10 Packing Tips for Cruise Vacation-Cruise Travel Guide

 10 Packing Tips for Cruise Vacation Cruise Travel Guide 678x381 - 10 Packing Tips for Cruise Vacation-Cruise Travel Guide

Hi, I’m Julie Nayan and today, I am going to explain 10 packing tips for a cruise vacation. We will highlight our ideas regarding the subject, and perhaps offer our personal spin according to our past experience.

Packing Tips for Cruise Vacation.

Tip Number 1:

Roll your clothes. Rolling is a good way to save space. We don’t roll all of our dresses, however, it is great for things like t-shirts, jeans, and clothes that do not wrinkle quickly.

Tip Number 2:

Also, Pack an empty bag or tote for laundry and souvenirs. Yes! Absolutely. This is a great tip. We prefer to use our packable travel backpack because it packs so small, but keeps so much when unfolded. We do not actually use it for laundry. We have a pop-up hamper for that.
However, if we have a lot of additional stuff to take back, it’s pretty handy. In fact, a good old grocery tote works well too.

Tip number 3:

Put a few dryer sheets inside your suitcase for fresh smelling clothes. We usually forget to do this, however it works. Dryer sheets relatively are useful for many things. Just put 1 / 2 of a dryer sheet in your footwear, your footwear is going to be scenting fresh at least better than before.

Tip number 4:

Enter rolled up socks in your shoes in order to save some space and to help your shoes to stay in shape. I do this for my husband’s dress shoes, even though it does save space, seldom our bags are stuffed so tight his shoes get a little out of shape however they stay this way, so no biggie.

Tip number 5:

Take advantage of two zip-lock bags or totes for toiletries to avoid leaks. We have a special little case just for this type of things, so I only do this with my most “spilly” liquids like shampoo or conditioner, and sunblock lotion.
I know double bagging works, but if you are really worried about it, you need to buy something similar to this.

Tip number 6:

Keep razors sharp and secure using a binder clip. I don’t know why, but I like this option. Maybe because it’s like a funny little cap for this guy. But, no we don’t do this, and it hasn’t been a problem.
Tip number 7:
Place a rolled up belt in your shirt collar to keep its shape. This looks like a good idea, but we usually just take one or two belts and many shirts. Not only that but actually, the collar gets pretty mashed up in spite of the belt in it.

Tip number 8:

Pack anti-wrinkle spray. Okay, we kind of went back and forth on this one. It may do an okay job of “reducing” wrinkles, but it’s not exceptional. Hanging stuff close to a steamy shower usually works just as well.

Tip number 9:

Take advantage of shower caps on footwear to keep the dirt from shifting to other items. This could work when you have a handful of shower caps, but recycling a grocery bag works just as well.

Tip number 10:

Pack shoes and boots and more heavy items at the base of your travel suitcase to help prevent tip-overs. Yes, absolutely. This may be the best tip on your list. We have a couple of giant bags, also it can be embarrassing and frustrating once they keep tipping over since they’re top heavy. So yep, heavy stuff goes at the base.

That’s it for now. And thanks for reading, your comments will be highly appreciated in the comment section.

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