Things To Do On A Holiday In Koh Samui

Koh Samui Is Not Only About White Beaches

Things To Do On A Holiday In Koh Samui

As many travelers have seen, Koh Samui beaches are exactly the kind of beaches you find in the classifieds and travel magazines. It is a pretty big island where beaches have their own distinct personalities. While some are over-rated, others will blow your mind away. There is a beach for every type of adventure or purpose.

For instance, for singles who want to mingle, commercialized beaches such as Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach are ideal. For those who travel with their family, Mae Nam Beach is the perfect spot. For backpackers interested in diving, Bophut Beach provides the best diving tours.

There are several other beaches on the island that are not yet fully developed. But aside from its glorious waters and stunning white-sand beaches, Koh Samui has so much more to offer.

Thailand Beach Vacations

Interesting Things to Do in Koh Samui

On average, travelers often spend 3 days and 2 nights in Thailand. Surely, there is much more to do than swim, dive, and bask under the sun. Here is a checklist of activities you must include in your itinerary when visiting the island.

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One of the most important, yet often forgotten activities when visiting a place is to bask in the local culture. In Koh Samui, there is no better way to learn about the locals and how they live than to spend time in Bophut. Plus, the place offers several attractions that every traveler will love. It hosts a daily monkey and elephant show, and it is home to the Samui Crocodile Farm – a fascinating place to learn more about Koh Samui’s animal life. If you want to get one of those infamous monk tattoos, go straight to Bophut’s Big Buddha temple.

Visit Local Temples and Two Mummies of Monks

Wat Khunaram-Things To Do On A Holiday

Speaking of temples, Koh Samui is home to a 12-meter gilded statue of Buddha. This golden statue is situated at Wat Phra Yai in Koh Fan. Those who want to better understand Thailand’s religion can get a guide when making a tour at the Big Buddha. In addition to the Big Buddha temple, there are two mummified bodies of monks which are worth visiting. The first monk was named Loung Por Ruam, which is on display at Wat Kiri Wongkaram. The second monk was called Loung Por Daeng, whose mummified body is on display at Wat Khunaram.

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Play Football Golf

Samui’s Football Golf- koh samui things to do

If you’re into sports, you need to try Samui’s Football Golf. As what the name of the game implies, Football Golf is a hybrid sport that combines golf and football or soccer. The players kick a soccer ball into 18 holes in the fewest attempts possible. Football Golf is preferred by groups of friends and families because unlike go-kart racing and bungee jumping, this involves teamwork and is, therefore, more fun to play.

Cheap Flights To Koh Samui

Origin - DestinationTrip classFind tickets
Bangkok ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 138
Phuket ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 182
Udon Thani ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 193
Chiang Mai ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 226
Surat Thani ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 261
Kuala Lumpur ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 357
Sharjah ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 573
Moscow ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 635
Tel Aviv-Yafo ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 838
Dubai ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 839
Madrid ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 882
Samara ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 902
Krasnodar ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 1 006
Istanbul ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 1 034
Rostov ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 1 303
Saint Petersburg ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 1 310
Kaliningrad ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 1 797
Tyumen ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 2 181
Middletown ↔ Koh SamuiEconomyTickets from 5 004

Enjoy Hin Lad and Namuang Waterfalls

Those who would like to take a dip in freshwater will definitely enjoy Koh Samui’s waterfalls. Two of the most popular waterfalls in the area are Hin Lad and Namuang. To get to these falls, travelers have to endure a two-kilometer hike so good footwear is necessary. Recommended months to visit these waterfalls are from September to March when there is enough supply of water.


When people think of Koi Samui and Thailand in general, they think of pristine beaches. While this is true, let’s not forget that the place has several other attractions to offer. When visiting the place anytime soon, plan your itinerary well, and include the activities on the list.

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