Best Things To Do In Costa Rica On Your Family Vacation

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Are you preparing for your next family vacation in Costa Rica? There is no better place than the remarkable waters of Costa Rica’s breathtaking beaches and lakes to enjoy the best family vacation in Costa Rica.

If you truly want to experience the first-class vacation trip you can ever envision, take a plunge and check out the wonders of Costa Rica, check- into its world-class hotels, and the rest, as numerous people say, is a legend.

 Costa Rica Rainy Season Packing List


Entry and Exit Requirements

According to the US State Department site (, the general requirements for entry into Costa Rica consist of:

* Valid passport- at least thirty days expiration period and in excellent condition

* Copy of the passport information page– tourists are required to carry this around in Costa Rica, in place of the real passport which may be left in a hotel safe for safekeeping

* If traveling with small, documentary evidence of the child’s relationship to you is required.

Safety and Security

Compared to other Central American countries, Costa Rica, according to Costa Rica travel details, is safer because there have been no recent acts of terrorism here. Civil disruptions, such as work stoppages and strikes, may in some cases happen. Incidents like these are infrequent however they can cause inconvenience for visitors to Costa Rica like you.

How To Get There?

What is the very best method to get to Costa Rica? Absolutely nothing beats getting on a broomstick or resting on a magic carpet. Let’s state both are not offered, would you pass up a journey to Costa Rica? 

Bus service might not be very attractive but there are luxurious or reveal buses that although are pricey, are less of a hassle. Driving to Costa Rica is also possible. There are numerous drawbacks that you may encounter along with the method, specifically if you are a U.S. person. 

Family Vacation In Costa Rica Passport


There can be issues with border crossings and visa red tape. There are over 150 cruise liners that stop every year in Costa Rica. However, you require to make certain that your journey falls within the schedule of the cruise.

Traveling by air is still the very best way to get to Costa Rica. Several global airline companies are flying in and out of Costa Rica airports. The 4 international Costa Rica airports are the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, the Limon International Airport in Limon, the Juan Santamaria International Airport, and the Tobias Bolaños International Airport, both in San Jose.

One of the most popular Costa Rica airports is the (SJO) Juan Santamaria which is 20 km from San Jose. Daily flights are getting here from Europe, North America, and Latin America. Like many global airports in other countries, Costa Rica airports, especially this one, allows the traveler to do banking transactions right at the airport. 

Best Things To Do On Your Family Vacation In Costa Rica

1: Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna

 A majestic volcano with near-perfect symmetry, and one of the most famous sites in Costa Rica. You can pretty much see Arenal volcano wherever you are in La Fortuna, But if you want to get a closer look you can hike on your own which we highly recommend or with an organized tour.  

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

You can stay in the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa which is the only Costa Rica Hotel Near Volcano located within the park and Offered many hiking trails that were not busy and showcased unobstructed views of the volcano. 

La Fortuna waterfall, located in La Fortuna, It’s a 230-foot beautiful waterfall that drops into an emerald pool. 

This site can be comfortably done as a half-day tour, However, go early though. As it gets super busy after mid-morning. There’s a lot of free parking space so you can drive your car here. It is an easy to moderate walk down and up the stairs. 

It is highly recommended doing this on your own but there are tours that you can arrange as well you can swim have a picnic or have a photo session here. Just be careful when you go into the water as there are a lot of rocks and the current can be strong especially in the rainy season.

La Fortuna Waterfall - Arenal, Costa Rica
La Fortuna Waterfall – Arenal, Costa Rica

2: Hot Springs

This is a natural Hot Springs heated by the volcano. It has amazing waterfalls all around and a swimming pool with a swim-up bar. The best part was the pathway system that climbs the volcano with little ponds. You can bathe in all along the way the beautiful foliage and black rocks all around are so unique.

Tabacon Resort in Costa Rica
Tabacon Resort in Costa Rica

The higher you go up, the volcano, the warmer the water is, you can stay for a whole day. This is located in Arenal Volcano National Park, which you really really really recommend you visiting

hot springs 1

The most famous three Hot Springs are Tabacon, Baldi, and Ecotermales. We went with Ecotermales, as it is a hot spring facility only. Tabacon and Baldi are both resorts with accommodations meaning they’ll be a little bit busier. 

If this is out of your budget because they are a little bit pricey consider staying in one of the many resorts that have hot springs. 

3: Santa Teresa

If you believe you have already seen the best beaches on the planet, think again! You are nearly missing out on half of the best things life has to offer if you have not yet visited Costa Rica’s charming beaches.

Santa Teresa is a beach town located on the western side of the Nicoya, Peninsula. It’s a small quiet and charming beach and surfing town to get here you can either take a short plane ride, rent a car or you can take shared buses and private shuttles. 

Santa Teresa Beach
Santa Teresa Beach

To get around Santa Teresa you either rent a 4×4 or for a more popular and cheaper option rent an ATV. There are many accommodation options from hostels to luxury accommodations.

4: Surfing, Playa Hermosa Beach

Whether you’re a beginner intermediate or advanced surfer, Costa Rica’s got you covered. Keep in mind that the water can be pretty rough with constant rip currents, you’ll find surfboard rental companies close by the beach with rates around $10 per day.  

Surfing, Playa Hermosa

5: Santa Elena Cloud Forest – Monteverde Cloud Forest

As the name suggests you will be walking through clouds. It was misty cool, probably the freshest air we’ve taken a breath of. Both cloud forests are quite dense so do not expect to see wildlife popping out. Although it would help to hire a guide to have better chances of seeing wildlife and for this, you do have to book in advance to book a suitable tour for you to visit their websites.

If you have a car, there is parking available on both sites If not, there are buses or taxis that you can book through your accommodation. Both cloud forests offer hikes that are well maintained and require easy to moderate walks.

One difference we found Monteverde cloud forest was busier than the Santa Elena cloud forest. This area receives a lot of rain, so be prepared and make sure to wear appropriate hiking gear along with some rain gears. 

6: Sea Turtle Nesting or Hatching

Sea Turtle Nesting -

We got so lucky because we witnessed over 30 turtles swim to the sea, and according to the locals it wasn’t even time for them to hatch. If you do see them please do not obstruct their way instead make a path for them, so they do not get trampled by beachgoers dogs, or birds.  

7: Aventura Canopy Tour

It is the longest zipline in Latin America that goes as far as two kilometers. You’ll even be able to zipline Superman-style above the clouds leaving you with impressive views, there is a Tarzan swing in the end with a drop of 150 feet. This is by far the best zip lining we’ve ever done.

Cnopy Tour

8: Night Walk in Monteverde

It was like the forest came alive, we saw a lot of critters Reptile sloths, and birds during our night hike, we booked our night walk through rainbow Valley Lodge for 25 bucks per person Which included transportation and a guide.

Don’t forget to cover up with long pants, a long-sleeve shirt or jacket, use mosquito repellent, and make sure to wear closed-toe shoes.  

9: Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Walking Tour 

This hike not only has some amazing bridges with great views. The forest is so lush and there are lots of animals to be seen like monkeys, snakes, lizards and other animals. This hike will take about two hours or so.

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridge
Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridge

10: Orosi Valley or Mirador de Orosi

This is a total hidden gem the 1.5-hour drive there alone from San Jose was so scenic that it turned into a 3 hr drive because we kept stopping on the way to take pictures. When we arrived we were quite baffled why there weren’t many people. But of course, that was an awesome bonus and the best part is it is for free. 

They do accept donations Which is fine as the place is well kept and so serene Also, do not forget your passport or a picture of your passport as it is needed to enter the site lastly parking is free But don’t forget to tip the parking staff. 

11: Palo Verde National Park – Bird Watching Tour

Do birds fascinate you? if yes, then the birds of Costa Rica will certainly deserve a viewing. Palo Verde is located south of Bagaces and is a great place to start bird watching. The country prides itself on one-tenth of the world’s overall number of bird types. This indicates that the birds of Costa Rica are approximately 850 types. Of these, only about 630 are locals. The others are those who fly into the country for the winter season

Keel-billed Toucan

12: Peñas Blancas River – White Water Rafting 

Peñas Blancas River is a great opportunity for families, though the recommended minimum age for rafting is at least 10 years old. Costa Rica provides a variety of the world’s finest white water rafting rivers. These exceptional kinds of waters will let you dive into the unknown tropical boondocks of Costa Rica.

So whether you are a beginner or a knowledgeable white water rafter, an adventurer or a nature enthusiast, it is incredibly crucial to experience white water rafting in Costa Rica. You will never understand the type of experience that awaits you if you will not attempt it.

White Water Rafting 

If you have not yet experienced the best holiday in the world, then, going to Costa Rica will make you see how magnificent God’s production was. 


There are endless opportunities for things to do and see in Costa Rica only a few of them are mentioned above. These things will undoubtedly make your time in Costa Rica something worth remembering all your life.

If you like and enjoyed this guide do comments and share it with your friends. 

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