Bali First Timers Helpful Hints

Bali is a famous tourist destination and one of the most visited places in Indonesia. In this article, I will explain and try to cover some Bali first timers helpful hints.  Below are the tips might help you if you are traveling 1st time to Bali, Indonesia.



Bali First Timers Helpful Hints

Tip Number 1:

Probably many of you will inquire me like, should I convey hard cash or I can just take the money from the ATM.
You can do both but If you want to get higher exchange rate just bring cash and then find the best money changer you can get in that area.

How to find the best money changer in that area?

It is not difficult, check out the internet find their telephone numbers. Then give them a call compare the exchange rate from place to place. also, be aware that bringing cash is so risky.

However, you can still have it just by taking the money from the ATM. And then remember this if you want the cash from the ATM. They will likely charge you from 5 until 10 USD So consider the larger sum of money Or I’d suggest maximum amount of it. Just before you go on the Bali trip, go and barter $35 USD you may need this for your visit visa entry into Bali.

Tip Number 2:



Alcohol: Bring along your duty-free with you, there’s a limit of 1 liter for each person, however, alcohol is pretty expensive in Bali because of the taxes. A bottle of Jim Beam is approximately $60 as well as a bottle of Vodka, as an example, is perhaps around $50 dollars, therefore bring your Duty-Free with you and only one liter per head.

Travel Tip Number 3:

Here are a couple of tips that are going to help you get in throughout of the Bali airport. And having fun in Bali as fast as possible.

  • Fill your customs and immigration forms properly before you land.
  • Check before you leave to see if you are from one of the 64 countries that offer a visa on arrival if not you’ll have to arrange one before handover visa cost $35.
  • When you arrive at the Bali airport immediately make your way to the visa counter along with your $35 USD and have your visa in accomplished and rapidly prior to the lines.

Travel Tip Number 4:

Bag Porters: They are everywhere and they’ll snap up your luggage quicker than lightning to hold them for you. But first-timers are recommended not allow them to take your bags unless you have got an item, in fact, very heavy or lots and lots of bags.
Because most of the time they are going to attempt to swindle you they know the ATM’s in the area mostly only put out 50,000 (Rp) to 100,000 rupiah (Rp) notes which are comparable to five and $ 10 but really you only need to tip them between 10-20,000 rupiah which is the same as 1 or 2 dollars.

Bali Travel Tip Number 5:



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Traveling short distances all over Bali is not difficult and that I would suggest the Blue Bird Group of Taxies so you don’t get ripped off. Many cab drivers will try to rip you off with not turning their taxi meter on (most likely by claiming it’s damaged). So that you are pushed to negotiate an amount in a new place and you have no local currency at that time with you and also you are probably not familiar with how much of an ideal cost should be. As you can think of, this can escalate easily into a disagreeable condition.

Remember to always talk to them to put the Taxi-meter on. If they don’t have a meter that actually works then do not get in the taxi it is so simple as that and it will make traveling all around Bali much easier.

Travel Tip Number 6:

In case you are touring for long distances and there is a group of you then you could hire a Mini Bus driver for the day, which can cost between $30 and $60 for one full day. They will drive you around anywhere, and wait for you while you do your shopping have dinner, meals, drinks, everything. They will sit and wait for you for between $30 and $60 dollars. Most hotels and resorts will afford this services but often you’ll find them affordable out on the street.

Travel Tip Number 7:

Shopping: In Bali, you will get some very nice bargains and plenty of low-cost stuff, however, you can also get cheated. My biggest suggestion for those who are visiting first times to Bali is don’t buy anything at all on your 1st day or 2 that you’re in Bali. Just simply browse, watch and experience what its like to bargain, practice negotiating but just leave without purchasing.

This way the next day when you do go shopping and would like to purchase something, you will have an idea how low you can get them. If you don’t wish to do the bargaining, however, you want to buy some nick nacks and goodies. Consider the nearest supermarket and bingtang stores there is no bargaining additionally, the prices there are actually very good and economical.

Bali First Timers Helpful Hints & Travel Tip Number 8:

Departure: You will need one hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs for airport taxes when you leave the airport. Bear in mind on day one or the very first day you go and get money or larger amounts of money output hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs away. Put it in your passport and forget about it until you need it at the airport.

That’s the most important tip because so many people just forget about that and sometimes ATM’s are not exactly where you need them. Make sure you break your bigger notes up into smaller notes immediately. Because when you are in Bali a lot of people pretend they don’t have change so they can earn more money from you.

Well, that’s it for my tips if you have any Bali first timers helpful hints let me know what they are in the below comment section. And if you enjoyed these Bali Travel tips than don’t forget to like or share.

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