Yoga and Travel: 6 Ways to practice yoga while traveling

6 Ways to practice yoga while traveling
With the holiday season coming up, many of us have made travel plans. Be it over the weekend, a week-long retreat or even a month-long vacation, we’re sure you’ve got your bags packed and your travel list checked. While you travel, keeping to your yoga practice may be challenging. But don’t let your travels derail your yoga goals!I have come up with 6 great tips to help you practice yoga while traveling!

6 Ways to Maximize Your Yoga Practice While on The Road

1. Pack your yoga essentials

Add your yoga mat to your list of travel items! Opt for a lightweight travel yoga mat that can be seamlessly packed into your luggage or attached to your backpack. Having your mat with you is a great motivation for you to practice. If traveling with a mat is not possible, then check in advance to see if your hotel or accommodation has mats available. Make sure to also pack comfortable clothing for your practice! Although the beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to wear a specific gear to practice, it helps to keep you going if you feel comfortable in what you wear when on the mat.

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2. Practice first thing in the morning

The most common excuse that yogis may have when on a break is that they can’t find the time to practice. Try to schedule your practice as something you will do as soon as you wake up. Practice before you have any second thoughts and before you could plan something else in place of it. Our tip for a great start to your morning is to wake up, meditate for 5 minutes and then step on the mat. This combination will guarantee you a wonderful day ahead!

3. Change your sequence!

You can give your yoga practice a holiday treatment too! Practice different sequences and try something new while on a break! There is an abundance of yoga videos from expert yoga teachers available online for you or for a minimal fee. While being consistent in what you practice is important, a break away from your usual practice may give you the rest you need and allow you to come back refreshed!

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4. Attend a class nearby

While you soak in the city on your next vacation, keep a lookout also for yoga classes available nearby. You could also check with your hotel if they offered free yoga classes. Most yoga schools offer walk-in fees so you don’t have to be tied down to packages. Take the opportunity to try out different styles offered by different teachers. Who knows, you might fall in love with Vinyasa, or rekindle your relationship with Yin! This vacation, step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

5. Practice in the great outdoors

If you’re heading to somewhere warm this winter, take the opportunity to practice outdoors and enjoy the best of Mother Nature as you dive into your Sun Salutations. Visit a park or perhaps take a hike up hills and find a spot to roll your mat out. Awaken your senses as you balance in Trikonasana (Tree pose). Listen to birds chirping, the wind billowing or perhaps the waves crashing in. What better way to go into Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand) than in the very heart of Mother nature?

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6. Allow yourself to relax

Remember that ultimately, you are on a break. So don’t be too hard on yourself! If you could only spare 15 minutes to practice today, don’t fret. Any practice is still better than no practice at all. Don’t make your practice into an all or nothing game. While you usually practice a 90 minutes flow, be okay with less too. Take a break where you need. Relax when you can.

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