of Manhattan and is known for its gigantic animated commercials, its endless vibrant buildings, and its huge shopping centers. This area is lively throughout the year at all times and in all weather conditions. As it is the central district exceptionally well connected by several lines of subway, bus, etc.

Time Square New York A Guide To NYC - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
Times Square, New York

The Highline, transforming urban space

Access to Highline
Entry on the Highline: 14th Street, 16th, 18th, 20th, 26th, 28th, 30th.

The High Line is a linear park a 1.45 miles high green track and a railway line. It was built on a former spur of the New York Central Railroad on the western side of Manhattan, New York. Crossing all Highline lasts 30 minutes, and you also have access to stunning views of Manhattan.

Discover the different parts of the Highline during your walking tour. Benches can also be found on the way – when you’re tired, take a break and have fun seeing the amazing scenery around. After crossing the Highline, you can visit the Chelsea Market, a former factory transformed into an exceptional gourmet market.

New York City Highline - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
Highline, New York City

Lower Manhattan, Financial District: the business district.

Welcome to the temple of finance: in this neighborhood are mixed buildings and old cobblestone streets. Take a tour of Wall Street, discover the facade of the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Trump Building, the Bull of Wall Street.

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Memorial September 11: This more than the exciting place is free and accessible to everyone. On the other hand, the museum, which I suggest more than anything in the world as it is impressive, fee ($ 24 for adults, $ 15 for children) except for Tuesday from 17:00 to 20: 00, is free.

West Village & Greenwich Village

The Greenwich Village of New York is a place of great prestige and one of the most famous places in the city and also the place where most celebrities (Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Cruise, etc.) lives. You will discover small paths surrounded by houses with red brick facades.

West Village is not difficult to find, but the boundaries of the area have changed a lot over the years. In fact, the Greenwich Village and the Lower East Side in New York aren’t part of the same area, on the other hand, they are in the same location in Manhattan.

Take the opportunity to taste Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes, discover the stylish and trendy shops on Bleecker and Commerce Street. Have a relaxing break in Washington Square to listen to the musicians, watch the chess players. This park is usually busy at noon because it is right next to New York University, many young students flock during lunch breaks.

The Greenwich Village of New York - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
The Greenwich Village of New York


Shopping lovers and lovers, this area is for you! All this in an exceptional environment, admire the typical architecture of this region: cast iron structures. The district of Soho was the best-known area for artists who moved to fantastic places to work and live at low prices.

Soho is home to most of the cast iron buildings in New York City. This design and style are used to beautify the façade of existing structures to look like it has been renewed or rebuilt.

5th Avenue

I suggest a small rout to 5th Avenue, the most famous street in New York. Start at 34th Street (at the Empire State Building) and walk to Central Park Boulevard. On this avenue, there are luxury boutiques (Tiffany, Cartier, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari) and other well-known brands (Abercrombie, Apple Store).

Tourists can also admire the New York Public Library and Bryant Park on 42nd Street. At 42nd Street you can also make a detour to Grand Central, the legendary New York station.  Also on 42nd Street, east of Manhattan: the UN headquarters, the opportunity to visit for 16 dollars (11 US dollars with the student’s card).

At 50th Street: Rockefeller Center, (home of the famous New York Christmas Tree), St. Thomas Church, Radio City Music Hall. (53rd and 5th avenues), NBC Studio Tour, Trump Tower, Diamond & Jewelry Way (a street full of diamond shops, is the world’s first gem shopping mall).

Museum: What museum to visit in New York

If you are leaving the new york without wisting one of these museums, your visit is not complete.
(Museum of Modern Art) The Moma. (Metropolitan Museum of Art) The Met, or Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

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The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Address: 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, USA

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest and best art museums in the world. It contains more than 2 million works including the famous collection of European paintings (collection includes works by all renowned artists).

Museum of Modern Art ( MOMA)

Address: 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, USA
Moma: Free on Fridays from 4 pm

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), created in 1929 as the first New York gallery devoted exclusively to modern art, occupies a prominent place on this cultural scene. MOMA’s leadership position on a New York tour makes it a clear milestone for any contemporary art lover’s travel plan. The unique nature without barriers means that even beginners will be delighted by the artistic pleasures.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Address: 1071 5th Ave, New York, NY 10128, USA
Guggenheim: Free on Saturday evenings from 6.30 pm

From the art and architecture point of view, Guggenheim is one of the most interesting monuments in New York. That’s why it’s an important stop for every art lover in town. It is home to a growing collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, modern and contemporary art, as well as special exhibitions throughout the year.

The Guggenheim Museum in New York is part of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, a non-profit institution established in 1937 by Solomon R. Guggenheim together with the artist Hilla von Rebay.  The city is full of museums and the selection is by no means limited to these three museums.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Central Park: The lung of the city

New York Historical Park is also among the most famous parks in the world. A wonderful spot for relaxation and recreation, the park elongates from 59th Street to 110th Street! The atmosphere is completely different from the wide avenues of Manhattan: you can go ice skating or cross-country skiing in the wintertime, cross the park by bike or skating, watch New Yorkers jogging every day or indulging in their favorite games (baseball, football, …) or simply take a rest on one of the many small hills.

Central Park Nyc Manhattan  678x381 - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
Central Park NYC, Manhattan

Brooklyn Bridge

Currently, Brooklyn Bridge is the country’s landmark and people still love to visit and take pictures to make their visit memorable. This iconic bridge you may have seen it in several movies, including Gang of New York, The Fantastic Four, and Deep Impact. The walk can last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Brooklyn Bridge Landmark Historic New York City 678x381 - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
Brooklyn Bridge, New York


Famous for its famous jazz clubs and The cultural capital of Black Americans, this area of Manhattan has changed completely in recent years. The rent has risen exponentially and the poorest are forced to leave the neighborhood. I will advise you to visit Harlem one Sunday morning, Mass day, and attend a gospel Mass: The experience is fabulous. For your first gospel Mass, I recommend the First Corinthian Baptist Church ( Church Address: 1912 7th Ave New York, NY). After Mass, go for a walk in the neighborhood to discover the famous Brown-stones.

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Located in Lower Manhattan, Chinatown is an ideal place to visit all the attractions that have made the city famous all over the world. Start the tour by Canal Street and you will soon find yourself surrounded by Chinese restaurants, shops, fishmongers, and perfume shops. Enjoy the atmosphere of Columbus Park: residents take Kung Fu lessons, playing cards while enjoying the sound of traditional Chinese music.

Chinatown new york 678x381 - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was presented as a gift for the centenary of the Declaration of freedom and as a symbol of the friendly relationship between the two countries in the American Revolution. I will advise buying the ticket in advance if you are willing to visit the Statue of Liberty. Without a ticket, you can always visit the places around the statue and see the visitor center by yourself. You’ll, however, need to buy a ferry ticket for the island.

Statue Of Liberty New York 678x381 - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions
Statue Of Liberty, New York

Do you want to visit New York differently?

See New York City with Viator.com offers 100’s of sightseeing tours. You can visit typical places that have shaped New York history, accompanied by a guide. You will be able to discover the legendary jazz clubs in Harlem, the murals of Williamsburg or stroll on the old railway lines of the Highline. If you are interested in this type of tours, you can consult the list and the different packages by clicking here.

Where to stay in New York?

Do not forget to book your hotel or apartment in advance on a trusted site such as hotellook.com.

New York Hotels

The Hotel 31 for tight budgets, which is near to line 6 which will take you all around the city and some rooms even have views of the famous Empire State Building. Less luxurious than other hotels, but does really well for an acceptable rate.

Cheap Hotels In New York City

The Elysée Hotel for families who will be happy with the excellent quality meals. Rooms are very well decorated. Tea, fruit, lemonade, and cookies all day long: The best for kids! Of course, very well located too since in Midtown East.

Casablanca Hotel by Library Hotel Collection, the perfect place for couples. I was lucky enough to sleep there for two nights and I really did not regret this decision! Good value, very comfortable, romantic, and well located (in the heart of New York).

Finally, take a taxi and go to one of the many places that are not mentioned in this article, but equally interesting: Lower East Side, Upper West Side, Upper East, Astoria, East Village, Red Hook, Tribeca etc.

New York Attractions Map

new york attractions map - A Guide To NYC-All About New York Attractions

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