Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers 1 - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

Are you someone who loves both traveling and weed? So, how about visiting a beautiful travel destination that gives you ample scope to unwind with weed? It sounds like a paradise, right?

Well, such perfect places exist that can bring you the best of both worlds. Imagine how amazing it will be to take a stroll around winding city streets and enjoy breathtaking views while meeting kindred spirits who share your love for cannabis. Besides, it will also help you expand your knowledge about cannabis because there are tours and services in these places to keep you informed.

let’s Take A Look At The Top 10 Travel Destinations Every Weed Lover Want To Visit Once

1: Australia

Opera Sydney Australia 1 - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

Marijuana is legal in Australia, but that is not the only reason why weed lovers must visit this country. Studies suggest that it is one of those places where weed, having a high THC percentage can be found.

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, then you should visit Nimbin. The town is known for its fun weed-related events where people can smoke openly. You might get to attend one of these events if you are lucky enough. It’s a unique opportunity because very few places allow such events. 

Besides, people in Nimbin are friendly towards tourists. So, even without an event, they will help you access good weed easily.

2: Netherlands

Netherlands - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

As one of the best cannabis-friendly destinations that are also breathtakingly beautiful, you should visit the Netherlands at least once in your lifetime. You will love it here because it has wonderful waterways where you are allowed to smoke and coffee shops where you can buy marijuana.

Keep in mind that marijuana is still not legal in this country. But, if you are above eighteen, you can easily buy about five grams of weed from the coffee shops. Or you can even order High Supplies blue dream seeds in 2020 online. People have permission to buy up to thirty grams without any legal issues if planning to smoke indoors. The coffee shops also sell weed edibles, like cupcakes and muffins, which are a must-try.

3: Jamaica

Jamaica - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

Jamaica is renowned all over the world for the free use of marijuana. People here have been smoking it for so long that it’s more of a part of their culture. Jamaica also has a large number of cannabis cultivators, which means accessing quality weed in this country is pretty easy.

Jamaican government acknowledges the health benefits of marijuana, and thus, lets people obtain licenses for cultivating and selling it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about accessing weed, make sure you purchase less than 56.6 grams, which is the legal limit.

4: Canada

Canada Vancouver City e1591413630920 - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

Canada has legalized the use of marijuana at the federal level, so all you weed lovers are going to have a great time here. The climate of the place is perfect for growing cannabis, which explains the availability of quality marijuana in the dispensaries. Here, you can ever order cannabis from online dispensaries.

In terms of a place to visit in Canada for a cannabis enthusiast, you should check out Vancouver. The weed culture of the city is thriving, and high-quality strains like weed budder are available easily. Moreover, there are breathtaking sites like the Rockies, where you can enjoy your holidays and smoke freely.

5: Cambodia

Cambodia - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

Beautiful temples and rich history have always attracted tourists towards Cambodia. And, now, the relaxed attitude towards cannabis is drawing even more tourists. Though cannabis is not legal in the country, the police have a highly tolerant attitude towards its sale and consumption.

Cambodia is a smoker’s paradise because you get good quality weed at meager prices, especially when bought from the open markets. When you are in this country, don’t forget to try the ‘happy pizza,’ which is a regular pizza but with cannabis. It is one of the tastiest edible highs that you can ever have!

6: Spain

Spain night - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

Spain is different from the other places in the way it handles cannabis’ selling and usage. The coffee shops here sell weed just like any other place on this list. But, the difference is that you need to have a membership card for buying weed from the coffee shops.

However, this won’t be an issue because you can ask a local from any of the coffee shops to use his membership card to get you some weed. The locals are friendly enough, and they will help you access cannabis using their card. Spain is also known for its cannabis-related events like Spannabis, which holds the distinction for being the biggest weed event in Europe. 

7: New Zealand

Wellington Rack Railway Viewpoint e1583986488902 - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

New Zealand is another one of the weed-friendly places where both cultivation and use of marijuana is allowed. And, the best place to smoke in New Zealand is Wellington. People in Wellington widely use cannabis, so you will have no trouble getting access to it.

Besides, New Zealand offers plenty of gorgeous places to sit and admire the natural beauty while enjoying a joint. You can gaze at the sunsets on the West Coast, visit scenic Hobbiton, or admire the thermal pools while smoking your joint. Of course, smoking a joint while looking at the waterfalls and mountains on the South West Coast is a surreal experience.

8: Alaska, USA

Alaska USA 1 - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

The beautiful state of Alaska in the USA is a great place to get high while taking in the scenic beauty of its snow-capped mountains. Imagine gazing at the Northern Lights as you smoke. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Sale of cannabis is legal in Alaska, so you can experience that high anytime you like. For the best experience, make sure you stay at a hotel that is weed-friendly, as well. However, you are not supposed to use marijuana on federal lands like the national parks. You can be harshly penalized if you are caught carrying or using marijuana in national parks.

9: Uruguay

uruguay - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

Cannabis is widely consumed in Uruguay, and it has been legal here for a long time. You can smoke a joint as you walk down the streets of the charming towns such as Colonia del Sacramento or visit the country’s bustling markets.

Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay, is also a safe and fun place for a cannabis lover. Apart from its colonial beauty, it has one of the longest river-walks in the world and thriving markets. Don’t forget to explore the beaches too. You get to enjoy all of these while having a joint in one hand.

10: Denmark

Denmark - Top 10 Travel Destinations For Weed Lovers

When it comes to weed destinations in Denmark, Christiania is a must-visit place. Christiania is a military island in Copenhagen. It’s one of the unique places on earth where rules are only enforced by democratic consensus. It is a place where anarchism is practiced.

Thus, the laws here are not too strict, and the cannabis trade is carried out openly in the market stalls. So, if you are on your way to Copenhagen, make sure to stop here for some time. You will meet plenty of free and happy spirits in this micronation that is unforgettable and extraordinary.


There are many other places where you can travel to have a gala time as a cannabis lover apart from the above ten. After all, there is nothing better than bringing together two of your favorite hobbies, right? 

Visit the Freetown of Denmark, Christina. Its Pusher Street market will provide you with loads of weed stalls. Colorado is the first state in the United States of America to legalize weed. You will get many lounges to smoke weed freely. You can even enjoy the weed nightlife of Denver. 

Want some more? Then head straight to the west coast of the USA. Washington, Oregon, California, Humbdolt county, Los Angeles, San Diego, Nevada, and Las Vegas – all the places will fascinate you with their top-notch weed stores. 

The next time you think of taking a vacation, make sure these destinations are on your list to have a lifetime experience.

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