11 Best Travel Gifts for Your Traveler Friends

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Best Travel Gifts for Friends Who Travels A lot.

Are you looking or thinking about gifting something to your friend who travels often? Make sure you choose small travel gifts for him or her they really need. If you gift them something which is not needed, they will just throw it somewhere in their home.

Travelers only carry what they need most, the reason here is simple, they want to carry as little as they can. They need and want to avoid any extra baggage.

This is where you need to think about what you should gift your traveler friends. There are very limited things which you can gift them and here are our suggestions about gifts for people who love to travel.

These gifts are a mix of everything, they can be gifted to girls and boys most. Some of these may be expensive and some budget-friendly. If you are buying a gift for your friend you need to make sure that your friend likes it and is useful for him.

 Best Small Travel Gifts For Your Traveler Friends.

1: Travel Wallet

What travelers like the most are a travel wallet. This is because they need to keep everything organized. Travel wallets are different than ordinary wallets, they have room for everything which you would be carrying in your wallet while traveling.

Travel Wallet - Best Travel Gifts for Your Traveler Friends

Things like a Passport, boarding pass, credit cards, coins, receipts, and cash need to be placed separately and in an order so that they are not folded or spoiled. There are special travel wallets available which have room for all these mentioned things and traveling becomes a little easy while using them.

2: Portable Charger

A few years back, this was not an important travel accessory. But now a power bank is one of the most important travel items. You won’t find electric outlets everywhere easily, therefore you need to carry a portable charger.

Portable Charger- power Bank

There is a different type of chargers, both for smartphones and laptops. You can find in different capacities and for travel, you need to have a portable charger which has a high capacity.
This can be a nice gift for your travel friend. Almost all travelers carry it in their bag pack. And for sure, your friend will like it a lot.

3: Waterproof Phone Pouch

Waterproof phone pouch has become an important thing. Most of the phones are not waterproof and while traveling one may go to a place where they need to carry their phone but there is a good chance of water getting into it. Like rowing on a boat trip etc. In such a condition, a waterproof phone pouch is very important.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

The good thing here is that they come in a universal size which means any phone can be protected inside it and another good thing is that they are cheap. This gift falls in the budget category, in case you are looking for something which is good and affordable.

4: Camera Drone ( A very good gift choice for your traveller friend)

Drones have taken over and are the most trending thing right now. If you have enough money and the friend is very near to you, a camera drone is the best thing for travelers.

Camera Drone

All a traveler wants is to have memories of wherever he/she goes. Also, some travelers are vloggers, they have websites and YouTube channels. They would love this gift a lot. Of course, you need to be doing some research before buying one because there are a lot of models and types.

5: Good Headphones for Travel

No traveler travels without headphones. They love to hear music on the way. Now there different types of headphones like earbuds, on-ear, and over-ear. Each type is used for a different purpose.

good headphones for travel

Most travelers like to carry earbuds or on-ear. They do not prefer over-ear because those are heavy and bulky to carry. And you need to make sure the headphones are good quality and have features like wireless use and noise cancellation etc.

6: A Good Waterproof BackPack

Waterproof Backpack

Travelers are very focused on what type of bag packs they carry. They mostly carry two bags, one of which is a big one for putting in all their clothes etc. and the other one is a handy bag pack in which they carry their valuables like headphones, cameras, passport, and other documents.
A good travel bag will cost high bucks but it definitely is a good gift for your friend.

7: Portable Coffee Maker

Most travelers are hardcore coffee lovers. Because when they are alone, a cup of coffee is their best companion. This is where you can get a good gift for your traveler friend. Now must be thinking that coffee makers are big and not portable.

portable coffee maker

But some of you probably know that portable coffee makers are available too. They come in the shape of just a cup and have all the mechanisms inside for brewing a nice hot cup of coffee. This can be a very nice gift for your friend who loves coffee a lot.

8: Travel Neck Pillow

A travel neck pillow can be another best gift for your friends who travel a lot. Almost everyone knows how relaxed it is while used in travel.

Travel Neck Pillow

The majority of travelers carry it with them because they need it every now and then. On the top, it’s an affordable gift. A good travel neck pillow should not cost more than 20 bucks. That’s all, just spend 20 bucks and let your friend know how serious you are about her/his health and relaxation.

9: Portable Bluetooth Speakers

No one can carry those big speakers which they have at home. And once in a while people want to hear music on some big speakers and relax. Now gifting a set of big speakers won’t be helpful because they are not portable.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

But instead, you can gift them a nice portable, waterproof, Rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. This speaker will work for a long time and will be a nice alternative to those big speakers. Such speakers are available in both high and low prices. You can get one based on the budget you have.

10: Portable Luggage Scale

Luggage can become a headache at times when it is above the allowed limit. If one is leaving home then it can be easy to weigh your luggage, because mostly a scale is available at home.

Portable Luggage Scale

But while traveling it can become a problem, therefore a portable luggage scale can be very handy at times.
Gifting it to your traveler friend can make his life somewhat easy. At times there can be issues regarding allowed weight limits and a portable luggage scale can save a lot of time.

11: Travel Towel 

Travel Towel

Whether you are vacationing in a 5-star resort, you may need to bring a towel if you are going on a vacation. As an alternative to packing a hotel towel, use this microfiber towel.
It is always good for a long day trip or just for a day on the beach. Quick-drying and odor resistance: an asset for your luggage.

I hope you liked at least one of them. There can be a lot of other Small travel gifts as well. But these 11 are the most wanted and loved by travelers. Additionally, these gifts are a combination of high and low price products.

You can easily choose based on your budget and make your friends happy by gifting them one of these good gifts for travelers. Plus, these things are not only for travel. You can also gift them to anyone whether traveling or not. These can prove to be good gifts overall.

 we would love to know what travel gift you would like to give to your friend? Your valuable comments are highly appreciated.

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11 Best Small Travel Gifts for Your Traveler Friends


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