7 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Scotland In Winter

Scotland is a nation built on dynamism and creativity. It is loaded with amazing food, exquisite architectures, serene locations and above all an intriguing history. If you’re chomping at the bit to revitalize your life during this arduous weather, then you need to start planning for an unforgettable visit to this amazing country.

Forget about the myth that Scotland is closed during winter – for there’s plenty to see and do. From the ancient castles to majestic mountains; wildlife watching to warm distilleries, we sample a couple of activities and opportunities this stunning nation has to offer.

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1: Skiing
There’s no better way to beat the cold than getting physical and no better country than Scotland in which to do exactly that. Thanks to its exhilarating terrain and relaxed atmosphere, the country boasts five winter sports centers, Cairngorm Mountain, Glenshee, Glencoe, The Lecht and Nevis Range which offer skiing and boarding for literally all abilities.

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2: Winter Walking
Scottish mountains are at their most glamorous during this time of the year. Relatively quiet days, ice and clear blue skies transform the peaks of these mountains to their brilliant best.

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From mountain walking to leisurely strolls, Scotland stands tall as the ideal destination where you can get out and transform those torturing winter moments into unforgettable fun-time. Also Read: Best Nudist Resorts in the World

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3: Ice Climbing
Not all regions of Scotland look alike. The Scottish Highlands, for instance, is a beautiful yet hostile mountainous environment with unpredictable weather and rugged climbing conditions. The climbing is nothing short of superb. Without a doubt, Scotland is the best place in the world to put your ice climbing skills and techniques into good use.

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4: Scotland Winter Festivals
As the nights get longer and the days colder, Scotland beams with joy and comes alive. Whether it is the Burns Night, the Celtic Music Festival or the annual Loony Dook, fantastic festivals and exciting events take place across this destination during the winter. The Stonehaven Fireball Festival is one festival not to miss out on this year. Thousands come to watch this historic event on the North Sea where at least 60 daring people parade swinging 16 pound balls of fire around themselves.

5: The Whiskey Season
Scottish wine is famous in literary all remote corners of the world. If you’ve tasted it you’ll know why. There are hundreds of working distilleries producing copious volumes of this famous drink. Even in the mid-winter many of these distilleries are open to anyone for tours and tastings. There are a good number of distilleries within a short drive from either Glasgow or Edinburgh.

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6: Scottish food this winter
Whether it’s a hearty stew or a plateful of smoked salmon, there are a dozen reasons to cherish Scottish food. Fall in love with the Haggis, marvel at Scotch beef, sample the mouth-watering seafood (scallops, langoustine, and lobster), envy the Scottish scones and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with Scottish strawberries.

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Simply put, you cannot get enough of the expansive menu of the land of bagpipes (nick-name for Scotland).

7: Explore The Castles
Scottish Castles such as St Andrews from Castlemount have a certain Romantic thing about them. If winter has you thinking about moats, turrets and crenelated roof-lines, then Scotland is the ultimate place to be. Not only is it home to some of the world’s most sought-after castles but it boasts a deeply inspiring history which every traveler should strive to learn more about this winter.

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Scotland St Andrews Castle

There are many reasons why Scotland should be your number one travel destination this (and coming) winter. You’ve got to visit this great destination to believe it.

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Travel To Scotland In Winter 9 - 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Scotland In Winter

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