Tokyo Travel Guide – Let’s Discover The Best Of Tokyo

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Tourism in Tokyo: Best Tourist Places In Tokyo

Where to go in Tokyo? Japan has fascinated the imaginations of long-time travelers and has played a major role as a cultural alternative to the West globally. Many of us saw the famous Japanese cartoons when we were young, like Captain Majid and Grendizer. Let’s start our adventure in Japan with a tour of Tokyo.

Tokyo, formerly known as Edo, the capital of Japan, is located in the central Honshu region. It is the center of culture and the arts in Japan. The city also has many museums and parks. It is the perfect place for tech lovers.

Are you going to Tokyo soon? In this article, we will show you the best tourist places in Tokyo.

Tokyo Travel Guide – Let’s Discover The Best Of Tokyo.

What are the best tourist attractions in Tokyo? 


Tokyo Imperial Palace

Spend times in the Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace is located in Chiyoda City, inside Edo Castle Park in Tokyo. The palace was built in 1457 AD and covers an area of ​​7.41 km. It is the official residence of the Emperor of Japan.

Tokyo Imperial Palace Seimon Ishibashi bridge - Tokyo Travel Guide
Tokyo Imperial Palace – Seimon Ishibashi bridge

The palace includes several buildings and water moats. When you visit the palace, you will find beautiful gardens with fountains and lakes. And you can wander inside the palace and see the vast interior hall, including antiques and furniture. It also contains a distinctive music hall that deserves your visit. During the holidays, enjoy the marathons that take place in the vicinity of the palace. If you love nature, the place is suitable during the weekdays to spend a beautiful picnic full of comfort.

Tip for Travelers: An annual flower exhibition is held in the palace garden and moat in April. Enjoy the magnificent cherry blossoms and various types of Japanese arts from classic plays and display of the most beautiful paintings.


Shinjuku Gyoen Park

Enjoy The Picturesque Environment At Shinjuku Gyoen Park

Shinjuku Gyoen Park is one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo. You can wander around, where there are ample spaces for those who like jogging and walking. Bring your children and enjoy a family picnic among the trees of different colors in the garden.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park - Tokyo Travel Guide
Shinjuku Gyoen Park

 Enjoy the stunning views of the English nature area with beautiful cherry trees and wide meadows, and watch the sparkling water pools surrounded by trees in the garden. You must visit the exhibition of chrysanthemums with attractive colors. After your tour in the park, have a delicious meal among the traditional Japanese meals in the restaurant located there.

Tip for Travelers: Also visit Shinjuku district and the busiest train station in the world, and when you walk around you will see skyscrapers, and there you will find shops, boutiques, clubs, and cinemas.


Tokyo Tower

Climb Up To The Tallest Tower In Japan, “Tokyo Tower.”

Tokyo Tower is one of the most important tourist destinations in Japan. Located in Sheba Park, it resembles the Eiffel Tower in its design and shape. It was built in 1958. It is 332.6 meters high. It is among the 20 tallest towers in the world and the tallest building in Japan. It is used as a communications tower and Japanese TV and Radio broadcasting.

Japan Tokyo Tower - Tokyo Travel Guide
Tokyo Tower

The tower is colored according to the seasons. In winter and spring, it is orange, and in summer and autumn, it is white or silver. At the bottom of the tower is four floors that include museums, shops, and two observation galleries. If you love heights, go up to the observatory of the 250-meter-high tower and enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo.

Walk around the towering temple, have Japanese tea in the café, and visit the crystal lovers’ hall. It is imperative to spend a good time at the Burj Music Club, where various songs and melodies are played by Japanese bands.

Tip for Travelers: You can end your tour in the four-story FootTown building which houses many museums, restaurants, and shops.


Tsujiki Fish Market

Visit the largest fish market in Japan.

Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest wholesale fish market in the world. It was inaugurated in 1935 in the Tsukiji Tokyo area, and in 2018 it was moved to Toyosu in the Koto district.

tuna auction at Tsukiji
Tuna auction at Tsukiji

The market is divided into two parts: internal and external. In the inner section, only 900 wholesale dealers worked in small stalls where auctions and fish processing operations were carried out, and only a few were allowed to visit the internal market every day to watch the huge tuna cutting. 

The indoor section has closed after the official market has been moved, but the external market is still open to visitors. The outer section contains wholesale and retail stores, Japanese kitchen equipment, groceries, seafood, and many restaurants. Enjoy tasting Japanese sushi prepared in special restaurants in the market. And they got to know all kinds of fish.



Have Fun In Ihe Akihabara

Akihabara or Akiba is an area in Tokyo that contains the largest and best centers for electronics, computers, and anime in the world. And it has many shops, so you can shop and enjoy the unique atmosphere that approaches the world of dreams.

Akihabara Taito Japan - Tokyo Travel Guide
Akihabara Taito Japan

And if you are a fan of anime, you will find the largest stores of anime, manga, and video games. Electronics are sold in different types of cameras, mobile phones, and refrigerators. Also in the area is the Tokyo Anime Center for exhibitions and souvenirs.


Shibuya City

Meet your friends in Shibuya

Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s 23 districts. Shibuya is also home to the largest train station in Tokyo. And at Shibuya station, friends meet, where the statue of “Hachiko” the faithful dog who waited for his owner in the yard daily in front of the station even after his death, as it became famous in Japan as a symbol of loyalty, as this statue is the most popular among tourists in this region.

Statue of Hachiko
Statue of Hachiko

In Shibuya, there is a famous intersection known to be very crowded, gathering people from more than six sides, and it is considered the heart of Tokyo, with shopping centers and youth fashion. And take your children to the various game centers. There are many great shops, cafes, and restaurants.


Ueno Park

Take A Stroll In Ueno Park

Ueno Park is located in Ueno and is a public park. It was built on the site of the Buddhist temple Kanji, which was destroyed during the Boshin War. It was built after the land was granted by Emperor Taishō in 1924, which is why the official name of Ueno Park is “Ueno Onshi Quinn” meaning “Ueno Imperial Gift Garden.”

Ueno Park
Ueno Park

It is the first western-style park in Tokyo. Take a walk in the garden and enjoy the stunning scenery, especially after the cherry blossoms, “sakura”, which Japan is famous for. Rent a duck boat and go around. In the park, there is a wide lake, a swamp, and many types of birds.

Its western part also houses the first zoo in Japan. Finally, visit the park’s three most famous museums: the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Science, and the National Museum of Western Art, in addition to the temples located there.


Senso-ji Temple

Visit the oldest temple in Tokyo, the Sensoji Temple

The story says that two brothers were fishing in the Sumida River and captured the Buddhist mercy statue “Kanon“. They built Sensoji Temple to place the statue inside the main hall of the temple. The temple was built in 628, was demolished in World War II, and then built in 645. It is the oldest temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, and the most popular tourist destination in Tokyo. People come to this temple to pray and give thanks to the goddess Kanon.

Sensoji Temple
Sensoji Temple

Around the temple grounds, you will see Pagoda, which consists of five floors and small subsidiary temples, and small gardens, one of which includes the oldest bridge and wooden building “Rokkakudo” in Tokyo. Also to the right of the main hall is the shrine of “Asakusa“, which contains the remains of the three men who founded the Sensoji Temple.


Meiji Jingu Shrine

When Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken, died, the Japanese people built the Meiji Shrine in memory of the most influential figure in Japan’s history in 1926. It was destroyed in World War II and was inaugurated with donations from Japanese citizens in 1958.

Meiji Jingu Shrine
Meiji Jingu Shrine

His place was chosen in a garden that the Emperor and Empress visited. When you visit the area around the mausoleum, you will be surprised by more than 100,000 trees of different types. In the heart of the forest, you will find signs written in English to help visitors experience traditional Shinto rituals.

They toured the northern end of the mausoleum, where the “Meiji Treasures” Museum, which houses antiquities and personal items of the emperor and his wife, is located. And if you are visiting Tokyo in late April through early May, do not miss the opportunity to attend the Great Spring Festival, which hosts spectacular music performances.

With this, we have given you a glimpse of the most prominent tourist activities that you can do in Tokyo, hope you have an idea now where to go in Tokyo?. If you enjoyed the tour please share it with friends and family. 

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