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Whether you choose to prefer cruises from Florida because of the cold winter months where you reside or because you simply love to cruise, taking cruises from Florida can add a little extra pleasure to your adventure.

Why Are Cruises From Florida Considered Special?

Are you looking for Travel Secrets? There are many reasons cruises from Florida and South Florida are considered special. One is the cost is dramatically reduced because the most popular destinations islands off the tip of Florida can be easily reached, thus reducing costs for the ship’s owners. Consequently, there are often amenities on the cruise liners who plan the cruises from Florida that you might not find otherwise.

Some of the liners now have an orderly departure from the ship. Vacationers, having packed, can simply wait in their cabins until their deck is called and avoid the normal crush of departing with everyone on the ship.

Art, interior decor and luxury beds have been added to the newer cruises from Florida. With more attention paid to the finer things in life, those who are not inspired by all the activities can enjoy snuggling late in the wonderful new bedding or wandering through the ship enjoying the fine art and the new attention paid to the to decor.

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Are Luxury Cruises What you want? All the liners are different, but many of them offer certain activities. Most have multiple pools, children’s area, skating rinks, rock-climbing, spas, gyms and all of them have scheduled activities including cooking classes; even glass-blowing for those interested. The cruises from Florida try to offer as much to the 3-day or 4-day traveler as to those who cruise for two weeks.

The Cardinal’s Splendor has 66 spa cabins connected to the 21,000 sq ft spa. New Holland America’s cruises from Florida include 3 different dining areas with distinctively different dining styles. Some of the ships that offer cruises from Florida even offer balconies off the higher staterooms.


Cruises from Florida, like all cruises today, are beginning to restrict smoking. Some have smoking areas while others restrict smoking to one side of the ship. One-liner charged extra for certain steak orders. Another negative is a few liners are starting to charge extra fees for specialty restaurants or activities.

Some liners charge extra for spa cabins or certain retreats. This is a trend that will doubtless find its way into the total cost of cruises from Florida eventually. (Best Cruise Ships – Best Cruise Lines For Families)

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This is the surprising part. It is what it doesn’t cost that is so appealing. A three-day cruise to the Carribean can be a low as $149, with some activities and restaurants restricted. A seven-day cruise can be as affordable as $479.00 with all-inclusive amenities. It is apparent why cruises from Florida are so popular and surging in growth even in a slow economy.

Whatever your plans, you will find cruises from Florida can match those from any other departure port. And, you have the unbelievable beauty of Florida itself to enjoy while you wait for your cruise to begin. Most ports do not have the array of birds, flowers and gorgeous landscapes as Florida. Consider it a free amenity to your vacation from the State of Florida to you.

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