Things You Should Know About Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam At A Glance.

If someone asks me about my personal favorite tourist destination in Vietnam, without thinking about anything else I would say Sapa. It is a small town in the province of Lao Cai, Vietnam. After Ha Long Bay and Hanoi, Sapa is one of the top three most visited tourist destinations in Vietnam.

In the morning at Sapa, you will be greeted warmly by the fresh air, without any sound and dust. If you come by car, you have the opportunity to see the green rice fields that gently embrace the hills. One follows the other, like the scarf of the fairy left behind in the wind.

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 Hanoi to Sapa.

Most travelers take a night train to Hanoi and arrive in Sapa early in the morning. Try to get the earliest train as there are many departure times for night trains.  Many tourists travel from Hanoi to Lao Cai by night train. It takes approximately 8 hours by night train to arrive at Lao Cai at 6.30 am.

Note: There is no railway station in Sapa and Lao Cai Province is about 38 km (24 miles) away From there. You can take a local bus, jeep or taxi on this route. ( Check out Railway Timetable + Ticket prices )

What is there to do in Sapa Vietnam?

Sapa Vietnam Trekking. 

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For Trekking, Sapa is a very good place in Vietnam, but it’s nice to know that Sapa is always a crowded tourist destination due to its prime location. It is recommended that you do not leave Sapa without touring local tribes and enjoying time in the mountainous landscapes. One of the best places for adventure is exploring the local villages.

There is no normal asphalt road, but a small path along the hill with dense trees. A small area passes the small slope downward, while the other is only a small walkway on one side of the steep slope or some small stream. This is obviously a challenging situation.  The trail ends with welcoming rice fields. While trekking you will have many chances to meet the tribal people working in the rice fields.

To experience the local village life homestay is very popular, offers more exposure to the mountain lifestyle. Their unique lifestyle is worth trying. In the evening you can enjoy performances of traditional folk music and village life. And the morning starts with breakfast preparation, cleaning, feeding animals and work in fields.

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Ham Rong Mountain, Sapa. 

If you want to do a trekking adventure without going to the villages, it’s a surprising place to explore it. There are numerous walking routes to choose from and the area to relax. It is recommended visiting the Ham Rong Mountain, spend more time discovering this place. Easy walks take you to many beautiful places!

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Ta Phin Monastery

About 12 km from Sapa Vietnam, on the way to the village of Ta Phin. The ruins of the monastery of Ta Phin, which today carry a mystical, spiritual and extraordinary beauty. Despite the fact that the monastery has been abandoned for over 50 years, it is still fascinating to the tourists, who admire the immense beauty of French colonial structures.

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Love Market Sapa

Address: TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai 330000, Vietnam

The Sapa Love Market, held every Saturday night, was a place to find life partners for ethnic peoples. In this market, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the true life of the Red Dao and H’Mong tribes.  As you know, the market is a place for trading: selling and buying, but nobody buys or sells love in the love market. The fact is that lovers take advantage of the market to see each other. Sapa’s love market draws not only attention to ethnic tribal peoples but also to many travelers around the world.

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Sapa Night Market

Sapa’s night market is called the paradise of food lovers, where you can enjoy the delicious different type of grilled foods. All meals, eggs, meat, corn, vegetables, can be grilled and everything is fresh and delicious. Sapa’s famous cookery is Thang Co (a domestic incredibly hot pot cooked from herbs, horse meat, and spices) served with corn wine.

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Cable Car Station Sapa

Address: TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lao Cai 333100, Vietnam

Cable Cars between Fansipan Peak and Sapa, with restaurants, temples, and shops at each end. You shouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy a ride on newly developed chairlifts in Sapa. The Fansipan Sapa cable car covers the area of 6.29 km. Recently a rail line is linked to existing Sapa cable car station, which carries over 2000 passengers per hour with a maximum speed of 60 km per kph. The ticket is a bit expensive 40$ USD per person for both ways. Children must have student cards for the discount.

Where To Stay In Sapa  

 Hotels In Sapa 

Sapa Panorama Hotel

Address: Số 10, Đường Hoàng Diệu, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, Vietnam
Phone: +84 214 3771 535

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa

Address: Xuân Viên, TT. Sa Pa, Street, Lào Cai, Vietnam
Province: Lao Cai Province
Phone: +84 214 3871 522

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