7 Famous Fairs and Festivals Of Rajasthan, India

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By: Mittal Gupta

Rajasthan is the most vibrant, royal and rich state of India. The cultural diversity of this place attracts many tourists. The state of Rajasthan is synonymous with folk, art, and culture. And, everything about Rajasthan is lively, right from traditional folk songs and great food to colorful attires and spectacular fairs.

These famous festivals of Rajasthan paint the vivid picture of the yesteryear traditions and the exuberant spirit of this state. At these unique fairs and during the many festivals, you’d get a glimpse of the great legacy of this place. In short, during this time, you’ll be able to experience the true colors of Rajasthan.

If you are planning to visit Rajasthan, then it’s best that you plan your trip around these fairs and festival to make the most of your holiday. 

Here is the list of best 7 fairs and festivals of Rajasthan. 

1: Teej, Festival of Rajasthan

Teej is perhaps the most famous festival of Rajasthan that is celebrated with joy and warmth. The occasion is celebrated as respect to Goddess Parvati. Women keep fast for their husbands and pray for long happy married life. All the women get ready for this special occasion by donning bangles, henna, bindi, and vermilion.

Teej Festival of Rajasthan e1559259925646 - 7 Famous Fairs and Festivals Of Rajasthan, India
Teej, Festival of Rajasthan

A golden procession of Goddess Teej is decorated and taken across the whole place with elephants and camels. Its a sight to behold with so many beautiful preparations.

Special delicacies are also prepared during the festival that includes Ghevar and Malpua. It’s an unforgettable experience to witness this festival, which is full-of-colors and smiles. It’s celebrated in the month of August.

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2. Jaipur Literature Festival

There are a few occasions in India for aspiring and established writers to meet and share their thoughts on books and literature. Although non-glam, it’s the world’s most famous literary festival. The festival is held for 5 days and it includes reading sessions and discussions at the Diggi Palace in Jaipur. (Best Places to In Jaipur)

Jaipur Literature Festival e1559260759476 - 7 Famous Fairs and Festivals Of Rajasthan, India

This is one of the most famous festivals of Jaipur. Many Booker prize winners attend the festival to provide an insight to young writers and readers. The festival truly inspires young minds to dream for the future. The festival is held in January.

3. Nagaur Fair, Jodhpur 

Attending this fair is one of the best things to do in Jodhpur. It’s the second biggest cattle fair in India that is held every year in the Rajput town of Nagaur. The event witnesses a tradition of exchanging cattle with the people who attend the fair.

Nagaur Fair Jodhpur e1559261692748 - 7 Famous Fairs and Festivals Of Rajasthan, India

Other activities include tug-of-war, horse races, and camel rides. Here, you can also enjoy great traditional songs along with rural music.

There is also a unique red chilly market that is set up at this fair; this attracts many tourists. It’s an interesting fair for people who want to experience different cultures. It’s held in January or February every year.

4. Pushkar Camel Fair

It’s the most popular fair of Rajasthan and people from all over the world visit the fair to experience its splendor. A five-day cattle and camel stock fair is held in the city of Pushkar. The festival is organized near the banks of Pushkar Lake. The fair is held on Kartik Ekadashi. From amazing puppet shows, camel races to traditional music and dance performances, you can witness it all in five days.

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Pushkar Camel Festival min - 7 Famous Fairs and Festivals Of Rajasthan, India
Pushkar Camel Festival

The fair also organizes other cultural events. You can shop for jewelry, antiques, spices, and handicrafts at this fair. You can also enjoy the hot air balloon ride. If you want to experience the real essence of Rajasthan, then you must visit this spellbinding Pushkar fair. It’s held in November every year.

5. Mewar Festival

The festival is held on the arrival of spring. The best part about this festival is the traditional folk costumes. The decorations around the place make everything vivacious. It’s one of the biggest festivals of Rajasthan and the grandeur of the festival captivates every being.

Women dress up as the idol – Isar & Gangaur and walk in a procession singing wonderful folk songs. The festival has a colorful feel to it so you can enjoy it in its full glory. The festival is also the most awaited one for the local people and is held in March or April.

6. Gogaji Fair

This is another popular fair in Rajasthan that is held in Jaipur. It’s organized at Goga Medi in Ganganagar district. The fair is held to please the snake god and to pay homage to the Samadhi at Goga Medi.

Gogaji Fair e1559265427160 - 7 Famous Fairs and Festivals Of Rajasthan, India
There is a belief that by doing so one can prevent the curse of snakebites and diseases. People around the place wear traditional clothes and also dance to please God. This fair is held in August every year.

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7. Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Every year international folk festival is held in Rajasthan. It’s celebrated around Sharad Purnima and more than 200 folk singers & artists from all over the world take part in this cultural fair. There are live performances that you can enjoy and have a great time singing and dancing.

Rajasthan International Folk Festival e1559265987171 - 7 Famous Fairs and Festivals Of Rajasthan, India

The festival also organizes many in-house fairs and exhibitions that give a boost to creativity. Do attend the festival to get a glimpse of folk art and music. It’s a five-day-long celebration and held in October every year.

Rajasthan is the most colorful and eventful state of India. It organizes so many fairs and festivals that attract people from all around the world. The vibe of the place is simply magical and extraordinary during this time. You are bound to make memories that you can cherish forever. So, do plan your trip around the fair season or the festival you want to attend; you’ll surely have a great time.

There is a huge list of famous festivals of Rajasthan, India but only a few are listed here. 

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