New Zealand Guide-10 Best Places To Live in New Zealand

New Zealand is among the best places to reside, a fantastic choice for you and your family. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best places to live in New Zealand. NZ has a very enjoyable climate, great beaches, lots of outside activities, cultural attractions, healthcare, a great educational system and economic flexibility.

It is a fascinating country of 4 . 6 million people, a country of immigrants.
Comparatively just a little island nation, there are many places to reside in, offering several options in terms of activities and possibilities.

Here Are The 10 Best Places To Live in New Zealand.

1: Auckland.

Auckland-The 10 Best Places To Live in New Zealand
Auckland-New Zealand

Although this might stir up a bit of controversy among Nz locals, Auckland is among the most popular for places to reside on this versatile island. Yes, it’s mind-bogglingly costly if you are searching to purchase a home; we’re talking an average house price of almost Nine Hundred Thousand NZD, that is roughly approximately Three Hundred Thousand NZD higher compared to the national median.

Discount this ridiculous statistic though and the fact that Auckland is a sprawling city and Auckland’s charms are evident. The fact that is the biggest city in the country implies that there’s always something happening.

There is a myriad of shows, restaurants, stores, sporting activities, and parks in order to enjoy. Auckland is known for a little bit of everything going on.

2: Mount Maunganui.

Mount Maunganui New Zealand
Mount Maunganui-New Zealand

Mount Maunganui or Mount, as it’s called by locals is a little hip-and-happening place on the east coast of the North Island. Even though it has been swallowed up by the progressive development of Tauranga, it is still very much its own place and retains an individual identity to the bigger city.

It stands out on a peninsula, circled by wonderful white sandy beachfront, and is the place to find some excellent, groovy independent pubs and restaurants.

It’s a haven for people who love their fitness, so if you’re into your paddle-boarding and morning hours jogging then this might be the place for you to settle down for a while.

3: Rotorua.

Rotorua New Zealand
Rotorua – New Zealand

The very first factor you’ll notice concerning the Rotorua area may be the smell. Yes, it’s just a little whiffy as well as the egg variety, but you’ll soon get used to that. The very first thing you’ll notice concerning the Rotorua area may be the smell. Yes, it’s just a little whiffy as well as the egg variety, but you’ll soon get used to that.

With the variety of activities that are available in the area the smell of sulfur will soon be the very last thing on your mind. Not only is there a host of things to keep you busy, but Rotorua is also one of the cheaper cities to live in NZ.

When you think that this excellent place is just a 3-hour drive from Auckland, just down the road from Taupo and a couple hours from skiing at Mount Ruapehu, you’re going to want for nothing.

4: Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Island - New Zealand
Waiheke Island – New Zealand

Waiheke Island is very popular tourists destination as well, but why wouldn’t you wish to live on an island that is home to the best beautiful beaches to be found in the entire country? Due to the fact that it has such a pumping tourist industry, there are also loads of jobs available on Waiheke. For the backpacker that intends to stay on this island off the coast of Auckland, it is also a surprisingly great place to save money.

If you are willing to work a summer while in the peak of the tourist season and stay in a tent, you may save big money on accommodation. As well as you’ll be waking up to what a lot of people would think about a little slice of paradise.

5: The West Coast.

West Coast New Zealand
West Coast-New Zealand

The West Coast of the South Island has recently been titled the happiest place to live in New Zealand. It might be out of the way and you’d be forgiven for having not heard a lot about it, However, with its calm, soothing way of life, it’s not hard to find out why the locals find it irresistible.

The area is beautiful and you will find many tourist attractions that pull the crowd. The Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers for instance but for the most part, a wonderful and peaceful comfort lies over this area of the country.
On the other hand, you can find jet-boat tours and helicopter tours to be booked if you feel the need for a little shot of excitement.

6: Northland.

Northland-New Zealand
Northland-New Zealand

Northland is beaches, beaches, and more beaches. The weather is also especially clement up these ways and makes for an excellent place to live. Imagine 90 Mile Beach, Poor Knights Island destinations, Cape Reinga, the remnants of the historical kauri forests as well as the Bay of Islands.

It is stretches of white sand, excellent seafood, and giant dunes. Living up here’s living from the masses, but on the other hand, implies that you aren’t far removed from them. It’s an excellent and wonderful middle ground.

7: Taranaki.

Mount Taranaki-New Zealand

It is the enticing of the ocean and mountain that call many people to this west coastline area. Because you can snowboard in the morning and surf in the afternoon throughout the winter months is the main attractions for the locals.

There’s also the fact that the Taranaki locals are notoriously lovely, and there are many things you can do outdoors. The food in this rolling green country is pretty epic, as well, and there’s a growing boutique beer culture.

8: Hawke’s Bay.

Hawke’s Bay New Zealand
Hawke’s Bay-New Zealand

Hawke’s Bay is an ideal place if you are into the elegant things in life. In other words, if you can see yourself inhabiting a piece of New Zealand that is renowned for its fabulous food, world-class wine, and wonderful art-deco architecture, then look no further.

Hawke’s Bay even has that lovely east coast weather going for it. If you are after a fantastic place to kick back, eat great food, drink good wine and exercise some relaxed beaches then go to the Hawke’s Bay.

9: Wellington.

Wellington New Zealand
Wellington – New Zealand

Wellington is amongst the country’s most desired and much-loved places to stay at. It is known for its, sandy beach locations, and dazzling timber houses and many other places. Also, it is one of the precious
places in New Zealand.

What is great about Wellington is that even though it’s a capital city, still it retains the feel of to be just a big town. It isn’t like Auckland, that is frenetic, busy and electric.

It’s more fun here, by getting without difficulty navigable city center you could effortlessly circumvent get around on your feet. You will find excellent public transport, a few of the top cafes, pubs, and restaurants anywhere in the country, plus an amazing nightlife and music culture.

10: Queenstown.

Queenstown New Zealand
Queenstown – New Zealand

We are going to start with a bit of a hiss and roar with the adventure capital of New Zealand. Of all of the places to reside in the entire country, there’s possibly nowhere else that encapsulates the stark beauty, extreme outdoors way of living and colorful Kiwi lifestyle like Queenstown.

It ticks all of the boxes, whether you’re into filling your Instagram with shots that leave behind the belief, shredding the slopes on a snowboard, relaxing in top-class restaurants and spas, or trekking and biking around during the summer time.

It’s one of the hard to find places in the world that never ceases to take your breath away each and every day, regardless of how long you live there.

So what are the 10 best places to live in New Zealand in your opinion?

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