Traveling With Pets-Your Pet and You on a Journey

Traveling With Pets e1541810340522 678x381 - Traveling With Pets-Your Pet and You on a Journey

Traveling with your favorite pet need not be a cumbersome task. If you are planning to take your pet on that trip you have long been waiting for, then be sure to make all arrangements early on so that your trip will not be ruined. Be very familiar also with the pet you are taking with you to prevent untoward incidents happening on that trip.

1. Be very familiar with the pet you are bringing with you. You must know exactly your pet’s habits, food preference, and moods if possible. An animal may experience motion sickness just like humans. You can try driving around the neighborhood with your pet to allow him to settle in a moving vehicle.

2. Visit your veterinarian and explain to him the nature of your travel and the preparations you have been doing together with your pet. Ask for any tips he might be able to impart.

3. Arm yourself with information regarding the trip you are going to take the transportation, accommodation, food, companions, and other important information. There are hotels (Checkout nowadays which cater to pet owners and their pets. There are hotel amenities specifically built for pets. If you do not know any of these hotels,(Search pet friendly Hotels) you may try surfing the internet and look if they are situated near your travel destination. You may also try searching in your local libraries for listings.

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4. Your pet, just like a human being, gets comfortable in familiar surroundings. Strange places, place, and/or things might elicit a different reaction from a pet. So to help put your pet at ease, bring with you things or foods you usually give at home. This way, your pet will enjoy the trip more.

5. Skip water and food immediately before boarding the vehicle you would take for the trip. As with humans, eating or drinking sometimes upset the stomach thereby making travel uncomfortable. You may feed your pet 30 minutes or 1 hour prior to departure.

6. If you will take your own car, plan your travel so that it will have ample rest stops to allows your pet to stretch and hop out of the car. A few minutes of walk in a park you may happen to pass by is a good way to make your pet at ease and loosen up during the entire trip. You may also give snacks but be sure to do it once you stop for a rest.

Additional tips for traveling with pets:

– Get a written clearance from your veterinarian prior to the day of the trip. This will surely come in handy in case something arise unexpectedly.

– Make it a point to religiously follow the shots schedule so you will have no difficulty getting clearance from your veterinarian.

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– Make sure that once you start the trip, your pet is properly fastened and within seeing or hearing distance.

To avoid the occurrence of any untoward incident with your pet, be sure to plan your trip ahead not only with your accommodations in mind but also with your pet’s as well.

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Traveling with pets - Traveling With Pets-Your Pet and You on a Journey

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