Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is home to fascinating natural beauty, amazing historical spectacles and as well as tasty cuisine. Unforgettable exercises are in all places in Vietnam. This article will help you to select 10 best places to visit in Vietnam.

10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam

Explore tradition and historical past in Vietnam’s attractive rural villages, and find out the dynamic new experience of Asia while in the hubbub of its flourishing metropolitan areas. With many wonderful locations to view, and not easy to decide on which one to see 1st.

 We have selected 10 best places to visit in Vietnam for you.

1: Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay   10 best places to visit in Vietnam  - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is located in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. There is much fascinating stuff to do and exploration possibilities as well as leisure and luxury.

This breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage region many times nominated the natural wonders of the world. You can view a variety of animals and plants who are indigenous to this remarkable habitat.

Across the famous islands of Halong Bay, hidden coves, caves and delightful sandy beaches are waiting for discovery as well as towering peaks give you the best hiking opportunities in South East Asia.

You can charter or share a usual junk boat to explore the Halong Bay, in my opinion, this the best way. Hang Dau Go is another great tourist stop also know as Wooden Stakes Cave.

As per scientific researchers, 2 million years ago this cave was created, and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites will amaze you inside the three chambers of the cave.

2: Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Star Light Bridg Ho Chi Minh City   Saigon min - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Star Light Bridge, Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon

The Pearl of Vietnam, formally Ho Chi Minh City now Saigon, is the vivid, multicultural hub of Vietnam. In this flourishing city, new and old collide, pubs and designer shops, luxurious restaurants, Vibrant skyscrapers stand in stark distinction to the ramshackle markets, wandering monks, colonial-era landmarks, and ancient pagodas.

Key tourists locations as Remnants Museum, the Revolutionary Museum, and the historic Reunification Palace give a unique insight into medieval fall of Saigon in 1975 as well as the Vietnam War.

in Saigon, festivals and special celebrations happen throughout the year. The new year ceremony is the most joyful event there. The famous Cu Chi Tunnels located 70 km north west of the city, which played an incredibly great role in the war, is another great tourist spot.

3: Hoi An.

Hoi An   The Lantern City - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Hoi An – The Lantern City

The previous capital of Vietnam Hoi an, merchant trading post previously, listed by UNESCO, famous because of its superbly preserved architecture, historic cobbled roads, and attractive riverside locations.

The impact of previous traders from Europe China, Japan, and is manifest in Hoi An, whose backstreets are lined with substantial, eye-catching pagodas and merchant houses.

These days, Hoi An is awash with artwork stalls and marketplaces, magnificent places to eat and cooking faculties, to not point out streets lined with tailor-shops, all catering to the town’s flourishing sightseer trade.

You can’t go away Hoi An without traveling to the Tan Ky House as well as the Japanese Covered Bridge – two outstanding architectures in the old city.

Hotels and Cheap Stops for Backpackers.

You will find a lot of low price hotels in Hoi An do offer you a lot more than just the essential facilities and products and services to bring in visitors. A room per night in this type of hotels would not exceed USD 30 to 50.

For example, Hoi An Dream City Hotel, a room at that rate includes satellite Television, air-con, mini-bar, and breakfast.

4: The Mekong Delta.

Floating Market The Mekong Delta - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Floating Market-The Mekong Delta

In south-east Vietnam, The Mekong Delta is considered the world ’s best river zones. You can visit many cities along with The Mekong Delta. A nice little tourist city Cai Be is a good place to stay for one day. Enjoy the city tour on a bicycle or cruise along the canals or banks of the river.

The Delta is also famous and known as ‘rice bowl of Vietnam’ It has fruit farms, verdant rice paddy fields, floating markets and enchanting villages. This area is a minority location where the locals still are using the old methods to live.

For those who ponder what a floating market looks like, visit the major town (Can Tho) of Mekong Delta in your next Vietnam tour. Be ready to float alongside the maze of boats carrying various farm items in the lush Mekong Delta.

The following are best places to visit if you have enough time, Sao Beach, Phu Quoc Island, Ba Chuc Tomb, Ha Tien, Pirate Island and Xeo Quyt Forest.

5: Hanoi.

The City Hanoi Vietnam Urban Area - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
The City Hanoi, Vietnam, Urban Area

Hanoi ‘Paris of the Orient’, is among the best towns in Asia with its prosperous society, astonishing architecture, scenic landscapes, and bustling lifestyle. There are tons of destinations to visit in Hanoi, and you need more than one day to see all.

Nowadays, for those who wander the streets of Hanoi, it’s difficult to assume the destruction of this great town experienced in the past.

Colorful pagodas and crumbling buildings from the 11th century, stand next to innovative skyscrapers and French colonial-style villas.

Bach Ma (or White Horse) is a very famous temple and worth to visit. Water Puppet Theatre (Thang Long) is a world-famous theater in Hanoi that must keep on your bucket list.

Hanoi is a much more relaxing city than Ho Chi Minh in the south, the tourism industry more developed in recent years.

Hanoi points of interest.

Old Quarter, Water Puppet Theatre, The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi Countryside bike tour.

6: Mui Ne.

Mui Ne Beach - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne is a lovely seaside vacation resort developed around an admirable fishing village. Mui Ne is a well-liked surfing spot in August and December once the waves get there, whilst the gales from Oct to April bring in the wind and kite surfers. For beach lovers, Mui Ne is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

The famed red and white sand dunes are a fantastic image opportunity because the shifting winds sculpt the vivid sands whilst a lot more adventurous sand-sledding is feasible.

By car, it will take four hours to reach Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh. Some popular beach resorts are Mui Ne Bay, Unique Mui Ne, Sea Link Resort and Phu Hai Resort.

7: Sa pa.

Sa pa Best Places to visit in Vietnam - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Sa Pa

For anyone searching for adventurous Vietnam holiday destination, Vietnam provides some excellent trekking options, take in extraordinary mountain landscapes, classic Vietnamese villages in addition to a glimpse with the agriculturally astounding rice paddies.

Farmers in cone-shaped hats plough the fields with buffalo and natives groups keep their old traditions and lifestyle, which include their local language and donning intricately embroidered traditional clothes.

As Sapa is ideal for hiking, according to your physical fitness, it is possible to organize just about anything from light walks to tough hikes.

Ancient Rock Field is also a good place to visit, this area composed of enormous multi-grade rocks carved with ancient photographs, their meanings even now unclear to archaeologists.

Things to do in Sapa: Fansipan Park, backpacking, Mountain, hiking. Silver Waterfall: Hiking spot and Scenic waterfall, Cable Car Station Sapa: Suspended cable railway to Fansipan Peak.

8: Con Dao island.

Con Dao Island Vietnam - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Con Dao island is Consist of 16 islands. The very first perception of Con Dao is a moderate city spot lying by the seaside with clear roadways beneath shades of aged bang lang and almond trees.

With beautifully, scenic bays coral reefs, deserted seashores, and thick jungles, the islands will be the excellent spot to sit back and loosen up or take advantage of mother nature with trekking by mangroves, diving all around the islands and observing wildlife.

More than eighty percent of the area is part of the Con Dao Park that protects sea turtle nesting area. Nesting months are from May to September tourists can devote an evening at a conversation site to view the turtles of their purely natural habitat.

Con Dao places to stay: Con Dao Resort, Six Senses Con Dao, Sala Motel.

Con Dao places of interest: Côn Sơn Island, Côn Đảo National Park, Vịnh Côn Sơn.


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9: Nha Trang.

Po Nagar Cham Towers - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Po Nagar Cham Towers

Nha Trang is a coastal vacation resort town in southern Vietnam noted for its diving locations, beachfront, and beautiful Islands. Based on a well-liked perception, It is known as ‘Bamboo River’ as well, and the name actually came from the word ‘cham yakram’.

The beaches and rural landscape make a beautiful combination, which is also ideal for surfing. On the list of most favored choices among the tourists is always to hire a boat to go to several of the islands close to Nha Trang.

For the people who are looking for a place to visit with kids, Vinpearl amusement park on Hon Tre Island is best for them. The only resort on Nha Trang beach is The Evason Ana Mandara. while elsewhere to access the sea, the visitors need to cross the Tran Phu Boulevard.

With its coastal area, the town, unsurprisingly, provides a wealth of seafood eating choices. Nha Trang is one thing of the bash city with a fantastic nightlife, however for anyone preferring local culture, Cham towers are a good location to visit.

Things to do in Nha Trang: Vinpearl (water park, safari park), Long Sơn Pagoda, Buddhist temple, Yersin Museum.

10: Hue.

Hue Royal Palace Vietnam - Vietnam Travel Guide-10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam
Hue Royal Palace Vietnam

Hue is a noble city that comes with a rich historical background and cultural heritage, situated in the middle of Vietnam. Hue has its unique Forbidden City like Beijing, and that is now in ruins because of the Vietnam war.

Regardless of becoming only a shadow in their previous glory, traversing the citadel and tombs is an awesome experience. An additional historic location well worth viewing is the Thien Mu Pagoda, that is now the house to many young monks in training and it has superb sights around the spectacular Perfume River.

If that sparks a motivation for more purely natural elegance, rent a bike and go on through the verdurous rice paddies that are all around the city.

Hue Vietnam Things To Do ( Places to visit In Vietnam, Hue).

Imperial City, Hue (Royal Palace), Pagoda of the Celestial Lady (7-story Buddhist temple),
Tomb of Khải Định (Intricate tomb of a historic emperor).

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