Bali Tips For First Timers

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Bali is a famous tourist destination and one of the most visited places in Indonesia. In this article, I will explain and try Bali is a popular vacation location and among one of the most visited places in Indonesia. In this post, I will describe and attempt to cover some Bali tips for first timers. Below are the ideas that might help you if you are taking a trip 1st time to Bali, Indonesia.

Bali tips for first timers


Indonesian is the primary language in Bali, but lots of people talk English in traveler locations. It is extremely easy to communicate with the locals due to the fact that they are really pleasant and useful.

Bali Tips For First Timers

Do Your Research

Bali is a land of sophistication and contrasts, and therefore, there are great places to see and experience. There are a few basic things you need to understand when preparing for your Bali itinerary?

As with all worldwide locations, Indonesia requires a legitimate passport of at the very least 6 months from the day of arrival in Bali. If you are traveling with an Australian passport, you will get a complimentary visa upon arrival in Indonesia unless you intend to remain in between 31 and 60 days. If you are, purchase a $ 35 visa upon arrival at the Bali Denpasar International Flight terminal Migration counter including tax obligation.

What To Wear In Bali? 

Even in the rainy season, Bali is warm, bring light clothing, shorts, tees, flip-flops, a light jacket, and a scarf for the evening’s wear. Do not fail to remember some apparel that gives a lot more protection if you want to see a holy area. Likewise, leave some space in your traveling luggage– there are outstanding buying opportunities in Bali, especially in Ubud and Seminyak you’ll find lots of charming boutiques from local developers.


 Get a sim card for your smartphone in Bali

Despite the fact that Wi-Fi is offered pretty much in every guesthouse and dining establishment, a local sim card can be a blessing when it involves getting in touch with, trip organizers, chauffeurs or merely browsing google maps. buy one at the airport terminal or ask your hotel or guesthouse for the means to the following cell shop. 

sim card for your smartphone

Make sure to get data sim (for the internet) which is called pulsa (for phone conversation). It will certainly cost you around 100,000 IDR (USD 7.50) for 4GB as well as some chat time. (Rate could be various while you visit Bali.).

Currency in Bali

 Indonesian Rupees (IDR) is the primary money in Bali and also it’s ideal to constantly have money with you since there are lots of areas where bank cards are not accepted. Numerous high-end restaurants and also shops do accept bank cards, but a great deal of them may bill you a 3% cost for paying with your card.

You do not need to bring a lot of cash on your trip to Bali. There are tons of ATMs on almost every road. You can likewise discover them in the majority of 24 human resources supermarkets.

 Locals know you’re a tourist

You stick out like an aching thumb when it’s your very first time, which indicates you’ll end up being pursued by lots of street vendors the minute you go out of your resort. The simplest means to navigate the circumstance be considerate and also tell them no.

 Be aware of money exchange scams in Bali

 Always ensure to change your cash simply in “accredited” cash exchanges that have cameras set up within, because there are lots of unapproved areas that can dupe you right in from of your eyes. The exchanges all look similar, nonetheless, accredited ones have cameras as well as will always provide you an invoice.

money exchange

 There is a popular cash scam in Bali, where the cashier in the money exchange would be counting your money before you, but secretly tossing a couple of bills right into their drawer. They do it so fast that you cannot see it.

This happened to me earlier, and fortunately, I realized what they had actually done right after I left. I returned to the exchange and demanded my cashback. After half an hr of arguing, I called the police number on my phone and they were so frightened that they gave me my cash back.

What to do in case you get scammed on your Bali trip?

In case you are involved in this type of situation, take somebody from the hotel or driver with you, who can talk the local language to where you trade the cash. Ask your money back and tell them that you will call the cops. In case this does not work, you can submit a report at the police station.

Transportation in Bali

The options for transportation in Bali might appear really evident to numerous, and incredibly overwhelming to others. Getting around Bali might not be as simple, compared to what you are used to. (Just remember, there is no rail system or metro in Bali.)

Transportation in Bali


I understand people that have done this in Bali and other parts of Indonesia, I highly suggest not hitchhiking for getting around Bali, particularly females. The areas of Kuta, Seminyak, and Canggu have actually come to be increasingly unsafe for solo female vacationers in the evening. There are merely a lot of various other selections for transportation in Bali securely for me to state it’s ok to hitchhike here.



For short distances, bikes are a low-cost, enjoyable way to conveniently explore outside of your hotel. Bikes can also be a faster alternative in traffic-congested areas. You can rent out bikes with a number of hotels/resorts and bike shops in tourist cities/towns, such as Kuta. 

Rental costs vary by firm and bike kind yet can cost in between 60,000 rupiahs (less than $5) to 350,000 rupiahs (around $24) each day. Bali Eco Cycling, Bali Bike Rental, Bali Rides receive positive reviews from previous visitors.


Traveling short distances all over Bali is not difficult and I would suggest the Blue Bird Group of Taxies so you don’t get ripped off. Taxi drivers can be unreliable and some can try to be tricky. Luckily, the majority are fair and friendly to visitors. Some taxis run on bargained rates while others go according to a meter. 

Blue Bird Taxi

Many cab drivers will try to rip you off by not turning their taxi meter on (most likely by claiming it’s damaged). So that you are pushed to negotiate an amount in a new place and you have no local currency at that time with you and also you are probably not familiar with how much of an ideal cost should be. As you can think of, this can escalate easily into a disagreeable condition.

Whether you’re riding with Blue Bird Group or any one of the island’s various other companies, you’ll want to maintain a couple of safety and security preventative measures in mind.


Public and private tour buses are a budget-friendly means to explore the island. That claimed, they don’t allow the liberty to discover off the beaten path and can take a very long time to reach their destinations. Bali’s most popular exclusive bus tours are organized by Perama Tour & Travel. 

Bali’s public buses go in between major towns however routes, expenses and departure, and arrival times can be difficult to track. The newer Kura-Kura public shuttle bus can be a good option as well, which runs five lines around Bali’s major visitor hubs, consisting of Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud. 

Buses are geared up with cost-free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, audio-visual announcement systems, and travel luggage racks, though they do not run really often; some paths depart every 2 hours. Search for green and yellow buses with cartoon turtles repainted on them.

Fixed fares range in between 20,000 and 80,000 rupiahs (from $1.50 to $5.50) for single trips. (Bus fare could be different by the time you visit Bali)

Long Route Travel

In case you are touring for long distances and there is a group of you then you could hire a Mini Bus driver for the day, which can cost between $30 and $60 for one full day. They will drive you around anywhere, and wait for you while you do your shopping have dinner, meals, drinks, everything. They will sit and wait for you for between $30 and $60. Most hotels and resorts will afford this service but often you’ll find them affordable out on the street.

Where to Stay in Bali

Where to Stay in Bali

Holiday accommodation arrays from the very basic via to a few of the most outstanding luxury resorts you’ll discover throughout the world. The location you select will choose the kind of experience you will delight in. The further out of the traveler hub of Kuta you stay, the extra relaxed and peaceful your trip will be. 

For family holidays with the children, areas like Kuta are great, with straight accessibility to traveler destinations, themed hotels, and central shopping areas. The trend over the past 5 to 10 years is for villa accommodation. Choose your budget and then a rental property in the area of your selection on Airbnb. 


In Bali, you will get some very nice bargains and plenty of low-cost stuff, however, you can also get cheated. My biggest suggestion for those who are visiting for the first time Bali is don’t buy anything at all on your 1st day or 2 that you’re in Bali. Just simply browse, watch, and experience what it’s like to bargain, practice negotiating but just leave without purchasing.

shopping in bali

This way the next day when you do go shopping and would like to purchase something, you will have an idea of how low you can get them. If you don’t wish to do the bargaining, however, you want to buy some nick necks and goodies. Consider the nearest supermarket and bringing stores there is no bargaining additionally, the prices there are actually very good and economical.



Bring along your duty-free with you, there’s a limit of 1 liter for each person, however, alcohol is pretty expensive in Bali because of the taxes. A bottle of Jim Beam is approximately $60 as well as a bottle of Vodka, as an example, is perhaps around $50 dollars, therefore bring your Duty-Free with you and only one liter per head.

Well, that’s it for my tips if you have any Bali first-timers helpful hints let me know what they are in the below comment section. And if you enjoyed these Bali Travel tips then don’t forget to like or share.

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