5 Tips To Travel Safely During Covid-19 Outbreak

Travel Safely During Covid 19 Outbreak - 5 Tips To Travel Safely During Covid-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 virus is new to our immune system, the resistance offered will differ from person to person. It is highly contagious and can survive on wooden, metallic, and plastic surfaces. Today around 5 million people have already contracted the virus. In mild cases, there will be fever, cough, sore throat, loss of smell, and taste. But if the virus reaches air sacs of lungs, then the oxygen-carrying capacity decreases drastically. It causes shortness of breath and could even lead to acute respiratory distress.

Though people may not like to go on a trip now, for some, traveling becomes a necessity. For example, people prefer to move in with their loved ones during stressful times. With no academic classes, college authorities choose to close hostels, and students need to reach home. And, we have people, moving to native places due to job loss. Check below for extra safety precautions that you should take for traveling in the current situation.

1. Get permission:

Today, authorities across nations are restricting the movement of people from a COVID hotspot place. When you have a country level ban, there is no option, other than waiting for the lifting of restrictions. For moving within the country, you might require e-passes from local government bodies. Therefore get updated info regarding the permissions before starting. One might have to go for compulsory testing and quarantine at the destination or even in places in between. 

Get permission - 5 Tips To Travel Safely During Covid-19 Outbreak

2. Prepare for Travel:

During the pandemic time, one needs to foresee and think of situations that could arise as you travel. One should be ready for elaborative screening and sudden change of plans by the authorities. One must have enough medicines and sanitizers along with facemasks, irrespective of the mode of transport. One has to have enough supply of food and water as restaurants and catering services might be closed. It is advisable to wear gloves and avoid touching high-contact surfaces like door handles, switches, etc. It is better to use a mobile-based, contactless payment system for money transactions. 

3. Choose the Best Mode:

Lengthy security norms and check-in times at airports, implies you are going to come in contact with many people. Thus airports evolved as hotspots for the virus. So, wearing masks, face shields, and maintaining social distance is an absolute must. One should get checked and self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days so that there is no spread of infection in case you contract it. The precautions apply to the public bus or train transports too. Self-drive options are the best in the current scenario. One has to be careful while fuel-refilling and at public restrooms. It is advisable to carry eatables, water, and emergency kits. You can carry the extra load on a jeep roof rack and strive to be self-sufficient throughout the journey.

4. Avoid leisure Activities:

When we go on a long drive, it is a common practice among us to take breaks and get some fresh air. We love camping, fishing, swimming, etc. But now it is not the time for any adventure activities, even if we find ample opportunities on the way. In remote places, you may not have access to medical care facilities. It is wise to keep in mind that in some people, the COVID viral infection becomes dangerous, and could lead to death if unattended.   

Our aim should be to reach the destination at the earliest possible. We should remember that healthcare workers are stressed and are working round the clock to save us.

Self Quarantine - 5 Tips To Travel Safely During Covid-19 Outbreak

5. Get Checked:

Irrespective of if you travel from a COVID hotspot or not, it is essential to undergo self-isolation for at least 14 days. One should furnish correct contact details to screening authorities at check-posts, airports, railway stations, etc. In case you contract the virus during the transit, you should not hide it. The earlier you get tested, the faster will be recovery, and you would not pass the virus to others. In this pandemic, every individual has a role in containing the infection spread.  


During the pandemic, it is wiser to avoid non-essential trips. Wearing facemasks, sanitizing, and staying away from crowded places can help you minimize getting sick. One might have to pay extra charges for air and rail tickets. It is due to the additional cleanliness protocols that these systems have to follow. If staying temporarily at a hotel, then you should try disinfecting high-touch points like doorknobs, TV remote, bathroom fixtures, etc. Have a quick and safe journey.

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We hope these simple tips to travel safely during the Covid-19 outbreak will be helpful. Do comments and share with friends if you like these Covid-19 outbreak tips. 

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