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Banteay Srei Temple Tour Simple Guidance For You

 Banteay Srei is famous as the jewel of Angkor. This stunningly beautiful and well-preserved temple is made of pink sandstone. This beautiful temple was constructed in the 10th century. Based in the region of Angkor, Cambodia. That once associated with the medieval capitals of Yasodharapura and Angkor Thom.

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The temple is about 40 minutes drive northeast of Siem Reap. Banteay Srei is also famous as ‘city of the women’. Various features, such as the fine bas-reliefs, are still clearly visible. Also, the entrance of the temple is very beautiful, on both sides, it has several blocks and stones with beautiful images.

Having an instantaneous comparison amongst this and Angkor Wat, Angkor Wat has is way a lot more strong and intimidating and huge. But that is significantly a lot more serene and complex, and in my view, it is more stunning, more fascinating. There are more little things to look at, the main points to see.

Banteay Srei was built in the 10th century (967 AD) by a member of the court called Yajnavaraha; he served as an advisor for then-Khmer king Rajendravarman. The temple contains 3 concentric square enclosures formed on an east-west axis. A road situated on the axis starts from an external gate towards the third or outermost of the three enclosures.

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The internal enclosure incorporates the sanctuary consisting of an entrance chamber and three towers too as two buildings conventionally referred to as libraries.

Banteay Srei Temple Tour Fee.

Temple’s closing time is 5 pm. You must have a valid Angkor pass to visit the temple. The entrance fee for Banteay Srei is added in the temple pass to the main Angkor entrance. You can’t purchase a separate pass to visit just this temple. you’ll be billed an additional $37. You can purchase a one day pass at Angkor main entrance for $37.

For refreshments, you can find eating places at Pradak and around the new road close to Banteay Srei, and food stalls at Banteay Srei.

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The temple serves in honor of the Hindu Lord Shiva. What is particularly striking is that the towers of Banteay Srei are much smaller than the towers at the other temples.

After the check out into the temple, travel to Kbal Spean. You make a trek through the bushy forest that ends at the -River or 1000 Lingas stone statues of Hindu gods, which are below the surface of the water.

During the monsoon, you can swim here in the pools under the waterfall. After lunch in a local restaurant, you will visit the Rehabilitation Center, where you can take a look at the animals that are being cared for here.

On the way, again to Siem Reap you make a stop at the landmine museum which was set up by a former child soldier.

You can see a lot of different things and it is just a really great trip to get out there. If you enjoyed this beautiful Banteay Srei temple tour don’t forget to like or share with friends.

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Banteay Srei Temple Siem Reap Cambodia

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