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If you ail any of the objects below, please don’t use our websites.

What we do for you

We ( Travel Inn Tour operate many websites allowing you to find travel articles, destination guide, airline tickets, hotel rooms, and car rentals: www.JetRadar.com, www.GoCheap.Travel Each time you process a search request, we contact a group of our partners. Including, but not limited to, service providers, airlines, hotels, travel agencies [collectively referenced to as Our Partners] – to offer us with a list of available choices; then we look into the results and present all of them to you.

You can explore, filter and surf the results unless you find a suited option and click on the matching record. At that time you are forwarded to Our Partner, and all your additional interactions take place with them, not Travel Inn Tour. We regularly update the website, the way the content is offered and add/remove Associate sites appearing in the search results.

We implement it at our discretion.

We provide the services on a personal non-commercial basis. Commercial usage of the services is allowed when you register for our Affiliate Program.

What we do not do for you

We do not sell tickets / bookings / etc. Our website just allows you to search for travel products and solutions, but you pay straight to Our Associates on their websites. So, if you have queries, recommendations or service requests, please forward them straightaway to Our Partners. All mentions of Our Associates, including their trademarks and logos, are made for information reasons only.

We do not suggest any tickets/bookings over several other tickets/reservations. We offer the comparison program and the information we get from Our Partners. All decisions are your own. We do not suggest one Partner over another Partner. Same purpose as above.

What we do not want you to do

If you are below 13 – searching the website without your parent’s or guardian’s presence or permission and operating automated searches on our site. It May affects the performance of our website and make other users disappointed. This also involves spam and requests directed at or likely to damage the performance and operation of the website.
Using our trademarks [TRAVEL INN TOUR], design elements, logos, content, articles or blog posts, and other Intellectual Property. Our Intellectual Property is ours, and we do not allow you a license to make use of it for any purpose.

Misrepresent the nature of your association with TRAVEL INN TOUR. You are not permitted to pretend to act on behalf of TRAVEL INN TOUR in any capacity unless we authorize you to do this as our Affiliate Partner.

Intellectual Property Violation.

If you think that we have infringed on your Intellectual Property, please email us a detailed explanation /evidence to info@travelinntour.com, or by contact page and we will review it within the suitable time frame.

You expressly surrender your right to go the court (independently or as part of a class action) and acknowledge that all issues will be settled by binding arbitration of a UAE International Arbitration Center.

The travel search program is provided to you “as is” with no warranties, including fitness for purpose. It offers standard information that doesn’t take your particular requirements into consideration. All of the bookings /reservation information we display originates from our partners, and we do not validate it for accuracy and reliability, availability, applicability, compatibility with your requirements or citizenship/visa position, etc.

We are not accountable for the validity of information beyond our control related to changing the rates, weather, time difference and time zones, travel time, etc. The info released in city guides might not be accurate, and also you use it at your own risk. We disclaim any responsibility for about any activities performed by you predicated on the info presented or implied on our website.

As we do not sell anything (see above), we cannot assure the availability of tickets or bookings, or that the prices are given us may Our partners would be the same price you will pay. We do not promise that the price that’ll be displayed for you will contain All of the charges, including, however, not limited by airport terminal charge, gas surcharge, departure tax, checked baggage fee, credit cards control tax, etc.

We do not warranty your satisfaction with your airline/flight or reservation because the provisioning of service is beyond our control. Theoretically, our website may down or become unresponsive for a limited period of your time. In the improbable event of the happening, we are not responsible for any hassle you incur. We might change these conditions/Terms of use anytime without Prior notice.

Limitation of Liability

Because we do not charge a fee for anything, to the utmost level permitted by the law of your country, we disclaim any responsibility for any problems due to your use of our website(TRAVEl INN TOUR) or from any part of your dealing with Our Partners.


You consent to indemnify TRAVEL INN TOUR and its own stakeholders against any statements, problems, losses, etc. brought by 3rd parties consequently of your misuse of the websites, TRAVEL INN TOUR or Our Partners’ Intellectual Property.


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