Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei – Recommended For A Day Trip

Beitou Hot Springs e1587784313393 - Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei - Recommended For A Day Trip

Beitou – River Hot Spring

For a short and quick getaway from the city center, Hot Springs in Beitou is a 30 minutes train journey away from Taipei 101. It is a great place for a day trip. You could cover most of the attractions in the area by aligning at Beitou Station, and transfer to XinBeitou Station, walk up a hill called Zhongshan Road and visit museums, hotels with indoor hot springs and historical buildings built by the Japanese before World War 2. 

Beitou Hot Springs Park e1587784492539 - Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei - Recommended For A Day Trip

Entering into Beitou is like entering into a Japanese countryside, while in Taiwan. There are many similarities between Japan and Taiwan, for those with keen observation, the food, culture, and fashion are intertwined, and the Taiwanese gladly follow Japan, technologically and culturally wise.

How to Get to Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei?

Hop into any train in Taipei, take the green line to Beitou, and transfer to XinBeitou Station.

Walk towards the direction of Zhongshan Road. The signs are tourist-friendly and in English.

Walk up Zhongshan Road to visit the historical buildings, hot springs, and hotels.

Travel light as the Zhongshan Road is a hill going upslope, or take a taxi from the station up the hill (US$3) and walk down.

Shinbeitou Station e1587785591103 - Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei - Recommended For A Day Trip
XinBeitou Station

Best Time to Travel to Beitou – Weekdays

Weekdays, especially on Mondays, hotel rates will go down and you will get good deals.

Hotel rates jack up on weekends, and the whole of Taipei descends on Beitou for a weekend getaway.

Try to avoid Beitou on weekends to avoid congestion, and schedule it on a weekday.

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Beitou Attractions: Zhongshan Road Walking Trail

(exit XinBeitou Train Station, and look for directions to Zhongshan Road – up a hill)

Beitou Hot Springs Museum, carefully restored by the locals with pride

 Beitou Public Library – A Green Library built in the middle of a Zen Park

Beitou Public Library Beitou Taiwan 1 - Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei - Recommended For A Day Trip
Beitou Public Library

Beitou Outdoor Hot Spring

Beitou Public Hot Spring – Open Air with Bathing Suits

After a tiring walk up and down the hill, hop into an open-air hot spring, for mixed genders. You are required to wear a bathing suit. Unlike their Japanese counterparts (where no bathing suit is required), the Taiwanese are more conservative and shy. Expect stares if you decide to go in with a bikini, but there is nothing technically wrong with that. The Taiwanese dress conservatively, and baring a shoulder in a spaghetti shirt will induce stares as well.

Beitou Indoor Hot Spring

If you would like your privacy and don’t fancy sharing an open-air bath with strangers, simply book a private hot spring bath in most hotels in the area. You could simply walk into any hotel, ask for a quotation on 2hours usage of their indoor hot spring. Some hotels throw in bonuses such as free lunch or high tea, and even a private room. Feel free to experiment. Hotel Recommendations: Royal Seasons Hotel Taipei ‧ Beitou, Beitou Hot Spring Resort, Atami Hotel Taipei.

Health Concerns

If you are traveling by train, do wear a Flu Mask if you are prone to catching flu. Two of our editors fell sick with flu after the train ride to Beitou. The local Taiwanese doctor advised that flu is most easily transmitted while on the train, and it is very common for locals to wear the flu mask, available in all Pharmacies. You will blend in easily with a flu mask with locals, they might think you are local too.

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Hot Springs - Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei - Recommended For A Day Trip

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