Honeymoon Travel – A Lifetime Experience

Honeymoon Travel e1560915104324 - Honeymoon Travel - A Lifetime Experience

By: Afia Khalid

Honeymoon Travel – Our Lifetime of Experience

Every girl’s dream comes true when she gets married. We, girls, dream about having a perfect bridal dress, perfect hair and makeup and the bridesmaid selection, cakes…there’s so much to do at a wedding.

But what comes after it?

Well, there’s this thing called “honeymoon” and that is the second most planned event (for girls anyway).

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honeymoon travel is like entering a new realm of life where you can discover yourself as a couple and understand what makes you individual at the same time.
I hope this honeymoon phase never ends for us, ever!

A Heart Without a Dream is Like Birds Without Feathers.

I had started to dream about my honeymoon travel and all other sorts of travelling when I was back in College. Studying different countries and their cultures always excited me. And I also had this spiritual urge to go on Umrah journey (whenever fate gave me that chance).

However, being an adult (for women) is different than men. Its true times have changed but we can’t deny the fact that both genders complete each other.

Muslim marriage e1560917322845 - Honeymoon Travel - A Lifetime Experience

I realized it on this specific occasion when I got married and went to travel for our honeymoon on a world tour. And yes it was very exciting to travel around the world with your beloved. It couldn’t get more perfect than this.

Making our dreams come true comes with struggle (not always but we know it does) and once your wish comes true your heart soars through the wonderland of the milky way of your dreams. I had always wanted to travel all over the world. But the busy impending life and certain external factors played a role, in putting my dreams on hold for a long while now.

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Every Time Can’t Be the Next Time.

In oblivion, I kept telling myself maybe next time but it never came until I got married. My husband was well aware of the fact that he got a fantasy traveller for a wife and that’s when things took a turn for good.

Going to Middle East countries was my husband’s idea (God bless him) and I’m happy we decided to visit Arab lands.
The vial lands of Gulf States came to me like a wild goose chase I wasn’t expecting I will come to love so much. The prehistoric notions of cultures, language, lifestyle, and food, of course, has some peculiar and queer way of astounding a traveller’s soul.

Dubai UAE 1 - Honeymoon Travel - A Lifetime Experience


Our first visit was to UAE, Dubai. It’s a pretty much common ground for travellers all over the world. The goodwill it represents and the cultural diversity is what intrigues most and so it did mine. Our four days stay here let me believe that the country had a lot to offer. Either it is food, shopping or visiting the popular spots, this country had a lot to offer, one might even say it specializes in hotels too.

Dubai Miracle Garden Garden Park e1560917392685 - Honeymoon Travel - A Lifetime Experience
Dubai Miracle Garden


Our second visit was to Oman, a surprising choice on my part but a two-day stay here wasn’t like any other stay here. The deserts, mountains and the coastal side of Shinas (closer to Dubai) is one of the finest vision.
The mosques, museums, port towns, traditional souks just enhanced my experience.

While travelling I couldn’t help but notice a huge vacuum in my soul. Although Oman was as beautiful as I had heard and seen about it but I felt as if travelling had started to take its toll on me and it had hardly been a week so far.

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Castle Village Medieval Landmark Oman e1560916764910 - Honeymoon Travel - A Lifetime Experience
Castle Village Medieval Landmark Oman

The utmost surprise (a wedding gift) I got from my husband was when he told me that we are stopping by Mecca and Medina before we head back to your home town.

Dreams are like Stars; You can’t Touch Them but You Can Reach Them.

Now I’m here blinking in the starlight…such tears of joy on this humble invitation I believed it was from the High Power.
Squealing like a child that my dream to perform Umrah is going to come true with the rest of wishes was the best gift ever I could imagine.

Makkah - Honeymoon Travel - A Lifetime Experience

Each month is a delight candy for someone who plans their holiday calendar accordingly. So many of my dreams were in such cycle yet to be fulfilled and here I stood now!

Performing a religious obligation Umrah in December made it all easier on my nerves as the excitement and spiritual calling wedged on me, I became the luckiest girl in the world.

The holidays back home (as it was near Christmas) during this time of year imparted with the opportunity to prolong our stay at Medina and Mecca and because of my husband’s smart planning we got here just in time.

Bedouin Woman Arabic Nomad Oman e1560917163706 - Honeymoon Travel - A Lifetime Experience
Bedouin Woman

The weather deemed a perfect opportunity, it wasn’t as hot as it usually is but milder days to a bit colder nights was just the perfect time. It was the best moment a girl can dream of.
I had always wanted to perform Umrah and who knew my husband would become the sole carrier of my dreams and help turn them into reality?

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The journey there was the best travelling experience I could ever have. There’s no denying the fact that performing Umrah can do a reverse spell on your binding soul and make you enlighten from inside out. I truly rediscovered my meaning in life that day.
Performing a Spiritual obligation, during holidays, and our entire journey became the best gift I could ever get.

There are international hotel chains in Mecca and Medina that provide great comfort for pilgrims and our stay was well taken care of.
One might often wonder what it’s like to travel to a spiritual place of worship?

When you connect with a place, it is another heartbeat in the making. December itself is a month of holidays, weddings, ending of a year and yes for me it became memorable for a lifetime.

makkah Masjid Al Haram e1560918354272 - Honeymoon Travel - A Lifetime Experience

Dream a dream and be the Alice of your dreams or let someone else take you there. Don’t hesitate ever. Sometimes it’s the help that we need to see our wish turn into reality. That’s how I got there. Travelling to some best countries at the best time of the year where the new year’s just around the corner and a good jogging memory of December for a long-awaited journey of a dream came true.

Hoping it will be the same for your inner explorer, either it is a spiritual journey or a romantic honeymoon travel with love of your life, you can fulfill each other dreams in most surprising and unexpected ways.
Just follow your dreams, they know the way to come true.

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