6 Destinations For Events and Festivals In The World

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Following Are Some Of The Top Events and Festivals In The World.

1: Big Valley Jamboree-Camrose, Canada

Located in the East-Central Alberta, the City of Camrose is famous for the centrally situated sparkling lake, inhabited by a family of majestic swans, extensive parkland and attractive, historical background. This Rose City is a relatively close-knit and progressive community, with a strength of about 15,850. Camrose residents have immense pride in their scenic hometown: host to the Big Valley Jamboree country classic.

Big Valley Jamboree: Cream of Canada’s country performance venues

Camrose regularly conducts a Classic Country music festival called The Big Valley Jamboree. It is Canada’s largest outdoor country and western festival.

Camrose has a well equipped $1 million stage, with the latest in high-tech lighting and a 140,000-watt sound system built to deliver high clarity to large audiences. The live TV screen at the main stage ensures that even people at the back of the concert bowl get a close-up view of the performers. The best aspect is that this 400-acre mini-village is recreated each year for the festival.

Big Valley Jamboree Camrose Canada e1559295504264 - 6 Destinations For Events and Festivals In The World

Those who can make the yearly pilgrimage to this mini village in Camrose, Alberta are sure to witness amazing sight-country music stars and the small country camaraderie prevalent in the cozy vibes throughout the venue. However, beyond the inevitable enjoyment of a live show with favorite tunes from favorite acts, it is the ease with which one can set their own pace that makes Big Valley Jamboree such a hit.

The lack of restriction adds to the fun-spirit of the festival and one can have a small party with a group of newly found friends, or old ones brought in to especially savor the occasion with known company or simply lie back with a pillow under the head-while awaiting the best country music acts in the world on the Camrose stage- from morning till night!

The highlight of Camrose country: The Big Valley Jamboree

  • The Big Valley Jamboree is a heady mix of talent and performer-related charisma that leaves one with a high feel-good factor. It is the biggest country music extravaganza Canada ever bears witness to. For the true blue country music fan, the Big Valley Jamboree is one event that must not be missed.
  • One needs a few days of planning to attend The Big Valley Jamboree that takes place in August. Fortunate and interested ones who love country music might have the added attraction of meeting people with whom they can literally strike a chord and many visitors are known to organize their trips along with friends for company. The power-packed performances held at the Big Valley Jamboree may be part of the reason why it was voted the Canadian Country Music Association’s Country Music Event of The Year in 2001 and 2004.
  • The best aspect of the Big Valley Jamboree is the music-related tradeshow with all kinds of fabulous music and memorabilia one can pick up at a bargain and also experience watching the wild thrills of the bull riding in the town!


2: La Carnival-Rio, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro a large city in Brazil, on the South Atlantic coast, is widely known for its breathtaking landscape, laidback beach culture and its annual carnival! Enquire anyone about Rio and the answer you would get is: think Rio, think carnival! However, beaches also serve an important destination for the people who come for sightseeing. The must-visit beaches are the Copacabana and Ipanema, the Christ The Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) statue, the stadium of Maracanã and Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar) – all of these make up the flavor of this forever-festive town.

Rio Carnival Brazil e1559296025275 - 6 Destinations For Events and Festivals In The World
Rio Carnival, Brazil | Source: Pixabay

Carnival Culture At Rio

The vibrant and fun spirit most evident during the Carnival celebrations define the wonderful city of Rio. Parades are held annually and taken to the streets for all to witness, participate and enjoy. The residents of Rio, called Cariocas, are known for being easy-going and friendly and they welcome visitors into their fold in a natural and comfortable manner.

  • The highly advertised aspect of Rio-La Carnival- is the biggest crowd-puller for tourism in this Brazilian town. Parade preparation and festivities start two weeks before the event and the revelry outlasts the event as the mood lingers.
  • The escolas de samba (samba schools) that parade in Centro, on a gigantic structure called Sambódromo (Sambadrome) sparks a lot of interest and fun for spectators who are naturally enamored of the sensual and energetic dance moves they get to see at La Carnival.
  • During La Carnival hundreds of ‘street samba’ blocks are included in the parade almost in every neighborhood, especially in the Central and the South Zone. Some are very famous, and hardly any Carioca would have not heard of “Carmelitas”, “Suvaco de Cristo”, “Escravos da Mauá” or “Simpatia É Quase Amor”.
  • The actual samba schools in Rio have regular night practice sessions held in the months leading up to Carnival and little is known about this among the tourists. Salgueiro and Mangueira are good choices, as they are two of the larger samba schools and located relatively close to the tourist areas in a fairly safe zone.
  • La Carnival time at Rio is non-discriminatory and finds space for all level income people and persons of different sexual preferences. There are many different balls that are held during the annual carnival that cater to these different categories. If the expensive tickets for the Sambodrome (the top samba schools parade) at carnival time are out of reach for you, you can always find one of the many balls that are well advertised and any reliable cabbie can get you there.
  • Carnival Friday, Saturday and Tuesday are stated as the best ball nights with the Gala Ball being the most formal of all events. This takes place at the luxury hotel Copacabana Palace. A veritable institution for Rio socialites, this Gala Ball has all the big names in football history, Parisienne models and the mayor in attendance. Ticket prices vary according to the venue but they all sell fast, so it is best to buy carnival tickets in advance from the hotel. The sale starts from January onwards.
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3: The Super Bowl- Tampa Bay, USA

The Tampa Bay area is a metropolitan area on the Gulf coast of west-central Florida and includes the cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, and many more small municipalities in Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, and Hillsborough counties. The counties that constitute the Tampa Bay area are Hernando County, Hillsborough County, Pasco County, and Pinellas County.

Background information on Super Bowl

The first Super Bowl game was played on January 15, 1967, as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. In this, the NFL championship team played against the champion of the younger, rival American Football League (AFL) for the “World Championship of Professional Football”.

The Super Bowl Tampa Bay USA e1559296472374 - 6 Destinations For Events and Festivals In The World

Both leagues merged in 1970 and resulted in the Super Bowl becoming the NFL’s championship game. Since then, the game has been played annually on a Sunday following the playoffs, originally early to mid-January, then late January, and from 2002, the first Sunday in February. The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched U.S. television broadcasts of the year, attracts many top companies to spend millions of dollars on advertising.

Tampa Bay Super Bowl Connection

The Super Bowl is an annual sporting event that is eagerly awaited by all lovers of National league Football play. The reason for Tampa Bay to become so famous is that it has been selected as the venue for the famed Super Bowl XLIII- the 43rd Super Bowl event. This annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) is played between the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) champions and is next scheduled for February 1, 2009.

Tampa Bay, Florida, was selected for the game site on May 25, 2005, beating out three other finalists: Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida and it is an honor for the town since this game will be the fourth Super Bowl played here. For the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, this will be the second super bowl game. NBC will show a live telecast of the game, which will be their first Super Bowl telecast since Super Bowl XXXII.

The Super Bowl special contributions: kick-off with class

In professional American football, the Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. The game and its additional festivities include Super Bowl Sunday and the excitement reaches such a pitch that over the years, the game has actually turned this Super Sunday into a U.S. national holiday.

Giving the game more festive flavor, there are a host of popular singers and musicians who are invited to perform during the Super Bowl’s pre-game and halftime ceremonies: a great marketing fact that ensures high viewer-ship to this exciting game.

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4: Love Parade-Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital of Germany is an important hub for European politics, culture, and science. It is also home to some of the world’s most renowned universities and research centers. World-famous museums and a great transport system make Berlin a major and easy tourist destination. Its diverse range of convention venues and media outlets help it live up to the common perception of its happening nightlife and party circuit entertainment option.

Love Parade Berlin e1559298029143 - 6 Destinations For Events and Festivals In The World

The Love Parade: Berlin’s claim to festive fame

Berlin has one of the most exciting and colorful nightlife scenes that Europe offers to the visitors and its annual Karneval der Kulturen is the much-awaited carnival. The Love Parade is a multi-ethnic street parade. Another aspect of Germany’s accepting nature is reflected in the Christopher Street Day celebrations, which is Central Europe’s largest gay-lesbian pride event; the city’s government openly supports the event. The Love Parade is a techno carnival that originated in 1989 and now its popularity spreads throughout the world.

Pages from the history of Love Parades: Berlin and its cultural contribution Past Love Parades have been held in Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Acapulco, Vienna, Cape Town, San Francisco, and Santiago. However, in current times, only the Acapulco, Tel Aviv, Santiago, San Francisco, and Berlin Love Parades continue to operate.

In the year 1989, the Love Parade was first celebrated 4 months before the demolition of the Berlin Wall and had its seeds in the fresh Berlin Underground under the initiative of Matthias Roeingh, also known as Dr. Motte. The first Love Parade was held as a political demonstration for peace and international understanding through music. The spirit still lives on.

Love Parade and its message: Meaning in Modern times

  • The Love Parade was held on the famous Berlin “Ku’damm” till the year 1996 but as time changed the population increased and Ku’damm got overcrowded and so have the nearby streets and railway tracks.
  • Mostly electronic dance music is played here: mainly Trance, House, Techno, and Schranz music. Hardcore and Gabber music was part of the Love Parade during the initial years but were later removed. In modern times, the introduction of styles of music like Hip Hop was tried, but somehow it did not generate much interest and failed, on the whole, to be popular among the crowds; the current Love Parade music is louder and more crowded than most concerts.
  • Each truck playing music in the Love Parade has a water-cooled sound system and a sound floor of many megawatts, thus the parade basically floats through these trucks. The trucks usually feature local, or important clubs and their DJs. The latest rules allow only trucks that are sponsored by a techno related field, such as clubs, labels or stores and are thus an expensive proposition. Most feature dancers have their box-systems mounted on the side or the rear.
  • Most persons attending the Love Parade either follow a truck that features a style they like or have them all pass by until they decide which one they like.


5: Spring Break-Daytona Beach, USA

If you are a vibrant and adventurous nightlife freak then Daytona Beach in America is the best place to offer you all these. However, equally at home are people looking to spend their Spring Break amid cool breezes and sandy soils, as Daytona is a traveler’s paradise.

Spring Break Daytona Beach e1559299300999 - 6 Destinations For Events and Festivals In The World

Taking a peek at Daytona Beach: Spring Break Fever

The youthful culture and the party-circuit high grades that are earned from the visitors and residents of all ages in Daytona Beach is notoriously contagious. It is one of the world’s most famous beaches and the spring break capital of the world. To top all this Daytona Beach offers 24 miles of sparkling white sand, lively surf, and more activities than listed on any imaginable tourism brochure!

Shake a longboard during Spring Break: Daytona Beach deals

  • For those who are water sport enthusiasts this ultimate gateway destination in America during a planned Spring Break serves the ultimate joy. One can choose from sailboarding, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and the true-blue American favorite: surfing!
  • The time for fun activities extend beyond the dusk and then the Daytona Beach comes alive with all the party creatures scouting for great music, clubbing and a wide variety of cocktails and alcoholic drinks to suit all moods and tastes at Main Street and Sea Breeze Boulevard. Both streets offer a string of bars and topless venues with celebrity hunters guaranteed to catch some Bay Watch extras on visiting 600 North, the club where they are known to occasionally spot.
  • If you are brave and an enthusiast interested in supernatural happenings then check out the unmatched thrill at Daytona Beach, called Ghost Walk. To challenge the skeptics who do not believe in ghosts, there are professional Ghost hunters who claim to make a believer out of the most hardened skeptic and mind you it is a nighttime activity.
  • Spring break at Daytona Beach need not be all chills and thrills; the secluded and pristine areas of the sunny land also offer tourists the opportunity for a quiet walk down the beach with a slower pace of unwinding.
  • To reassure the fact that Daytona Beach is a perfect spring break travel destination it is necessary to notice that consummate Florida beach town sparkles in splendor with colorful T-shirt shops, amusement arcades, and wall-to-wall motels. Filled with nearly twenty miles of light brown sand, Daytona Beach offers those on a Spring Break the chance to strip off the stress-and unwanted clothes-and drink in the beauty of being alive and in a destination known for a wholesome clime and a surfeit of water-related activities. Fun, frolic and friendly celebrations define the general feeling pervading Daytona Beach and its three major festivals: February’s Daytona 500, Bike Week in early March, and the relatively new Biketoberfest.
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6: Tomato War-Tomatina, Spain

A veritable orgy of tomato-throwing that is energetic, fast-paced and thrilling; not to mention messy, is what La Tomatina is. This Spanish festival of throwing these red fruit/vegetable balls has its own charm. While the Running of the Bulls, the other famous Spanish festival, is one exciting way of getting the adrenaline flowing, the less dangerous is the wine battle in Haro (La Rioja) that marks the grape harvest; La Tomatina works on primitive instincts to resolve a fight, using overripe tomatoes as ammunition in Buñol, near Valencia.

La Tomatina Battle at Buñol e1559299679352 - 6 Destinations For Events and Festivals In The World

Timing the La Tomatina: Battle at Buñol

August and takes place in Buñol, to the east of Valencia. This tiny town, Buñol, converts into a hub akin to a theme park that works only on the principle of a food-fight and is a sure-shot way of relieving pent up emotions for many and a primitive form of energetic revelry through fun for others.

It is almost like revisiting childhood and doing the impolite thing –throwing food-, which was considered almost a sin. The Tomato War rids one of all such guilt as it comes with a cultural license and so has many takers. Truckloads of overripe tomatoes are dumped in the middle of town for participants to throw at each other. An hour-long battle that leaves the streets awash with a river of tomato pulp and exhausted participants exhausted is what you witness later.

Historical insight into the Tomato War

La Tomatina was born during the town’s annual fiestas in 1944. The story is that when two rival groups of youths fought with each other using ammunition filched from an overturned vegetable stall, it gave birth to this mirth. The civic authorities tried in vain to suppress it for many years but later sensibly realized that it could develop into a major crowd-pulling event, which it did- in fact, the Tomato War is now the focus of international media attention, bringing into Spain thousands of truckloads of tourism generated revenue!

It is so famous that the 9000 inhabitants of the tiny village of Buñol find tourists by the thousands, almost overnight, before the Tomato War is to begin- enthusiastically scouting spots in the streets to witness the opportunity of a lifetime – The Tomato War!

The Tomato War: Squash’em poddner!

By mid-day, there is close to 30,000-strong participants in the Tomato War, well-fed and nourished by the locally made pancetta, chorizo and lots of rosés, waiting to face the action offered by copious soakings. The crowds group to witness this absolutely messy celebration of frenzied flinging, slinging and squashing of tomatoes against all-with no discrimination of sex as men and women both get their fair share of fun and tomato pulp. The rules of the Tomato War are simple: squish your tomato before sending it into the red blur of the crowd. The use of other projectiles in this game is prohibited. Try to recognize your friend after this! Such is the spirit of La Tomatina.

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Destinations For Events and Festivals - 6 Destinations For Events and Festivals In The World

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