The Beautiful Popeye Village That Malta Secretly Hides

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Beautiful Popeye Village That Malta Secretly Hides

Is Popeye Village Worth Visiting? 

Popeye Village in Malta is a must-see for those traveling to the island. This tour offers informative and interesting tours of the village where you can explore its rich history from a variety of angles, taking in the beautiful scenery and scenic coastlines that Malta has to offer.

Many people have misconceptions about the village, and wonder why they should visit. However, once you get there you will quickly realize how awesome this place is. The Village offers a tour that lasts all day, allowing visitors to go on various rides, eat at various restaurants, and play games for prizes.

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The Village Was Originally Used For The Filming Of The 1980s Blockbuster Popeye

Popeye Village in Malta is one of the most unusual film sets in the world. This village that was originally used for the filming of the 1980s blockbuster Popeye has since been taken over by a number of organizations, and now exists as a site for national tourism in Malta.

The Village Tour is an amazing opportunity to explore an abandoned movie set and have your own fun photoshoot (and Popeye village selfie, of course! ).

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Popeye Village Is Worth Visiting For Its Scenic Views And Hidden Beauty.

The outdoorsy retreat of Popeye Village offers not only scenic views but the serene beauty of its mountainous and secluded location. Malta may not be a large country, but it has managed to keep this village of Popeye statues a well-kept secret. In order to reach the village, you need to make your way to Mellieha in Malta’s West region.

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This Village is a place that was made for children of all ages. It has over six hundred costumed characters and thirty-five shows. The performers act out scenes from their favorite TV shows and movies. Visitors can go on pirate ships, watch Greek gods battle, or see the Nile River as they make their way through the village.

The Village Includes A Church, A School, A Watchtower, And A Chapel

Popeye Village is worth visiting not only for the chance to meet Popeye but also because the village itself is rather charming. The community includes a church, a school, a watchtower, and a chapel.

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Boat Trips

Most tourists who visit Malta make a stop at village, where they can admire the beautiful views of the cliffs and enjoy the local entertainment. The village is a great place to take boat trips around the island and experience what life was like for the people who lived on the island before it became the tourist hotspot it is today.
If you’re a fan of Popeye, then it may be worth your time to visit the village.

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Parrot Enclosure

The village is also home to a small zoo where several different types of parrots are kept as pets. If you’re a fan of parrots, then you will love the many different types of birds and reptiles that are kept in cages throughout the village.

The Village Is Open For Tours From April Through November

If you’re on vacation in Malta, the one thing you really don’t want to miss is Popeye Village. This quirky museum is a tribute to the first cartoon ever shown on TV, Popeye the Sailor, which debuted in 1931. Stop by and say hello to the inhabitants of the fictional town called Sweethaven!

The Reason You Need To Visit

the sights are wonderful, the prices are not that high, it is a great way to get out of the city, there are guides on hand if you’re not sure what to do, and you will be making memories for years to come.

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