Maafushi Island Maldives Walking Tour

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Today we are going to visit Maafushi Island Maldives, and I shall be taking you on a walking tour of the island and give you a review of the place. Maafushi island is a popular island in the Maldives, and it is part of the Kaafu atoll, which is situated at a distance of 26 kilometers from the capital city of Male. 

maafushi village 2
Maafushi Village

The island can be divided into three distinct areas the Maafushi prison, the local resident’s area, and the tourist area. And in this article, we shall be covering all these areas one by one! So let’s start. We shall begin our tour from the very first place we shall set foot on Maafushi island. That is Maafushi jetty. It is a very important place on the island because boats are the only means of communication to other islands and the capital city of Male.

What To Do In Maldives, Maafushi Island Activities

As soon as you land in the Maafushi island, you see there is a name logo right on the road next to the jetty, and a little bit down south you’ll find the tsunami memorial. Out here we walked a bit further towards the south, and we found that this place is much quieter than the other parts of the island. The beach out here is very calm and serene there are few hostels and guest houses out here for tourists. But one a third of the island is occupied by Maafushi prison. The only one of the two prisons in the entire nation. A little bit further to the northeast there is the island power plant.

beach area aerial
Maafushi beach area aerial view

The Maldives is an Islamic nation, and most of the residents in Maafushi follow Islam. Out here, you can see the Maafushi mosque which is the prayer area for the residents. The island has a fairly large playground, and there’s also a separate mini soccer field. The bank of Maldives branch with an ATM is the only bank in Maafushi Island there’s also a school for children and an educational center in Maafushi, So this is a residential area in Maafushi.

And most of the locals stay out in this area Maafushi is governed by an elected council. There are the revenue collection office and the office of the island council. So that leaves us with the last area that is the area for the tourists. It can be further broken down into three distinct areas the water sports Beach the public beaches and the bikini beach water sports activities are a major attraction for the tourists in Maafushi and there are a few water sports and dive centers near the water sport Beach you can go out there and enjoy different types of watersports activities like parasailing jet skiing fun tubes etc. Out here, you can also get bicycles for rent, the public beaches are the beaches towards the east and the northern part of the island in this place there are several rules regarding bathing and other activities on the beach. 

turtles excursion
turtles excursion Maafushi Island

Since the Maldives is an Islamic nation and there are strict laws in Islam regarding clothing you cannot wear open dresses and short clothes in these areas if you want to enjoy these beaches you have to follow these strict clothing guidelines. The public beaches are very less crowded and if you want some time in peace you can rather enjoy yourself out here on the public beaches where we can find very few tourists. The eastern part of the beach especially is very nice during the early mornings and even the sunrise if you visit this place the place is actually stunning another important thing out here is that you will not see many waves out here in this part of the island this is because the waves get blocked due to the coral reef lining the outer area of the island and a distance of about 200 meters from the coastline. 

Bikini Beach Maafushi Island
Bikini Beach Maafushi Island

In this part of the beach we’ll also find some interesting crabs and other types of shells walking around and some of them are barely visible to the naked eye due to that camouflage color And finally, we come to the Bikini beach which is the most important tourist hub in the island is located the northwest part of the island and out here you don’t have any restrictions on clothing and swimwear out here can wear your favorite swimwear and enjoy the sea. This is also the most crowded part of the island as is totally flocked with tourists who enjoy the Sun and the sea.

In this part of the sea beach, we’ll find a lot of waves and if it is also the cleanest part of the sea in Maafushi, out here you can enjoy in the cool blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This part of the beach is where most of the hotels are. You will see many souvenir shops Juice bars and other food shops out here they’re also a couple of grocery and Food Mart on the island Since liquor is banned in the Maldives, nightlife in Maafushi is limited to the few Juice bars and restaurants serving exotic seafood and occasionally we’ll find a few small parties happening here and there.

Water sports
Water sports

 But if you want to taste some alcohol you need to go on one of the floating bars which are basically cruise boats with an onboard bar and live music floating off the coast of Maafushi and if you want to visit you need to contact your hotel or the travel agencies out on the island but for me, the most amazing place in Maafushi would be during sunset at the Westside Beach.

The feel of this place is just splendid and cannot be put into words so guys which part of Maafushi you like the most? Tell us in your comments and not forget to read about the Maldives glowing beach known as the sea of stars.

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Maafushi Maldives Walking Tour

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