10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime

Taking the time to have a vacation is important. Whether it is the holidays or just some time away from work, you have to go away for a while and just enjoy yourself. Most of the time, you get to have your vacations in grand places in popular countries that have hundreds of resort hotels lining up at the beach coast. Here’s a great idea: instead of returning to the cool place you went to on your last vacation, why not go somewhere else? Maybe sometimes you may want to check out places you have never been to.

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Azalea and Rhododendron Park, Kromlau

Make the best out of your vacation

Vacations come only a few times a year so you must do all you can to make the best out of it. You don’t have to book a trip to Paris or Hawaii. Sometimes it’s better if you go get a hotel booking in Goa or a trip to China. Either way, you should go to places you would never expect to be very beautiful. Not only would you be very surprised but you would also be so happy to be proven wrong with such places.

There are hundreds of options for your vacation trip – but only a few will truly stand out and make the most sense. It depends on what you want and what you are looking for while traveling.
Are you focused on having fun yourself? Or do you want your friends to take you along? Why not give the whole family a great experience? Or how about a special person on a romantic getaway?

The possibilities are endless… All of which solely depends on how you would want to spend your vacation trip. A hotel booking in GOA is a great option for you as well. But aside from that, if a hotel booking is your worry – it’s important to note that hundreds of websites offer easy hotel booking wherever you want to go. Whether it’s the U.K or the U.S.A, or even Asia, hotel booking is easier thanks to the websites that make things more convenient for everyone.

Such Great Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime

The world is a beautiful place with so much beauty to go around. Here are a few of the most beautiful places you should check out at least once in your lifetime:

10 Best Places to Visit Once in A Lifetime


flying lantern festival e1565031560271 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Flying Lantern Festival, Taiwan

(during their flying lantern festival)- Taiwan may not be such a big place to go to and maybe you would even opt to just go to China, but during their great lantern festival, you would be so amazed and dazzled by the beauty you see that you will want to come back for more. Taiwan is a brilliant country that has a storied history as well. It is not as big as China (but then again, what country is?), but it possesses almost the same culture that China has. You wouldn’t be able to see the Great Wall in Taiwan, but there are a lot more interesting and beautiful places that you can visit there.

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Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Probably South East Asia’s most iconic and famous attraction is the Angkor Wat. The temple dates back to the 12th century and was built by Suryavraman II. The literal meaning of the word Angkor Wat is ‘City Temple’.

Angkor Wat Cambodia e1565032076314 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia

The temple in the city of Cambodia carries evidence of Hindu mythology. The Hindu legacy of the temple is very much evident from the temple’s design. The complete structure of the temple including its moat, pillar, towers bears a close resemblance to the Hindu cosmology. The central towers even resemble Mount Meru, which is believed to be the abode of the Hindu gods.

The walls of the temple have stories from Hindu mythology and belief engraved on them. You can have a clear idea about the culture and tradition of the time when the temple was built. But with the shift of religion of Cambodia towards Buddhism, Angkor Wat became a symbol of Buddhism.

The temple has experienced many events of history, colonialism, conflicts, damages, etc. People from all around the world even today visit the Angkor Wat in a view of knowing the history.

Sochi, Russia

Sochi is one of Russia’s finest and wonderful cities with several famous travel destinations. It is a place for every man to take benefit of luxury which Mother Nature can provide. Sochi is regarded as the pearl of the black sea, eastern coasts with the exclusive sub-tropical climate, mineral baths, fine spas, sanatorium, etc.

Sochi Olympic Park e1565032316630 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Sochi Olympic Park, Russia

After hosting the Winter Olympics 2014, Sochi has emerged as one of the most popular cities of Russia. Many hotels and other constructions have been made for providing accommodation to visiting tourists from all around the globe.

Sightseeing in Sochi – Not only the sandy beaches of the Sochi attract lots of tourists but also the views of this place catch the attention of many travelers. One of the most well-liked sights of Sochi is park Rivera and dendrarium which is one of the biggest subtropical parks of Russia established in the 19th century. Tourists also see various types of plants which were brought from different countries of the world. A perfect place to visit is the fine art exhibition hall where numerous collections of fine arts are demonstrated. Sochi also tenders some amazing performance in the concert halls and theatres. The ideal time to see the performance is the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn.

Accommodation in Sochi – Sochi presents some fine lodging facilities for the tourists. Among many festivals that are also held in this city is the Kinotavar International Film Festival. Many actors, actresses, directors, and musicians come to Sochi and take part in this festival and it occurs during summer. Many of the hotels are located in the center of the city near to the seaside. The hotels bid different kinds of saunas for the tourists.

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Tasiilaq Greenland 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime e1564992703126 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Tasiilaq Greenland

Not green, you get to see mostly ice and water in its tourist spots, but it would be the most majestic ice mountains you’d see. You appreciate and say that the ice was molded by God himself and the gorgeous dark blue waters would show you that you made the right choice visiting there. It has perfect mountain ranges that are just breath-taking once you get to see it and experience it yourself. A trip to Greenland is something that you should be considering if you want a different kind of experience.

Goa, India

Goa India e1565032762964 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Goa, India

Maybe you would find yourself wondering why you should go ahead and get a hotel booking in Goa – but after seeing it for yourself, you would truly be appreciating the magnificence that it has. With a very rich history and culture, it is sure to be of interest to you your whole trip. It would not be an understatement that its beaches, temples, and carnivals are to die for.


Santorini Village Greece e1564992911781 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Santorini Village Greece

Greece has many indescribable islands beyond words. Make sure you go at least once. Who would miss the opportunity to experience the entire history of Greece? It is one of the most historic places in the world. It’s a pity if you can’t see and experience Greece in your life, even for once in your life.

Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Some people have this knack for art and beauty where ever they go. They seek art in the most mundane things in life and even their everyday items are a collection. If you fall among this category of people then planning a vacation on this love of art is the best gift that you can gift yourself. If you have been thinking of such a vacation but have been confused about the destination then Vatican City is the place to be.

St Peters Basilica Vatican City Rome Italy e1565032950432 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Vatican City is probably one of those places which seem to be painted on canvas. This place has everything that an art lover will probably want to experience. Every street and every bridge look like a work of art itself. Vatican City has some of the most famous masterpieces that have been built by legendary artists and is the ideal place to marvel at the beautiful architecture of the museums and churches present.

Venice, Italy

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your partner? If yes then Venice should be your preferred romantic destination. This beautiful city surrounded by numerous canals is the ideal place for couples. The architectural work that you will witness in this city is mesmerizing. You should walk around this gorgeous city with your partner and enjoy the many attractions it has to offer.

Venice Rialto Bridge Italy e1565033181214 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Venice Rialto Bridge, Italy

A ride in the gondola with your loved one is surely going to make your experience unforgettable. Some of the places that you must visit in Venice are Verona, Grand Canal, St. Mark’s Square, Jewish Ghetto, Basilica of San Marco, Rialto Bridge, etc. There are many theatres, museums, cafes, and restaurants to keep you thoroughly entertained. Venetian food is extremely tasty and worth trying out.
Visit Venice during May, June or September. If possible, go to Venice during the Venice Carnival season as the city looks the best at this time.

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With magnificent beaches and some superb views, Croatia is one of the best holiday destinations you will ever visit. Over the years it has grown in popularity because of its rich historical significance. There are many things which you can do while you are in Croatia. One of the main things that you must surely do is go on a cruise ride.

Plitvice Lakes Aerial View Croatia e1565033327313 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Plitvice Lakes Aerial View, Croatia

With the Mediterranean Sea providing various islands to explore you will surely not regret this.
There are many places from where you can hire a yacht and then you can just set sail. The cruise trip itself takes a few days and when you are done with it you can visit various national parks such as the Plitvice National Park. This park is famous for its waterfalls and numerous caves and it will be an adventure for you.

You can also visit Dubrovnik which is a harbor. The scenery of the place is just awesome.

Kenya, Adventure Vacations

A visit to Kenya is always wonderful given the wealth of tourist attractions they can expect here. The post below is going to discuss the most amazing attractions you are supposed to enjoy in your Kenya trip. You would be glad to know that the particular African country is loved by all for its long stretch of powder-soft pristine beaches. The best options are Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi and Watamu beaches.

Mount Kilimanjaro Kenya e1565033701439 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya

Then, Masai Mara wildebeest migration is another attraction here. Every year millions of wildebeests migrate to Masai Mara from Serengeti in search of grass, crossing the Mara River. On their way, they have to fight against the hyenas, lions and the crocodiles of the Mara river which altogether makes their journey something very spectacular for tourists.

Then, there are a great host of National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya where you can witness an exotic collection of African flora and fauna. Tourists interested in really adventurous trekking can hike on to Mount Kenya famous for the jagged edges.

Wildebeest Safari e1565033801248 - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime
Wildebeest Safari

Though these places seem like the bee’s knees, sometimes they are overlooked. Make no mistake; these places are some of the most beautiful and simple natural places on Earth where you can surely have your adventure and make the most out of your vacations.

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places to visit once in a lifetime - 10 Best Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime

Surely, you will think someday and tell yourself that you booked a hotel in Goa or the ticket bought for Taiwan was the best vacation idea you’ve ever had.

What are your recommended places to visit once in a Lifetime?

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