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Latvia Travel And Vacation Guide. 

Between Lithuania and Estonia, Latvia a small Baltic Republic state which has a strong national uniqueness. Since independence, Latvia has been cited as one of the Baltic states. 

Latvia Population 2018:

At present in 2018, Latvia’s population is 1,925,437 as per the latest survey of United Nations. The Latvian population is 0.03% of the total world population, and the total area is (24,016 sq. miles) 62,200 km2.

Art Nouveau Architecture e1548205391993 - Latvia Travel - Latvia Travel And Vacation Guide
Art Nouveau Architecture

Reading this Latvia travel and vacation guide you will have a good idea where to go and what to see when visiting Latvia. Cities like Prague and Budapest have long been secret, but they are at the center stage on the European tourism map. Riga, the capital city of Latvia, seems already following the suit.

Riga, Latvia Must See:

The central marketplace in Riga is a great place to get started your discovery. it’s Europe’s biggest bazaar and market. After the Harvesting season from June till September, the weather in Latvia is very pleasant, and this is the time when most tourists visit Latvia.

St. Peter’s Church, Riga:

The oldest building in the center of the city is St. Peter’s Church. It is one of the most important holy complexes of the Middle Ages. The church became a masonry structure and therefore it was not damaged when the city was burned that year.

St. Peters Church Riga Latvia min - Latvia Travel - Latvia Travel And Vacation Guide
St. Peter’s Church, Riga, Latvia

The Opera is a national sanctuary of the Latvians and lovingly named The White House. Its facade is similar to a historical Greek temple. At first, it looks that a castle, however, it is actually a guild building.

Mary Cathedral is dwelled in the center of the city and is an important religious building within the Baltic States. It had been modeled on the Cathedral of the Hanseatic town of Lubeck that was well-known to the bishop and the Crusaders.

It’s age dimensions and different architectural styles bear witness to a long history according to the legend Peter the Great, was forced to wait in front of the locked gate.

A boat visit on the dock of a river helps you to recall the city’s colorful historical past. Here the Vikings docked embarked on notorious raids as well as other ventures, beyond powder tower, is a tremendous area with much greenery in many waterways.

On the other side of the canal is the city’s most significant national monument of modern times. The Liberty Memorial is a landmark of the unity of the nation and the city independence.

Close to the cathedral is liven square having its a beer garden framed by guild residences. The open-air museum of folk lifestyle from each of Latvia’s regions dwelling houses and furniture has been put back together here.

Jelgava Palace Jelgavas pils 1 min - Latvia Travel - Latvia Travel And Vacation Guide
Jelgava Palace, Latvia

Close to Riga, Jurmala is a famous resort city on the Latvian’s coastal region. Thirty kilometers of the dazzling beaches with mild weather conditions created a holiday paradise here.
The nobility frequented this area and the extraordinary spa architecture proves the early popularity of this region.

Jelgava Palace:

One of the most outstanding architectural monuments of Latvia. History tells it was burned and restored several times. Previously, the Dukes ruled the castle, now students and teaching staff work, but respected by everybody who has been around this historic building.

Rundāle Palace:

At first glance, it looks like the French castle of Versailles however it is Rundale Palace constructed by the famous Russian architect Francesco B. Rastrelli. The huge palace garden has 328,000 oak, lime, and chestnut trees and various fountains.

Rundale Palace Latvia min - Latvia Travel - Latvia Travel And Vacation Guide
Rundale Palace, Latvia

The castle became the summer residence of the Empress of Russia, the Emperor Anna Janovna, the Duke of Courland, Ernst Johan Biron.

Trinity Church was created in 1758 on the initiative of the German local community who furnished it artistically. The Trinity church is the magnificent church in Latvia built according to the rules of Protestantism.
Inside it has a beautiful rococo interior and for a small fee you can also walk up to the top of the tower and get great views of the whole city of Liepaja.

Kuldīga Town:

A small picturesque town situated in western Latvia. Built-in 1860 the new Town Hall and the old one that dates back to the 17th century adorned the former town hall square.

The old city remains a closed ensemble of historic structures with red-tiled roofing. Old German merchant properties in medieval surroundings give the city a classic Taste.

Ventspils is located in the north of Latvia’s west coast on the Baltic Sea. A tour around the harbor makes it clear that Ventspils is an important port in Latvia.

Narrow gauge steam engine in Ventspils min - Latvia Travel - Latvia Travel And Vacation Guide
Narrow Gauge Steam Engine in Ventspils

A steam engine and its old wagons that date back to 1916 makes its way through forested acres to an open-air Museum. The narrow-gauge railway managed through the coastal villages till the middle of the Twentieth century.

A well-preserved windmill welcomes people to the coastal fisherman’s open-air museum. It features the fishermen’s residential and commercial buildings. Next, to the museum, the beach starts with the white dune and an amazing view of expansive seashores and sea.


The old bishop castle that is now part of Turaida’s museum complex can be viewed from far away. It’s amazing walls and outstanding huge watchtowers indicate past dangers as well as the need for unyielding fortifications.

In 1214 Archbishop Albert had Freedland castle built on the remains of a timber-built Livonian castle. From the 30 meters high tower there’s a breathtaking view of the castle buildings and the forest landscape of the Gauja Valley.

From the 30 meters high tower there is a breathtaking view of the castle structures and also the forest landscape from the Gauja Valley. The Gauja river meanders alongside wooded banks and caves and grows more and more into a wide river is a natural paradise in a historic environment.
The gorgeous primordial river valley of Gauja is an attractive tourist place for travelers from all over the world.


Cesis is placed in northeastern Latvia, recognized for its medieval castle. St. John’s church is also the oldest Basilica, this the largest gothic church outside Riga, was founded in 1282, as the main Church of the brothers of the sword.

Cesis Castle Latvia min - Latvia Travel - Latvia Travel And Vacation Guide
Cesis Castle Latvia

As early as the 13th century, the medieval castle has shared its fate together with the city in fighting against polish, Russian, and Swedish armies. In spite of much damage today the ruins are still quite inspiring.

Modern Latvia is currently holding good stability among a market economy historical traditions as well as the disturbing legacy of the bitter past. Its journey into your European Union is successful because of courage strength and faith.

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