Things I Look for When Finding the Perfect Hotel

When finding the perfect hotel to stay when traveling there are a lot of things to consider. If you are traveling when it’s the high season you’ll want to book your hotel well in advance so you aren’t stuck in budget motels. 

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I’m a panster, I often travel with no plans and fly by the seat of my pants. And I usually end up with no place to stay or in places I really don’t want to stay but have to. Last time I got stuck in a motel that was downright disgusting. To avoid that happening I’m planning my next vacation well in advance. When looking for a hotel this time around these are the things I’m looking for.

Check “Cleanliness” When Finding the Perfect Hotel 

This means I’m looking for a place with good ratings and a good reputation. Cleanliness is my number one concern because if it’s dirty, I’m checking out and will either keep traveling to the next destination or will look for a different place to stay.

Good Service

This goes with the above. But I want friendly staff that will bend over backward to meet our needs.


While I plan to keep my driving down to about 5 hours a day I still don’t want to spend an hour driving to our hotel, or getting lost trying to find it. Easy to find location is important.

Family Friendly

I’m traveling with two kids. They are 6 and 10 so they aren’t too loud (usually) but I don’t want to stay in a Bed and Breakfast where we have to share a bathroom (for example). A pool is not important to me, but having space for us to walk around and stretch our legs IS important.

Free Breakfast

When we get up we’re hungry, we want to eat right away. After we eat we can pack up and leave. If there’s no breakfast then there’s an added cost, but it’s also a huge hassle since I have to find us food.

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Free Wifi

I’m working on the road for this next big trip. I have four hours a day I plan to work and I need a good wifi connection to get it all done. But even if I wasn’t working I’d want wifi. I want to be able to share my pictures and my journey and not have to use up the data on my phone to do so.

Coffee Pot with Free Coffee and Tea

When I wake up I want my tea or coffee right away without leaving the room.


I need to plug in my laptop, phone, tablets, and kindles (hey, I’m traveling with kids, we have a lot of devices!) so I need enough outlets for all of them.


If a place has a history it’s even better. I love learning about the history of a place and exploring old places. However, with children, this isn’t always possible or practical.

Media room, Pool, Play area, Recreation Space

I’d take any or all. And we can live without any of them. But since we’re traveling a good chunk of the day it would be nice to have a space the kids can be active in. Even better if it’s a space that I can work while they play.


I love a space that is creative and unique feeling. A space that I want to hang out in. I would have this on my must-haves list but I feel that’s being greedy. As long as space is clean, I’m okay. But if it’s stylish, even better!

 One thing I have noticed when looking for a place to stay is that not all places have a website or have a place to book a room. I’m not a caller. I will not call to find out the cost. If they don’t have a website where it’s listed I skip that location entirely. They also need a program that tells you the cost for the night you want to stay and whether there is space available that day.

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Suggest our readers the tips when you are finding the perfect hotel for your stay? Your valuable opinion is highly appreciated. 

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