How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!

The Ultimate Guide To Chiang Mai Trekking

Not many holidaymakers are aware that Bangkok is not the only place where you can spend a Thai holiday break along with family and friends. One of the best alternatives is the City Of Chiang Mai, a unique city that is ideal for Holidays and Excursions.

Chiang Mai Trekking Park Doi Inthanon - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!
Park Doi Inthanon


From whitewater rafting to forest trekking, to activities such as shopping and clubbing, you will enjoy your stay in Chiang Mai.

The city is surrounded by a spectacular landscape, forming the Ping River, flowing through the valley and inundated by some of the highest Thai mountains.

The forests provide many excellent hiking options, and there are many excursions to Chiang Mai that make you experience the countryside of the province.

Trek Through Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park has dwelled in Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province. The park includes Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon, and many other mountains. Chom Tong village lies at the foot of Doi Inthanon, A favorite place of nature lovers.

The park is a pleasure for bird lovers as this is a natural habitat of more than 400 varieties of birds. Thanks to its natural surroundings, it is not surprising that this perfect park is a favorite spot for many wildlife.

White browed Shortwin - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!

Also, tourists can take rest and stay in the guest houses after the long day trekking in the park. The tourists can contact the visitor centers in the park for any information or guidance.

Doi Inthanon Park is among the most amazing areas in Chaing Mai. The beauty of the park attracts the tourists from all over the world.

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Chiang Mai Elephant Trekking

At a time when elephants lived in these forests, they were tamed and used for work, transportation and also war. Nowadays, elephants are likely to swim in the river or take the adventurous type of travelers around narrow trekking trails.

Chiang Mai Elephant Trekking 1 768x512 - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!Chiang Mai elephant Trekking min - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!Chiang Mai Trekking min - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!

They are very fleet-footed and effective in climbing or climbing on incredibly dangerous paths while maintaining safety passengers. Elephant trekking is one of the most memorable experiences the region has to offer. Patara Elephant Farm is one of many elephant camps in Chaing Mai where you can feed, ride and learn about elephants.

A visit will be an experience that will change your life we advise you to include it on your wish list.

Elephant Camps In Chiang Mai
1: Elephant Nature Park
2: Patara Elephant Farm
3: The Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC)
4: Chai Lai Orchid Elephant Camp
5: Baanchang Elephant Park

Caves of Wonder: Chiang Dao

Caves of Wonder Chiang Dao 1 - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!
Caves of Wonder-Chiang Dao

For people who are interested in the natural wonders of the world, check out the Chiang Dao Caves in their tours to Chiang Mai. All of these limestone caves extend into mountains covered with forests.

Many of them, as well as a lot of the other stone structures, look like animals and have stories related to them told by natives. Pay attention to the features that have colored laces and ribbons tied around them and request for the story.

The caves are also home to beautiful Buddha statues, so bear in mind this is a holy place as well and move forward with regard.

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Trek Pang Mapha

This considerably shorter trek is very popular among the tourists. The trek is located outside of Chiang Mai, Travel through thick forests, small villages, lakes, waterfalls, and fields. During the trip, tourists can stay in an interesting community of Lahu to learn more about their lifestyle. Tourists can take bamboo boats for a trip and enjoy sailing and wildlife along the Nam Lang River.

The journey ends in Chiang Mai, where visitors can take rest move forward. You may find many travel firms and adventure companies offering tours, hikers, and treks around Chiang Mai. Before you go ahead and pay your hard earning money, it is worth researching.

bamboo rafting - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!Chiang Mai Trekking Trip min - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!elephant nature park elephant haven treehouse min - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!

First, make sure that the travel agency or tour operator has a TAT license that all travel organizations must have before they can expect guests. Check out online to see the reputation of a company on

When booking, make sure that this company has an environmental policy and exactly what you get, such as a guide, all meals, water, related equipment, a stay with a local family. Chiang Mai and the environment, through the mountains, no excessive height, so it does not need to acclimatize before leaving, although it is also recommended to be maintained in good condition.

During the rainy season, you should bring an umbrella, since rain is guaranteed every day. It is also worth carrying some decent hiking boots and light clothing. Be aware of Mosquitoes, and even if you do not need malaria tablets right away, you can always contact your travel nurse before you go.

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Protect your hands and feet, especially in the morning and evening, use Mosquitoes spray and nets at night time. We recommend that you avoid camping for most, as it can get very muggy.

When hiking in Chiang Mai northern Thailand, you will sleep in a wooden cabin, and there is no running water or electricity and your bed is made of a plastic mat on a bamboo floor. It’s Thailand travels to its most basic and brilliant.

Things to take on your Chiang Mai Trekking Trip?

  • Backpack (daypacks for hiking)
  • Sleeping bag + blankets ( blankets are locally available as well)
  • Mosquito net + sleeping mat
  • Bug repellent
  • Long and short Trousers
  • Long and short sleeve shirts
  • Water Bottle
  • Torch
  • Sunblock lotion or cream
  • Backpack cover+ waterproof trousers and jacket
  • Cap or Hat
  • Spare SD card and batteries for the camera
  • Toilet paper
  • Travel sickness tablets ( In case of a ride in a pickup truck )
  • Flip flops/sandals

Remember, all you take with you on a trekking Trip to Thailand, You’ll have to take on your back.
You can leave most of your luggage at your hotel in Chiang Mai and do not forget to keep your valuable things in the safe.

Chiang Mai Trekking Cost

It varies depending on the duration of the tour and the activities. Expect a neat two-hour tour for at least $ 100.

There are many things to see and do, Plan your trip before leaving, so you do not miss anything. You will never forget this beautiful city ever.

Bamboo Hut - How To Make Your Chiang Mai Trekking Rock? Read This!

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