8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation

Check out these 8 best beach destinations in the world for your next trip. If you thought these exotic beach destinations were out of reach, think again. 

By: Russel J. Reed

1: Bondi Beach: A Perfect Destination for a Weekend

A trip to Sydney, the architectural prodigy and capital of Australia is perhaps incomplete without Bondi beach. Bondi is located in the eastern suburbs of the city just 7 km away from the heart of downtown.

Bondi Beach e1562646829966 - 8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation
Bondi Beach

It is one of the finest and cleanest beaches in the vicinity and provides a great stay for a relaxed weekend. The name is taken from the aboriginal ‘Bondi’ meaning ‘sound of water breaking on the rocks’ is absolute as the beach stays crowded with surfers and sea sports lovers.

Trendy accommodations and chic retreats make Bondi beach a lovely place for tourists. The beach often witnesses amazing dolphins and school of whales that make it a heritage location of Australia. Clean walkway with beautiful green patches and cafes on the side makes the beach a truly lovable place for peoples of all ages.

To keep the festivity going, various surf clubs organize competitions and carnivals attracting adventurous and fun-loving tourists.

2: Top 2 Beaches in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the world. This beautiful country offers some of the best locations for beach lovers. The whole island is covered with a number of beaches and they have been maintained well for the beach-loving tourists. Among the various beaches that are on offer, some of them are so spectacular that one should never miss them at any cost.

Waiheke Island Seaside e1562648236622 - 8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation
Waiheke Island Seaside

One of the most famous and the best beach destinations that one can find in New Zealand is the one at Onetangi Bay on Waiheke Island. This beach has got the perfect golden sand along with a pristine view of the ocean which makes it one of the most loved beaches out here. One can even see the Great Barrier Reef from here on clear days. The other beach is the beaches of the Karikari Peninsula. The sand over here is sparkling white which along with the beautiful water makes it a very picturesque beach.

3: Island of Kauai

For people who are in love with the sea and the beaches, Hawaii is the perfect location for that beautiful holiday. And among the island of Hawaii, it is the island of Kauai that has the best reputation for providing one with the best of the features for the most memorable beach holiday that one can ever have. It was then perfect beaches, the beautiful sea and the best of the hula dances that make it so popular among tourists.

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Island of Kauai e1562648131335 - 8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation

There are many things you can do on this island. Apart from the most frequently visited South Shore, there are many attractions if you dare to explore. The North Shore area can be one of the better places that you can also explore. There are a number of activities and adventures that you can opt to do in this area. It can be one of the liveliest places on the island of Kauai.

4: Mauritius Beaches At Its Spectacular Best

Mauritius is itself a very beautiful place to visit. Recently it has developed into a place of interest for many international tourists. The main charm and attraction of Mauritius lie in its shining, sandy beaches. The beaches of Mauritius are considered to be the most treasured possession of the country. All types of tourists can enjoy the beaches of Mauritius. Some of the beaches of the country receive blue water while some have white water which makes them more attractive for all.

Mauritius Indian Ocean e1562648320834 - 8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation

Out of all the beaches of the country, few are very famous as in the Tamarin Bay which is very famous for its fantastic coastline having a rich collection of coral reef along the beach. Many tourists like to go surfing in these beaches. Winter is the best season for surfing. Another beach is the Blue Bay Beach which is near Mahebourg. The place is famous for the variety of outdoor activities that can be carried out here. It is considered to be one of the busiest beaches of the country mainly in the weekends however the weekdays are mainly calm and peaceful.

5: Grenada Beaches

So when you think of Grenada, all that comes to your mind are beautiful exotic beaches and luxurious hotels. There is more to this Caribbean paradise than what you might see from your hotel window. At least move-out and spend a day or two in the beaches dancing and singing your heart out.

Grenada Caribbean e1562648405468 - 8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation
Grenada Caribbean Beach

Exploring Grenada, Beyond Its Beaches

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Leave behind the beach and experience the Grand Etang National Park. Here you cannot forget your swimsuits to enjoy the most as one of the main attractions are the Seven Sister Falls. The area is absolutely safe and perfect for swimming. Hike your way to the concord falls to experience the thunder 65-foot waterfall and a cool mid-afternoon swim. Next comes the bay gardens which boost about the more than 3000 different species of flora and provide great photography opportunity.

If you are traveling with kids and families Grenada has other activities to keep you busy. A walk to visit the chocolate company would be good. There is no shortage of museums too. Therefore one needs to visit the place to experience the extravaganza.

6: Barbados 

Barbados is an island situated on the Caribbean sea’s east and in the western part of the Atlantic ocean. If you are planning a vacation to Barbados then it shall bring you a very pleasant and memorable experience. It is one of the best beach destinations for beach lovers to spend a nice time beside the sea accompanied by beautiful weather. The Andromeda gardens which is a horticulture park which the Barbados National Trust owns is one of the tourist attractions that must be a part of your to-visit list. The Barbados Concorde experience is another tourist attraction.

Barbados e1562648503867 - 8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation

If you are a beach person, surfing lessons are bound to interest you on this island. Another famous tourist attraction here is Harrison’s cave. It comprises of many stalagmites and stalactites. If you are a nature lover then Barbados island safari and Barbados Wildlife Reserve is sure going to make your trip more unforgettable.

7: Exotic Beaches of Caribbean | One of the Best Beach Destinations.

If you have been thinking of taking a break and getting away from the humdrum of daily life then plan the most exotic vacation by visiting the Caribbean Islands. The Caribbean islands are one of the most exotic collections of islands and they overwhelm their visitors by their beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenic beauty.

Beaches of Caribbean e1562648928127 - 8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation

For those who love sports and swear by different beach sports, the Caribbean beaches can be an absolute delight. There are innumerable options to try for and everyone is expertly guided to prevent any fatal accidents. There are local youths there who are also very helpful and friendly and will gladly let you participate in their beach games. You can taste delicious cuisines from all over the world when you are on the island as well. Traveling to and back from the Caribbean in a luxury cruise will complete the mesmerizing trip and keep you yearning for more.

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8: Exotic Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Part of Southeast Asia and lying in the Indian Ocean this archipelago of 572 island and islets out of which 32 are inhabited stretches 700kms from north to south can be your dream holiday. Port Blair is the capital and the best time to visit the Andaman and Nicobar islands which is a union territory of India is from October to April. The usual attractions of this place are Collinpur, little Andaman’s and tribal village.

Best Beach Destinations Andaman And Nicobar e1562649011445 - 8 Best Beach Destinations in the World for Vacation

A children’s park, an amusement park with roller coaster rides and a water sports park are all available here making it a very famous tourist attraction. The best thing about these islands is the number of water sports it offers. Almost all kinds of water sports are practically practiced out here. There are safe water rides like rowing boats and paddling boats and other sports like windsurfing, speed boats and water skiing too.

This beautiful island territory is filled with a mind-blowing and exotic marine life. The flora and fauna of this place are also something worth looking out for. The beaches, the mountains, the deserts, and everything thing else about this place is so intriguing and overwhelming that one’s mind is left with no stress to worry about but enjoys the beautifulness of the place taking in everything that one can.

Major attractions about this place are:

Snorkeling: the experience of watching everything underwater without having to go underwater. The Gandhi Marine national park gives an under view of the beautiful marine life.
Scuba diving: this is to dive underwater to see how beautiful the underworld can be.
Sports fishing: this is also considered to be one of the adventure sports for tourists and a program in port Blair is also conducted.
Island camping: this is the usual sunbathing and living on the beach for which many come too.


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