Armenia Travel Guide – What Is Famous In Armenia?

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Armenia is an ancient country located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. This small island is famed for its 3,500-years old history, cuisine, and inspiring mountain scenery. A growing number of people explore Armenia every year to discover this fascinating country, explore themselves in decades of practices and rituals, learn about its vibrant past, and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The locals in their beloved homeland are passionate and friendly and do their utmost to make tourists feel comfortable.

Yerevan Pink city - what is famous in Armenia

Let’s take a look at what is famous in Armenia

Discover the World’s First Christian Nation

Did you know that Armenia was the very first nation in the realm that adopted Christianity as the state religion? It prevailed with the aid of Gregory the Illuminator and King Trdat III of Armenia in 301 AD. The nation started the demolition of pagan chapels and started of churches construction. The world’s first Church had established in Armenia. Today, Christians make up 97 percent of the population. Armenia has one of the world’s most magnificent churches. Let’s take a look to know what is famous in Armenia.

Enjoy the panorama of Mount Ararat

It is hard to explore Armenia’s capital, Yerevan without recognizing, its majestic natural landmark, Mount Ararat. In every season, this dynamic and awe-inspiring mountain is breathtaking. Traditionally, for all Armenians, Mount Ararat was the emblem of the homeland, and today it remains so. It had described as a Biblical mount in the Great flood tale in the Bible.

Khor Virap Monastery Ararat
Mount Ararat, Khor Virap Monastery

Pink City of Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, is a sleepy town famous for its stunning architecture. According to the cuneiform inscription of Urartian King Argishti, the city has a centuries-old past, founded in 782 BC, which reveals that Yerevan is ancient than Rome! Yerevan gains its beautiful pink shade from the hazy volcanic rocks utilized to construct numerous buildings.

Yerevan city Armenia
Yerevan Pink City Of Armenia

We suggest exploring the capital, famous for its distinctive architectural masterpieces, comfortable cafés, restaurants, and lovely parks, for those who are in Yerevan for the first time. Republic Square, constructed by the renowned Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan in 1924, forms the center of the capital. The courtyard had framed by significant structures, such as the Armenian Botanical Garden and the House of Government.

Reserve of Shikahogh State

Shikahogh State Reserve, the second biggest forest reserve in Armenia, is so undeveloped that much of it remains undiscovered to this day. It had reported that the forest is home to predators, including leopards, tigers, wild goats, and vipers. It had also described that there are around 1,100 species of plants in the Shikahogh State Reserve. But its fauna has not been thoroughly explored yet. A proposed highway threatened the reserve in 2005, but the environment successfully fought for the future to be secured. There are also several beautiful waterfalls to explore.


Goris is a town situated in the Syunik province of southern Armenia. For its beautiful nature and history, the region is famed. The city had designed by a German architect. During the Russian Empire had the first built city in the Caucasus.
The city also calls to mind memories of the caves where people used to stay. Old Goris, or Kores, are called these caves. The beautiful national tunnel is also the entrance to Goris and the route to Iran.

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan the deepest and largest lake in the Transcaucasus. It occupies a perfect location in the center of Armenia. It is a popular tourist destination with its cold azure waters and fresh mountain air. It is famous for its ‘Mishkan’ trout and other freshwater fishes. Due to the tapping of the Razdan Dam, Lake Sevan has recently shrunk.
The uncovering of forts, houses, and artifacts more than 2000 years ago has been one outcome. It had founded on a small peninsula overlooking the lake in 874. The Sevan monastery is a fantastic example of Armenian architectural design and is scenic.

Armenia Sevan Lake Mountains Church
Lake Sevan, Mountains Church


It is famous for the magical therapeutic air rich with pine scent providing favorable conditions for pulmonary suffering communities. Armenia has four national parks, and the lovely quartet could be the most stunning in Dilijan national park. It had Established only in 2002. The park is renowned for its healing mineral water streams and its majestic landmarks.

Dilijan City
Dilijan City

Lake Arpi

Though Lake Sevan during the peak tourist season can be incredibly crowded, Lake Arpi has a much more peaceful atmosphere. Lake Arpi is also the origin of the Akhurian River and used for agriculture and hydroelectric power production. A new park was set up around the lake in 2009 to protect the natural ecosystem, with around 100 bird species reported to live in the area. Lake Arpi also hosts rich flora and fauna and is a protected site by the Ramsar Convention. Lake Arpi has one of the Armenian Gull’s largest colonies, and hiking and walking trips are leisure activities.


Noravank is one of the most famous tourist sites in the world to visit, sporting some stunning facades full of intricate carvings and motifs.
If they wish to experience the second floor, tourists will clamber up a steep stone staircase that runs up the side of the gorge. While the design is breathtaking because of its sophistication and age, the nearby Amaghu Valley is no less enchanting. Hiking across the house as the red-brick walls tower over you is a fun affair.

Noravank Armenia Religious Monastery
Noravank Monastery

Sip the famous coffee made in Armenia

In its method of preparation lies the distinction between Armenian coffee and others. They crush the coffee beans for Armenians. Then put water and heat it in a unique Armenian coffee container where it’s narrower at the end. It’s ready for drinking until the coffee mixture begins to climb and foam! It is the famous coffee of Armenia.
Geghard Monastery

The dramatic scenery of the monastery is simply breathtaking. No doubt it has been a place of pilgrimage for a long time. Essential viewing as Geghard Monastery will surely not disappoint in Armenia with its impressive stone churches and chapels. It also has a stunning setting in the gorge of the Azat River.

Famous Armenian Carpets

The Armenian Highlands are famous for the origin of the Eastern Carpet. The unique weaving techniques are employed to make traditional Armenian carpets. The most famous place to purchase Armenian carpets is the Mgeryan Karpet gallery and factory.

Antique Carpets - what is famous in Armenia
Antique Carpets

Ski-in the lovely winter wonderland of Tsaghkadzor

The ski lifts are most famous in Armenia at Tsaghkadzor. Which can take you to various stations, you might rent skis or snowboard. You can enjoy a ski lift journey at a reasonable cost to reach a popular destination. It is a substitute place to ski at low prices compared to other European countries. So, one of the fascinating things to do in Armenia is flying like birds.

Amberd Fortress

Dating back to the seventh century, Amberd Fortress is one of Armenia’s most magnificent places to visit. You can reach the fortress within an hour or so from the capital city of Yerevan. Formerly one of the vital strategic defense points of the Armenian Empire. During the winter months, though, snowfall will render the fortress unavailable. But the conditions start improving by late May. The vision is magnificent from the top of the castle, although the structure itself is also beautiful. A short journey away from the village of Byurakan, the site of the Byurakan Observatory, is Amberd Fortress.

Amberd Fortress
Amberd Fortress

Brandy Ararat

In Armenian agricultural history, the cognac-style alcoholic cocktail has profound origins. It crafts from Armenian grapes and stream water for many locals. The drink is one of the glorious things to do in Armenia. Ararat had manufactured by the Yerevan Brandy Company in 1887, is the most popular brand. The common brands are between three and six years of age, while the luxury brands are between 10 and 30 years of age. One of the most important things to do in Armenia is must try this historic drink.

Feel the Adrenaline True

Armenia is a perfect venue for famous adventure sports thanks to the mountainous landscape and favorable climate. It has become increasingly popular for paragliding in recent years. With predictable micrometeorology, the locations to travel to in Armenia are varied and picturesque. You can also enjoy intensive camping and trekking throughout the season. Tourists also want to ascend Mount Aragats, Armenia’s highest point (4,090 meters or 13,420 feet). The nation has exceptional weather in winter for fans of skiing and snowboarding. One of the most important things to do in Armenia is must try these sports.

Armenia Trekking - what is famous in Armenia

Debed Canyon

Home to an incredible assortment of small villages and cities, each with its distinctive look, feel, and identity, it’s a beautiful journey to ride through Debed Canyon. The canyon weaves through several breathtakingly stunning scenery, connecting Armenia to Georgia, with quaint little villages scattered here and there.

With temples, chapels, and forts all on view, each village has a plethora of interesting sights for you to check out. The fabulous Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries that lie along the road are two of the biggest must-see attractions. Debed Canyon provides the ideal blend of tradition, culture, and nature, with many excellent hiking trails.


Garni is the best place to spend some time, situated only a short distance away from Yerevan. Most people visit mostly to see its majestic temple and delightful monastery constructed in the first century AD. The Temple of Garni shows some magnificent Hellenic architecture set atop a cliff edge overlooking ululating hills and mountains.

Garni Temple
Garni Temple

The Geghard Monastery of the 11th century has a beautiful fortified complex for you to visit, includes a splendid ancient church, intricate carvings, and hot springs.

So, all the essential data is provided in this article that what is famous in Armenia? What are things to do in Armenia? Here we can conclude that you must visit this tourist popular destination to enjoy the splendid beauty of Armenia. Please like and share it with your buddies to plan a trip to Armenia. Have a great day!

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Armenia Travel Guide  - What Is Famous In Armenia?
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