5 Smallest but Hottest Tourist Destinations

By: Sherman Willette

Read on to know more about the smallest but hottest tourist destinations across the world that offer you a great fun time with your family without burning a hole in your pocket.

The saying ‘Bigger is Better’ definitely holds a lot of value when it comes to tourism. Bigger tourist destinations have more attractions, more hotels, and more sightseeing options. But, the rule does not apply always as there are some magnificent small destinations around the world sure to leave every traveler awestruck. For these places, the saying ‘Better things come in small packages’ proves to be the ideal definition. Listed below are the 5 smallest but hottest tourist destinations around the world.

These places are perfect if all that you want is solitude. However, they are also absolutely suitable for holiday and family vacations too due to the various activities they offer for the entire family. Amusements parks, fun rides and everything that you come across your journey makes your trip pleasurable for you and the family.

5 Smallest but Hottest Tourist Destinations 

1. Seychelles

Seychelles Island Holidays for Everyone e1559452981437 - 5 Smallest but Hottest Tourist Destinations

Even though this place is considered to be an extremely small nation, it is certainly beautiful and widely popular. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, this place offers the tourists with some of the best beaches and extremely pleasant weather. Overall, there are one hundred and fifteen islands in Seychelles and full of different resorts and villas. The place has a tiny population and is perfect for those who seek peace and solitude.

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2. Maldives

Located 250 miles to the south coast of India, the place consists of around two thousand islands with the overall population about 300,000 people. The capital of Maldives is Malé and highly popular among tourists.

5 Smallest but Hottest Tourist Destinations Maldives e1559724127829 - 5 Smallest but Hottest Tourist Destinations

The economy of Maldives depends a lot on tourism and the only religion that is being followed is Islam. People staying on some islands have no need to bother about anything and are free to drink and dress as they like. Top class resorts and the breathtaking scenic view of this place certainly put it into the list of smallest but hottest tourist destinations across the world.

3. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts Caribbean Tropical Island e1559724204447 - 5 Smallest but Hottest Tourist Destinations

This tiny Caribbean nation actually consists of islands pairs joined by the ocean. The overall land area is one hundred four square miles and tourism very well flourishes in the area. Visitors can actually get citizenship of the nation in exchange of investment that will earn them a local Passport. The beaches, extinct volcanoes, history, culture, and food make this place a must for every traveler.

4. Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein City e1559724260841 - 5 Smallest but Hottest Tourist Destinations

Nestled between the Swiss and Austrian Alps, the place is perfect for spending a nice vacation. The unemployment rate is extremely low and the people here live an extremely happy life. The crime rate is nearly zero and the total population is around thirty-five thousand.

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5. The Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands e1559724314415 - 5 Smallest but Hottest Tourist Destinations

Situated towards north of Equator, this place actually consists of 5 islands, the rest being coral atolls. The beautiful Palm trees on white, sandy beaches certainly certify this place among the best smallest but hottest tourist destinations in the world. The average population is around sixty-seven thousand with an overall land area of seventy square miles. Several powers ruled this place before America made it independent in the year 1986.

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